Announcement expected

Like myself, I bet you all have expected The Rolling Stones would have made some announcement about the upcoming tour already by now.

Well, until today, that didn’t happen. And the most likely reason for this could be:

  1. The tour starts on May 8th – and that is still 51 days ahead by now, so it’s almost two months. If in the US gatherings of many people are forbidden for, say, 3 weeks or even a month, that would still leave some days until the tour starts.
  2. Generally, if the tour is rescheduled to late summer or autumn, that still would finacially be more feasable that to cancel it completely, the fans could keep their tickets and the Stones management would not have to refund them.
  3. If they still wait for some more days, then the menagement will have better data about the situation this summer.

In any case, we will see what their decision is quite soon – just a matter of days. I wish for a quick defeat of COVID-19 and a thunderous, victorious US tour of The Rolling Stones this year! To postpone the tour for 1 year also would be a possibility, but it’s less likely…

Maybe you remember, that Ronnie would have played together with Ben Waters the 2 Chuck Berry tribute shows in London. Well, these were postponed and will be rescheduled when the worst of this pandemic outbreak is over, as reports:

We have decided that it’s just not safe and it’s not fair to gamble with people’s lives; I also just heard that the government is going to ban large gatherings next week in any case … We are going to postpone the events and hope you will stick with us – several of you have asked if Ronnie will still do the rescheduled show – yes that’s the whole point, we couldn’t do it without him, the rescheduled events will definitely include him! The dates will be announced asap when things have calmed down a bit.

Se also for information on this.