Billboard: The No Filter Tour

The Rolling Stones Wrap 3-Leg, 3-Year No Filter Tour With $415.6 Million

The 3-year, three-leg tour saw it’s final gig on Aug. 30, 2019 at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. In all, the tour grossed $415.6 million and sold 2,290,871 tickets, There were 14 stadium shows in Europe each in 2017 and 2018.

At London Stadium, they set a new high mark for the tour, earning $20.5 million and selling 137,475 tickets on May 22 and 25. That double header remains the highest-grossing show in the venue’s history.

In 2019, they played 16 shows in the US:

The Stones maximized their touring prowess in North America, averaging a freakish $11.1 million per show in 2019, after pacing $8.5 million per show in Europe throughout 2017-18.

In all, their $415.6 million total makes the No Filter Tour the eight highest grossing tour of all time.

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