New album and tour in 2020

Ronnie said in a recent interview, that the Stones are going to release a new album in 2020 ant will continue with their world tour.

As recently mentioned, Ronnie told us recently in an interview he gave to german magazine “Der Spiegel” what we had hoped for and expected to happen next year. As basic tracks for the new album are already there, it is just a matter of sticking the pieces together. In one article, Ronnie is introduced as “guitarist and bassist“.

See the quotes of Ronnie at – the original was posted in Bizarre of british tabloid The Sun (scroll down for the snippet) which was a copy of the Spiegel interview… that in turn was published by the dutch “de Volkskrand“.

Ronnie has given an update on the progress of their upcoming LP and explained that they are just trying to “put the missing pieces together”, with a “hope” to put it out sometime next year.

Funny, too, he has to tell us this about Mick after his successful heart-surgery:

“Oh God, he’s even harder to stop now. It’s like, ‘Mick, come here, I want to talk to you’, and he’s like all over the place. He’s really in good form.”