Charlie has passed away

Charlie Watts


I have no words.

I’m compleatly devastated.

Rest in peace, Charlie, coolest drummer of Rock’n’Roll!

Our and my very dear condolences to Shirley, Serafina and Charlotte
and all of his family and friends, and the band!

All things must pass. So do we, and so do they. We all knew it.
Nevertheless, I’m devastated, have no words.
Then I am incredibly thankful for the man, too, and his swing he gave to the band and us, for so many, many long years. How incredibly lucky we were and still are – to be fans of Charlie and his band!

This is really hard. Let’s stay together as long as possible. And enjoy it.
And I thank you all!!!


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Pete Townshend greets Charlie farewell

Pete Townshend greets Charlie farewell