Chicago II aftermath

The Rolling Stones – Chicago June 25, 2019

June 26 – Chicago II aftermath

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What a great concert! This time, there were fewer streams, but nevertheless, I/we could follow basically the whole set.

Hilarious moment was, when Keith started with Midnight Rambler although he had been handed the guitar for Paint It Black (Telecaster with capo on the 2nd fret) and the whole band, although a bit puzzled, joined in. Charlie bashed on in and Mick sang the first two lines, although apparently a little irritated. While singing, he went over to Chuck and he was heard to ask Chuck: twice “Is it the wrong key?

Then the band stopped and Mick grinned and went back to center stage – “Sorry, I’m sorry…” Then he hugged Keith who came towards him because he, too, had realised that there was something wrong. Mick said: “It’s alright, Keith … it’s ok …” and to the audience: “It’s only the second night … and it’s only one fuck-up!” And then Keith also greets the audience and Mick goes on: “I think, we’re supposed to be doing Paint It Black!” Then Keith plays the intro and the band rolls on.

I just love them! 🙂

Have a look at this here:

You can also have a closer look at Keith’s reaction here which is not seen in the video above – you can see that he immediately had realised that he went wrong…

And here you have Play With Fire from the b-stage:

The Press so far (more coming): // – great review for both Chicago shows //