Ronnie & Tattoo You

Tatto You - 40th anniversary

Good news from Ronnie and for Tattoo You

Ronnie has given The Times an interview, which has some interesting and positive news for us.

First, and most important, Ronnie has said that he has been given an “All-clear” in March from his doctor for his treatment of small cell cancer and, just after his last check-up, states: “I’m well. I’m strong. And I’m adaptable […] But it has taken a lot of fighting, a lot of stamina to get through it“. So basically, after hitting it hard with chemo therapy, he has yet another battle won. If he gets some more rest, he hopefully will be fine for playing live again. Nevertheless, he has to check again every three months for cancer; that particular strain is quite some nasty desease.

Second, speaking of the 40th anniversary of Tattoo You, he “and Mick have done nine new tracks for the re-release of Tattoo You. And me, Rod and Kenney have been recording some new Faces music.” Mick, he says, is “fighting fit”. So the upcoming re-release of that album will come with quite some add-ons, including several new tracks. also reports this.

Interestingly, he doesn’t say any clear word about tourdates. It’s mentioned, however, that “The Rolling Stones still hope to resume their No Filter tour“. It’s all in the hands of Covid, us, and the vaccines and whether the band can take the risk of touring which is rising again these days, as you all may know. In the end, it should make sense for the band and all us fans.