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Fer (Buenos Aires, Argentina) says...
Good afternoon from Argentina, will be a help for subtitles in Spanish the Origin of Species? Thanks for the info provided!
5th August 2016 4:42pm
Johannes says...
Hi Fer,

thanks for commenting.
As far as I can see, there are no subtitles offered by the BBC - so you have to decipher Keith's talks. That's sometimes tough, I know, but it's fun, too. What a way to improve one's knowledge of English ... Laugh
7th August 2016 12:42pm
Aron (Antwerp, Belgium) says...
Another date in The Usa. Now in Las Vegas. I hope we can see them once more in Europe someday..
9th June 2016 6:27pm
Johannes says...

Now I'm just waiting for them to add a second date in Vegas or some more in the US...
21st June 2016 12:44pm
Aro' (Antwerp, Belgium) says...
An excellent article in dutch about exhibitionism and how the stones became a "product".With a critical but objective view.
15th April 2016 11:43am
Jaclyn says...
26th March 2016 5:37am
Alexandre Biciati (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) says...
Any Cuba concert live streaming available? Crying
26th March 2016 12:54am
Rich B (US) says...
Does anyone know anything about the new CD that is supposedly going to be released this year ? I am surprised they have not played any new songs on the tour.

Why are they keeping it so secretive?
19th March 2016 4:20am
Johannes says...
Hi Rich,

well, in interviews, Mick and Keith spoke about a possible new album they could do AFTER this tour. And that's also the reason why they didn't play any new song... Smile

Although I wouldn't have mind at all if they would hav played any new song! Wink
20th March 2016 5:20pm
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jamari franca (rio de janeiro, Brazil) says...
Hi doing one hell of a job posting Ole Tour, but why you keep posting statisfaction instead of satisfaction. Rock On from Rio, Brasil.
15th March 2016 5:57am
Johannes says...
Hi Jamari,

thanks for the heads up - it's tough, the live-updates are between 2 and 5 AM in the night over here...

Well, it's simply a typo: once written 4 times copied, and now 5 times corrected. Thanks for the hint: I didn't see it anymore, hehehe ... Grin
16th March 2016 8:55pm
WinningUgly says...
SONG VOTE FOR BUENOS AIRES II: SHINE A LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9th February 2016 3:22pm
Bob (Stockton, US) says...
Hi there. First, thank you for posting the videos. I really wanted to go to Mexico to see them wind up the tour, but just can't afford it this time. :( thankfully, I got to see the 2013 and 2015 tours, so that'll have to do. My question, I was just watching the Gimme Shelter video and that did not look like Lisa, to me. Did she pass on this tour? Did they replace her? Besides not looking like her, the voice just wasn't the same. Thanks, and hope all is well. LLTRS
4th February 2016 7:08pm
Johannes says...
Hi Bob,

yes, you are right - Lisa isn't joining the band this time. The Stones found her replacement in Sasha Allen; see below at January 20, 23 and 27 für some details about this.


PS: that tourstart was a killer! Thanks to Periscope even over here in Germany, hehehe ... Smile
4th February 2016 8:41pm
YA (Moos, Austria) says...
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Scott says...
The Nashville Show Dropbox file that you posted from chris L is not working. Can you see if we can fix it please?
6th July 2015 6:01pm
john says...
wow europe was lucky enough to get standing area... us was seating only and aus leg of the tour seems to be the same...
31st October 2014 2:05pm
Johannes says...
AFAIK he is there since several days... lucky guy - he's there for those rehearsals and gives great reports ...
24th October 2014 4:18pm
Aron says...
He must have an enormous amount of money and vacation.:) indeed a very lucky man!
25th October 2014 11:31am
Johannes says...
Well, he's not particularly rich but, yes, he spends a lot of money on Stones tours - thank god, because he has that incredible site, IORR, and his and the reports from others are really great! He also gave detailed tips on how to organise Stones-tour-trips... Grin
25th October 2014 12:04pm
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