Rumoured dates / Mick

May 15 – Rumoured dates / Mick dancing again! / Stones website down / Patience, please

=> Some rumoured (!) dates: tour start in Chicago June 21 and 25, Ontario (CAN) June 29, New Orleans July 14 and Miami, August 31. Remember, these ar NOT OFFICIAL! These dates are likely or possible to happen or would fit into a viable tour schedule, nothing more. Let’s see, what happens.

A Chicago based radio station (93XRT radio) apparently has said that the Chicago dates (June 21 + 25) will be the tour start and that more details come tomorrow… well, it’s tomorrow again, folks, hehehe, but that’s alright.

=> is online again, nothing new so far, though. But there will be news about the tour soon, that’s for sure.

=> YESSS! Mick just published a short sequence of him practicing and dancing! Well that looks VERY promising. What a guy! Unbelievable. Nevertheless, please take care, Mick! See him prancing at Twitter and Instagram

Mick practising - very promising sight!
Mick practising – very promising sight!

=> The Stones’ website is down since some time! So maybe they prepare the site for the new tourdates? Usually, if something like this happens, I would think, they relaunch because of new data, i.e. dates for the tour, but this seems different. IP is, but by now, it’s just offline.

=> Ok, so now yesterday was lacking any official announcement. And up to now, we have no clues as to exactly when that announcement is coming. It will, though. Probably tomorrow. Or later! 😉 But it will come and: the longer we wait, the sooner it will come!