Why Charlie matters!

I stumbled upon a recommended read&hear at the site americansongwriter.com. There, in an article by Paul Zollo, I found a review of Mike Edison‘s book “Sympathy for the drummer“.

Mike Edison: Sympathy for the drummer

Mike, a drummer himself, gave his book the sub-title “Why Charlie Watts Matters.” That’s a great line and luckily, there’s 2 hours more for us. Paul Zollo interviewed Mike Edison and we can hear this interview in two parts of 1 hour each:

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts is celebrated in 2 Hour special. Music host Paul Ingles talks with drummer and writer Mike Edison, author of the book SYMPATHY FOR THE DRUMMER: WHY CHARLIE WATTS MATTERS. Mike lays out a playlist of music showcasing Watts’ influences and Watts’ own seminal performances with the Rolling Stones

You can listen to it here:

Part One


  • If You Can’t Rock Me – Rolling Stones (excerpt from “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll”)
  • Walkin’ Shoes – Gerry Mulligan Quartet (excerpt from “Gerry Mulligan Quartet, Vol. 1”)
  • I’m A King Bee – Slim Harpo (excerpt)
  • I’m A King Bee – Rolling Stones (excerpt from “Englands Newest Hitmakers”)
  • Bye-Bye Johnny – Chuck Berry (excerpt)
  • Bye-Bye Johnny – Rolling Stones (excerpt) (from Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones)
  • Down the Road A Piece – Rolling Stones (from “Charlie is My Darling” Soundtrack)
  • (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Rolling Stones (from “Got Live If You Want It”)
  • Hand of Fate – Rolling Stones (excerpt from “Tatoo You”) [Break Music]
  • Street Fightin’ Man – Rolling Stones (excerpt from “Beggar’s Banquet”)
  • Jumpin’ Jack Flash – Rolling Stones (excerpt from “Singles Collection: The London Years”)
  • Jumpin’ Jack Flash – Rolling Stones (excerpt from “Shine A Light” Soundtrack)
  • Live With Me – Rolling Stones (from “Sticky Fingers” Deluxe re-release)
  • It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll – Rolling Stones (from “Love You Live”)
  • Crazy Mama – Rolling Stones (from “Black and Blue”)

Part Two


  • SHOW INTRO – Hand of Fate – Rolling Stones (excerpt from Black and Blue)
  • Scarlett – Rolling Stones (excerpt from re-issue of Goat’s Head Soup) [Paul’s pick]
  • Commit A Crime – Rolling Stones (excerpt from Blue and Lonesome)
  • Shattered – Rolling Stones (from Some Girls)
  • When The Whip Comes Down – Rolling Stones (from Live in Texas ’78)
  • Respectable – Rolling Stones (from Live in Texas ’78)
  • Miss You – Rolling Stones (from Some Girls)
  • BREAK MUSIC – Undercover of the Night – Rolling Stones (excerpt from Undercover)
  • Get Off My Cloud – Rolling Stones (excerpt from Got Live if You Want It!) [Paul’s pick]
  • Let Me Go – Rolling Stones (excerpt from Emotional Rescue)
  • Hang Fire – Rolling Stones (excerpt from Tattoo You)
  • Moon is Up – Rolling Stones (from Voodoo Lounge) [Paul’s pick]
  • (Satis)Faction – The Danish Radio Big Band (from Charlie Watts meets the Danish Radio Big Band – Live)

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