Get ready for tour!

Get ready for tour!

Although the No Filter USA/CA Tour 2020 of The Rolling Stones had to be postponed, Mick still expects the band to complete that leg of the tour!

BBC had done an interview with Mick in order to get more details about his new collaboration with Dave Grohl and the new song, Eazy Sleazy.

So 6 Music News’ Matt Everitt speaks to Mick Jagger about his new song with Dave Grohl, life in lockdown and more (like the reason why he did not finish his autobiography). And of course, Mick tells nice details about this song and how it came about, his life during lockdown, still, dring the interview, some remarkable word can be heard when the subject switched to the postponed tour and plans to fulfill the plans for that tour in 2020.

Go check out this interview and hear Mick talk to 6 Music News’ Matt Everitt for yourself – it’s an 11:42 minutes interview really worth listening! 🙂

Mick says, that he definitely would go on tour again if there’s any possibillity; and then adds that, too, they just *have* to, because they had signed (the contracts) to so this tour and tickets were sold – some had given them back, others didn’t – and that they wouldn’t be able to do that exact tour because it wouldn’t be the exact tme, but they (the band) were pretty much committed to do this tour and that he hopes by the end of summer or begin of autumn things would return to be somewhere near normal so that the tour could happen.


The Stones will definitely continue and remain committed to completing their American tour that was postponed by Covid. Hopefully things will somewhere near normal by the end of the summer, let’s hope, anyway!

And when asked what’s he preparing for these days, he said:

Improve guitar playing. Practice mouth organ. Do more dancing.
Get ready for tour!!!

The Rolling Stones, No Filter Tour, Pasadena, August 22, 2019