The Press – Ronnie: Mick + new album

June 25 – The english tabloid The Sun issued an interview with Ronnie two days ago.

Ok, that’s not particularly the latest news, but then I seem to have overlooked that bit. But it is quite nice and thus recommended to read, much more so because it’s not just like 10, 15 lines of text but quite a bit more to read. So here are just two little exerpts:

Ronnie on Mick:

The doctors said they’ve never operated on an athlete at 75 before — we had a really good laugh about that. [ … ] He’s just so fit, he sets aside three hours a day to do exercise and that’s done him plenty of favours in later life. He’s superhuman really.

Ronnie about (new) music:

It’s like a medicine. We don’t like to stop working. All being well, there’ll be a new album and a new tour. [ … ] It will be great — but let’s get this one over with first. has the complete article, that also appeared at

Ronnie with The Sun's Showbiz Features Editor Stuart Pink
Ronnie with The Sun’s Showbiz Features Editor Stuart Pink Foto by