The banners come up! It’s starting!!

First sightings of Rolling Stones banners are seen on murals and elsewhere!

Stones tongue on mural
pic by


Charlotte joins in, too: our friend Frank just shared this with us: “It sure looks like the Rolling Stones will be coming to BofA Stadium this year (

Tongues over Charlotte
pic by Garret T. (Twitter)

Matt sends us this shot from Pittsburgh:

Tongue in Pittsburgh, 01-2020
Thanks Matt for sending this in!

… and Harry just added: “A friend of mine works at the stadium, this is up now, says they will be there 6/23… i hope to be too.

Stones to play Pittburgh June 23, maybe
Sent in by Harry from Pittsburgh

WoW! Thank you guys!

Also at

Tampa: The Rolling Stones are probably coming to Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium (


As Tony sent in this mail:
I saw a billboard in Tampa this morning (LED billboard) with the classic pre-announcment design.
Black background, tongue on the left and the lyrics “JUST A KISS AWAY” in white.
Wasn’t able to get a photo.

Well, that’s GREAT! HUGE! Wonderful! We are back on track!

==> Have you seen any billboard, poster or painting on murals? Quickly send them to me, I’ll post it here for all the others!

Here’s what we have seen so far:

And there’s an corresponding OFFICIAL tweet, too:

And here is an article from the Austin Cronicle with a pic of the ‘downtown art tag’!
The site also has this!

St. Louis reportedly also has a Stones tongue and ‘Miss You’ at the dome…
In Buffalo, a billboard is seen with tongue and ‘Emotional Rescue’: “Rolling Stones have scheduled a concert at Circuit of the Americas on Memorial Day weekend…

Minneapolis – nice article at!

Stones 2020 Minneapolis