Update July 21

July 21 (2) – Update: apparently, Darryl was scheduled for a gig on August 15, but that seems to have been cancelled, because he’s booked for the Stones on August 14… whether that’s for a gig or studio work or even rehearsals (yikes!!) is still unknown …

July 21 (1) – Rumors (!) tell, that this week might see an official announcement. They might tell us about rescheduled dates or as well will announce that because of delta Covid they can’t resume to tour this year. Sigh! So we have to sit and wait for any relyable news, that comes across.

Let’s hope we get some tourdates this year!!!

We all look forward to THE POSTPONED NO FILTER TOUR of The Rolling Stones! So again, we have to wait for the rescheduled official dates…  /-)


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