New music – correction & more…

As I wrote the last post – Keith playing to new music – I made a mistake.

I’m always interested in the gear musicians play – of course the Stones’ gear is also on my list of interesting details concerning this band. So I immediately tried to figure out, what kind of bass Keith plays in his last tweet. (Not exactly ‘his’ twet, but the tweet his folks posted for him).

And as you can see in the tweet and my post, at the headstock I thought it says “HOHNER” – but that’s not correct.

As Dietmar Haslinger kindly pointed out to me, in fact it’s a HOFNER bass. in Keith’s picture, it looks like a real aged vintage one. At their website, you can see the modern replica of that instrument. So thanks, Dietmar, for the mail!

Actually, Dietmar also sent in two pictures and one book-cover with quite some relevant Stones content: First is Keith, as he was playing Paris in 2017, the second is Dietmar together with Dominique Tarlé at one of Tarlé’s vernissages. (Pictures © by Renate Haslinger).

Then, he also has written a novel entitled “Brunello, Sex & Rock n Roll”, brunello beeing his favourite italian red whine… if interested in the book, send me a note!