Mick is 77 – Interview!

Happy birthday, Sir Jagger!

Our finest congratulations to Mick, who turned 77 just last sunday! One of the greatest Rock performers in our times, Mick still is the singer for a rock’n’roll band since six decades now! I mean, W-O-W!

On July 22, he was interviewed  for the BBC’s Zoe Ball Breakfast Show (Stones content starts at 2:00:00 !), where he was asked about the new old song “Scarlet”and Jimmy Page got interviewed, too.

In that interview he also was asked anout how long we still have to wait for the new album (at about 2:09:20), and he said that by the time theygot ‘Ghosttown’ down he was finishing and adding last touches on some other tracks, adding instruments and mixes. He thinky they need ‘a couple more sessions‘. Right now, they don’t get together for this, but what’s been produced so far sounds pretty good to him.  At 2:13:30 then starts the Jimmy Page part.
Give it a listen and enjoy!

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