CONTEST! Win Ron Schneider’s audible!

Ronnie Schneider: Out Of Our Heads - out as audible book now!

UPDATE Sept. 19: Alright! All codes have found their winners! So the contest is closed now.

The three winners of the US-codes are: charles s., dave d.s., john f.

Listen up, folks! You know that Ron Schneider has a new book out, right?

(If not, check out this here)

==>UPDATE Sept. 18: there’s just 1 US-Code left, so hurry up and send your answer!

The three winners of the UK-codes are: Combes guy, Heiermann and robert – congratulations!
Mr. Schneider will send you the codes soon!

Ronnie Schneider: Out Of Our Heads - out as audible book now!

And that book is a must-have for your Stones-library! Much more so, because now, you get a free code for the book on audible! 

Ron wrote to me:

Hi! I narrated my book, Out of Our Heads, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Me, with my raspy voice . The audio book is now live on audible! I  have a limited amount of US and UK promo codes to give, so if you are  interested, contact me!


Ron granted us 3 US and 3 UK codes for his book on audible.
That code will be sent to you personally by Mr. Schneider himself.

So you can enjoy the book read to you by Mr. Schneider himself for free!

All you have to do:

1) go to Ron’s website and look for the informations you need for the correct answer 

2) answer the question below correctly and sent in your answer to me via the formular

The first 3 correct answeres for the UK-code will win, as will the first three correct answeres for the US codes. I’ll  inform you if you’re  one of the six winners and sent your data to Mr. Schneider. He will then send you the codes.

What Rolling Stones tours did Ron Schneider participate in?

Ok? Ready? Here we go:

    UK-code, pleaseUS-code, please

    tours of '65, '69 and '70tours of '65, '66, '69 and '70tours of '65, '66 and '70

    I agree -


    Ok who the fuck is Mr. Schneider?

    See over here: