No Filter Tour 2020 – timetable

Nothing is official yet, but we can already name the most likely period during which the tour will take place.

As said before, venues for the tour this year can be in Vancouver (CAN), Pittsburgh, Nashville, San Diego, Louisville, Cleveland, Tampa, Buffalo, Baltimore, Atlanta and St. Louis…

As for the time schedule, a tour from May until July seems most probable!

Here, for instance, is the tweet from DJ (denajg), who claims to know that the Stones start the tour in San Diego, May 17:

Be shure not to miss this band this year, if everything goes right! And if you don’t live in the US or can afford to travel to the gigs, still, you can join in virtually by joining the live-streams we can expect.

I used them during the last tours and I definitely will enjoy and share them here again, and that’s a promise! 🙂

So please feel kindly invited to join the fun here for the next tour of the greatest Rock’n’Roll band ever to walk the surface of this planet, hehehe !!