Rehearsals !?

Charlie Watts' drumkit with sign 'Closed'

By all means, fair news are scarce. No wonder. The band is keeping quite, all is low key.

As for the question, where the guys are or wether rehearsals have begun, all I can see is that Sasha Allen posts pictures on Instagram labled “Day 3”, “Day 4” with some studio backgrounds but no further people in sight. So at least the backing group has arrived at some place where they rehearse.

Sasha Allen

Then we hear that the band is there, mostly jamming, playing blues numbers, but also playing some songs like Start Me Up, Happy or Shattered.

All of this is more complicated by the pandemic situation: should they leave (or have left) for the UK to be with Charlie’s family etc., it is not quite clear by now how they could come back in the states.

This is all meager stuff, but that’s all I can tell by now. More info coming in hopefully.

This is really a hard time for the band. And us.
Stay save, stay well, folks!