One word about Corona

COVID-19 spreads around the world these days.

Firstly, please have a look at these big, friendly letters:


There is some chance, that because of the spreading of this virus, the upcoming Stones tour could partly be in danger, because large assemblies of people could become prohibited. That could happen, but it must not.

In 95% of the positive cases where someone has cought the virus, that just passes by like a cold or a minor flu. Nearly all those cases, where somebody died of Corona, that person was either very old, or already had some desease before, or both. OK? Believe it or not, about 20.000 people die of influenza every year in Germany alone!

So let’s stay calm and hope, that Corona and the 2020 No Filter US tour don’t interfere and the tour gets rolling just as planned!

If interested, the WHO has some reliable information about COVID-19, some advice for the public and a Q&A for a start…