Announcement today?

May 14 – Announcement today? – No official news so far … / Yup, rumours around

=> 14:00 AM PST, 17:00 EST, 23:00 here at my home … OK, folks, to be honest, I by now doubt there will be some official announcement today. There will be one, that’s for sure, but not today, it sems. So, we have little more else to do than to look forward to tomorrow or Thursday. It’s unusually quiet compared to former announcements – everytime something leaked beforehand – this time, though, it seems like all is locked away and cept under the carpet – no leaks … let’s see what happens at 12 PST. I KNOW YOU FOLKS ARE WAITING AND SO AM I, HEHEHE … so far, no official news hav surfaced, yet. But the day in US/Canada has only just begun, so …

=> Over the past hours, there are 40 – 50 folks of you here at once checking for some news. I apprechiate that very much and I salute you: Hail, Hail, Rock’n’Roll! It goes without saying, that any news will be on display here ASAP! The Stones on tour again: what a band!

=> MAYBE, we will get some official information today, MAYBE. It might as well take some more days. We have to wait & see a little more, but only a little, I guess! :-). So far, there’s nothing really reliable concerning the new tourdates. But they will be there, no doubt…