New music!

Never loose hope! New music on the horizon!

As Keith tweets this nice picture of him playing a HÖFNER bass in the studio (most likely adding notes or overdubbing  some tracks), we can see that the stones music is still alive and just waiting to get out of the lockdown.

And this is my expectation for the next months to come: As soon as the vaccines successully give us some protection, there will be a long line of artists waiting eagery to go on tour again. And that should correspon to all levels of culture, not onl music.

So if we think postitive and look towads this years autumn months, there is a chance to see some or a lot of the big names in the business on tour again. And I definitely count the Stones to be among this list. However, not all cantour at once at the same place – that would not make sense. So I recon that all those business managers and logistic experts will have a whole lot of sleepless nights in order to get those schedules right. And The Rolling Stones will play an important role in there, I’m sure!

So let’s all hope we will get past this pandemic and get back to some kind of normal live soon, including some live music of the greatest living Rock’n’Roll band of this planet!!

BTW: thanks, Eric, for the tipp!!