The banners come up! It’s starting!!

The banners come up! It’s starting!!

First sightings of Rolling Stones banners are seen on murals and elsewhere!

Stones tongue on mural
pic by


Charlotte joins in, too: our friend Frank just shared this with us: “It sure looks like the Rolling Stones will be coming to BofA Stadium this year (

Tongues over Charlotte
pic by Garret T. (Twitter)

Matt sends us this shot from Pittsburgh:

Tongue in Pittsburgh, 01-2020
Thanks Matt for sending this in!

… and Harry just added: “A friend of mine works at the stadium, this is up now, says they will be there 6/23… i hope to be too.

Stones to play Pittburgh June 23, maybe
Sent in by Harry from Pittsburgh

WoW! Thank you guys!

Also at

Tampa: The Rolling Stones are probably coming to Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium (


As Tony sent in this mail:
I saw a billboard in Tampa this morning (LED billboard) with the classic pre-announcment design.
Black background, tongue on the left and the lyrics “JUST A KISS AWAY” in white.
Wasn’t able to get a photo.

Well, that’s GREAT! HUGE! Wonderful! We are back on track!

==> Have you seen any billboard, poster or painting on murals? Quickly send them to me, I’ll post it here for all the others!

Here’s what we have seen so far:

And there’s an corresponding OFFICIAL tweet, too:

And here is an article from the Austin Cronicle with a pic of the ‘downtown art tag’!
The site also has this!

St. Louis reportedly also has a Stones tongue and ‘Miss You’ at the dome…
In Buffalo, a billboard is seen with tongue and ‘Emotional Rescue’: “Rolling Stones have scheduled a concert at Circuit of the Americas on Memorial Day weekend…

Minneapolis – nice article at!

Stones 2020 Minneapolis