Chicago – the stage grows!

June 18 – The stage is being set up

UPDATE (about 4:30 pm): according to the man on the scene, 2020Joe, they also played Street Fighting Man, Under My Thumb, 2 times Sad Sad Sad, a short YCAGWYW without guitar and Angie … the opening video was also played/tested ..

UPDATE (about 4pm and later, Chicago time): apparently, the band is on styge right now, rehearsing Tumbling Dice (thx 2120Joe, iorr) and (I’m sure) other songs – they usually do this before gigs, so that the crew has a test for all the lightning and video features which have to work perfectly at showtime! Today it might just be a loose soundcheck, tomorrow or the day after they will do the ‘dress rehearsal’ and will play an extended set – er, I mean, they usually do … 🙂

erbissell [iorr] sent us this b/w update – thx! – check out the huge PIT… it’s definitely bigger than in EU


Oh what a sight! I so much wish to be there!

The construction is well developed, it seems. It’s the same set-up we have seen in Europe lately – it’s fantastic! Those screens are just huge and wonderful – and the crew nicely uses it throughout the concert. You will love it! 🙂

The stage in Chicago - June 18, 2019 - pic by erbissell, iorr

Thx for the pic erbissell [iorr]