Steel Wheels Live OUT

Steel Wheels Live

Finally, we can stream, order, see and hear the Atlantic City concert from 1989 in all your favourite platforms an in all different formats.

If you like the Stones store more, go for it at

Ok, I think the audience is not as present as in the originam recording, but the guitars are higher up in the ix and I think, that’s ok.
After all, you can compare it to the ‘original’ bootleg sound, hehehe …

It’s a gem and I really like this show an awful much. So go out there and get it, folks. ENJOY!!

Here’s Mixed Emotions:

aaaaand Ruby Tuesday:

Steel Wheels Live

Having not hit the road for most of the 80s, The Steel Wheels Tour was an astounding return for the Rolling Stones, not least as it was the longest tour they had by that point undertaken. It was also to be their last with Bill Wyman. Steel Wheels Live was recorded towards the end of the band’s 60-date run through the stadiums of North America, in the second half of 1989.

One more story – Ronnie Schneider

Ronnie Schneider: Out Of Our Heads - out as audible book now!

Some days ago, Ronnie sent me a script of a story, that’s NOT in his book and he allowed me to share this with you here.

It’s something that happened during the 1970 tour while they were in Germany.

So just read and enjoy! 🙂

… That evening, the Stones, our main group, and me totaling about fifteen people, decided to go to dinner together. We found a restaurant and all sat down at a long, long table, some sitting on the leather couch that ran along one side and myself and others in chairs facing them. Mick was in front of me, two seats down, on the couch. We all ordered and waited and waited and waited.

An hour went by and still no food. We were hungry and everyone was starting to get irritable and rowdy. About an hour and a half in, our appetizers were brought to the table, a lot of which were shrimp cocktails. The food didn’t taste good and the next thing I knew a handful of shrimp cocktail was coming at my face via Mick. I think a little of it had to do with him being pissed that I had Bill’s approval to travel with Astrid’s sister, not to mention my little fling with his assistant. But he didn’t need an excuse as we were all upset with the food and figured its best use was as ammunition for a food fight at this supposed classy Frankfurt restaurant that had kept us waiting hours.

After a short skirmish, we settled down again and waited on our entrees. After another hour, we stood up. I refused to pay for the shitty service and food and we stormed out of the place. Everyone was left to their own devices and I returned to the hotel and went to sleep.

The next day, as I was packing to leave, there was a knock on my door. I opened it and two men stormed into my room. I had no idea who they were and refused to pay any attention to them, other than to pick up the house phone and call for security. I yelled at them to get out of my room or I would have them thrown out. One kept saying he was an officer of the court, but I didn’t care. They walked out and I got back to packing.

Fifteen minutes later, there was another knock at my door and I figured it to be a very late security guy. Instead though, the two guys barged into my room again. They smirked and in broken English said that there was no security and they were there to discuss the restaurant bill. I told them that I would make sure they were thrown out and called down again for hotel security threatening them with “my guys” coming to the rescue if necessary. Security finally came to my room and escorted the two guys away.

Next my room phone rang and it was the hotel manager.

“Mr. Schneider, one of the men was a lawyer for the restaurant and the other was the judge from the court. They knew you were leaving and the judge came to expedite matters.”

Oh, shit! I had thrown a judge out. The next threat from them was an educated one.

“They said to tell you that if you don’t pay, they will take the collateral necessary to cover the bill. The collateral will come from Keith Richards’ room, so they will have to go through his belongings.”

That was obviously a veiled threat of other things to come as Keith’s reputation had obviously preceded him to the Frankfurt court.

“Sorry,” I finally blurted out “My mistake. The restaurant screwed us and we never ate, but since we have to leave, how much?”

And there went another $2,200.

Here is a (german) report from that tour:

Somebody up there likes me – Reviews

Somebody up there likes me – Reviews

Ronnie Wood’ docu, “Somebody Up There Likes Me” has been released.

By now, it’s a Virtual Cinema release at – for a DVD/Blu-ray release, we have to wait until October 9th.

Here are the first reviews:

UPDATE Sept. 20: : “Oscar-Nominated Director Mike Figgis On New Ronnie Wood Documentary …”

Ultimately, Wood is clear throughout the film of his desire to learn from his mistakes and live life on his own terms without regret, a concept that comes to define the guitarist as much as any other in the documentary. “Somebody up there likes me,” he jokes after quitting smoking and beating lung cancer. thinks,

Not surprisingly, “Somebody Up There Likes Me” becomes a good-timey movie, too … as much of one as any movie that introduces the subject of freebasing cocaine and other usually more ominous topics can be.

Rolling Stone exerpts interviews of Mick and Keith to “reflect on Ron Wood’s Sobriety“.

Get more of the details at those sites!

CONTEST! Win Ron Schneider’s audible!

Ronnie Schneider: Out Of Our Heads - out as audible book now!

UPDATE Sept. 19: Alright! All codes have found their winners! So the contest is closed now.

The three winners of the US-codes are: charles s., dave d.s., john f.

Listen up, folks! You know that Ron Schneider has a new book out, right?

(If not, check out this here)

==>UPDATE Sept. 18: there’s just 1 US-Code left, so hurry up and send your answer!

The three winners of the UK-codes are: Combes guy, Heiermann and robert – congratulations!
Mr. Schneider will send you the codes soon!

Ronnie Schneider: Out Of Our Heads - out as audible book now!

And that book is a must-have for your Stones-library! Much more so, because now, you get a free code for the book on audible! 

Ron wrote to me:

Hi! I narrated my book, Out of Our Heads, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Me, with my raspy voice . The audio book is now live on audible! I  have a limited amount of US and UK promo codes to give, so if you are  interested, contact me!


Ron granted us 3 US and 3 UK codes for his book on audible.
That code will be sent to you personally by Mr. Schneider himself.

So you can enjoy the book read to you by Mr. Schneider himself for free!

All you have to do:

1) go to Ron’s website and look for the informations you need for the correct answer 

2) answer the question below correctly and sent in your answer to me via the formular

The first 3 correct answeres for the UK-code will win, as will the first three correct answeres for the US codes. I’ll  inform you if you’re  one of the six winners and sent your data to Mr. Schneider. He will then send you the codes.

What Rolling Stones tours did Ron Schneider participate in?

Ok? Ready? Here we go:

    UK-code, pleaseUS-code, please

    tours of '65, '69 and '70tours of '65, '66, '69 and '70tours of '65, '66 and '70

    I agree -


    Ok who the fuck is Mr. Schneider?

    See over here:

    2 more records broken

    Rolling Stones Will Reissue ‘Goats Head Soup’ as Super Deluxe Package

    The Rolling Stones have broken records yet again.

    This time it is one for the re-release of GHS and another one for the highest selling bass guitar and amp:

    1) According to Billboard, the re-release of Goats Head Soup has reached the #1 spot on the charts. So this time, that album hade #1 the second time, so to speak. Thuy, the band now has 13 albums at the top position; only the Beatles have more: 16…

    With their latest chart feat, The Stones become the first band in history to land a No. 1 album across six different decades.

    2) Bill Wyman has set the other records last weekend at an aucion of items from his collection.

    One of the items, his 1969 Fender Mustang Bass sold for $384.000 – the highest price for a bass guitar at an auction. Before, Paul McCartney’s left-handed Hofner Bass had reached $204.800 in 2013.

    More details and more of Bill’s records can be found at Rolling Stone.


    Keith interviews

    The Rolling Stones - GHS

    Keith has also done interviews for the re-release of GHS:

    Among them is of course one extensive chat you can read at He shares with us the way he copes with the lock-down, that he is a”masked man” and the tracks from GHS. He’s also asked about a possible 60th anniversary tour in 2022…

    He also spoke to Zoe Ball (The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, BBC Radio 2) which you can hear at this site – Stones content starts at 2:02:47 in the timeline!

    Please do not forget to check out for an interview with Mick, too. There, he also discusses new material that the band wants to record – this year!


    No. 9 Carnaby Street

    RS No. 9 Carnaby Street features customized T-shirts, brand collaborations and merchandise

    It took nearly two years, then came Covid, but now the shop has opened!

    RS No.9 (9 Carnaby St) features exclusive collaborations, new fashion & merchandise, alongside the band’s extensive music catalogue and latest releases. More than just a store, RS No.9 will be a fully immersive experience for fans of all ages.
    Bravado created approximately 80 unique apparel and accessories for the store, which also sells collaborations with Chateau Baccarat, Swedish raincoat brand Stutterheim and The Soloist. The clothes range from £25 ($32) to £325 ($422), including a £30 white T-shirt that can be customized in the store alongside guitar picks (£5) and the requisite, lick-emblazoned facemasks (£15).

    Go to “” and get you kicks on Carnaby No.9 …


    Mick – keeping in shape for the next tour

    Mick in Düsseldorf, June 19 2014

    Really nice interview with Mick on – recommended read if you haven’t already!

    He said:

    I’ve been singing quite a lot, so I’m trying to keep that bit together, and I’ve been exercising quite a lot, so I’m keeping that bit together. Yeah, I miss performing. But I’m not in such a bad position. And I do have other jobs to do, so you can’t feel sorry for yourself. […] We might be playing to very few people. Even though we know we might be lucky enough to sell tickets, we might not be able to play to them all at once.

    Asked how he spends his time these months he tells of enjoying the out-door space, the beautiful spring and summer at his country home (in France). Of course, he has been writing songs, recording and also cares for some documentary projects.  Then, GHS is discused and he tells some details about songs like Winter, Heartbreaker, Angie and Silver Train. He closes by adds that he hopes to be back on the road next summer.

    Be sure Mick: we will be there!

    Go to for the interview: “Mick Jagger on the Future of Live Music, the Stones’ Next Album, and More

    Ron Schneider: Out Of Our Heads

    Ronnie Schneider: Out Of Our Heads - out as audible book now!

    Ron e-mailed me just the other day and told me, that he has narrated his book with his own ‘raspy’ voice. So now it’s out as an audible book.

    Go to to get this gem – check that you are not redirected to or elsewhere. That whole time aera is a must-read/hear for us fans, I think.

    Ronnie wrote:

    Subject: Out of Our Heads, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Me

    Message Body:
    Hi! I narrated my book, Out of Our Heads, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Me, with my raspy voice . The audio book is now live on audible!


    GHS out now! Band has no interest in retiring

    The Rolling Stones - GHS

    Yeah. GHS is just now re-released. Mick didn’t like the new released songs from that period first, but later he did find his way to them again.

    Find all the Goats Head Soup formats, deluxe-editions and merch at

    Mick would go like “Unreleased tracks, to me that always means a lot of work. It’s like, ‘Things that you didn’t like and didn’t finish!“. But then, after a while, he’s like “You finish [tracks] like you would if you recorded them last week… Where are my maracas? Surely I must have my maracas around here.

    There’s a nice article at with this and more for you to read, if you haven’t done already and there’s another one at with the ever so charming message from Keith for us, that The Rolling Stones have no interest in retiring.

    In an interview with Rolling Stone (see above for the link), he also said:

    Retirement is still not an option for the band … You might call it a habit … I mean, that’s what we do. And also there’s that thing between us, like, ‘Who’s going to be the first one to get off the bus?’ You have to be kicked off or drop off, right? So it’s like that. I really can’t imagine doing anything else.”

    The Rolling Stones - GHS
    pic by Aubrey Powell

    There is nothing to stop the optimistic hope that we get more gigs of this band in the future. Mind you, in 2022, the Stones will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of playing to an audience. This is just crazy and so fantastic.  And Keith hopes it’s an occasion they mark onstage:

    I hope we’re all there, man, … It’s something to look forward to.

    WHAT A BAND! Are we lucky to be fans since 60 years or what?!!???    🙂

    And here is “All The Rage” – enjoy!!!