UNZIPPED at Groningen!

Greveningen Stones Exhibition

Stones Exhibition unzipped in Gronigen, NL

Oh my, folks… these times are tough, really. With all the pandemic restrictions, who can see the light at the end of the tunnel for us Stones fans?

Well, maybe we do!

Sorry for all these few news during the last months, but, you see, really, there were not that much substancial infos that were that important to post & share.

But first: if there’s a vacine, then we can be sure that the band AS SOON AS it’s save enough will return to their maybe last tour and continue where they were forced to stop due to the virus. The band was stopped in the beginning of a tour and I bet they want to continue and end it as was planned, so far possible. In fact, I think, they are desperate to play any gig as long as they really can and all are still alive, man!

Second: the business. Full stop. Ok, without the band members as musicians that can and want to play (and they do!), there’s no business. And that’s also very sad, because a whole industry rises and grows with any of those tours getting planned and realised.

So, given a decent vacine, that could be already by next year, I hope. Meanwhile, the Stones have been relatively silent.

But now comes, in contrast, a nice and welcomed vibe from the Stones Exhibition, which has opened virtually just TODAY at the Goninger Museum in the Netherlands!!

See this nice 13:43 video (with english subtitles) – complete wit a Mick interview…