The rehearsals are continuing since weeks, as we can read in an article at

Entitled “‘The calm in the storm’: Bernard Fowler, Tim Ries talk about losing their friend, Charlie Watts“, text by Cindy Stagoff there is this passage where Tim Ries is cited:

Mick and Keith and Ronnie are there with Steve Jordan on drums and (keyboardist) Chuck Leavell and (bassist) Darryl Jones,” he said, last week. “They’ve already been rehearsing for a couple of weeks now. So, for us (Ries and Fowler), arriving next week, it’s going to be a shock and weird walking in the room and seeing the drums.

We all will experience weired feelings when the tour finally starts in St. Louis…

Thanks to Peter W, [UC] for pointing that out!
Rehearsals picture attached is from 2019!


2 thoughts on “Rehearsals…

  • September 16, 2021 at 8:46

    So happy to know the Stones are going on despite the sadness of charlie departing. Just bought my mid 30’s son, who is a vinyl freak, “get your ya ya’s out” for his birthday. We are in Lockdown in Melbourne Australia, one of the longest in the world, so that involved quite an ordeal including travel restrictions ( 5km only) finding a loading bay in an underground shopping mall car park.
    Just seeing Charlie’s happy face on the album seemed so poignant for the moment.
    That’s the album that really turned me onto the stones-best live recording, I remember dancing all night to it. I have loved every album since and I remember my life by every stones album release and their occasional Australian tours. Looking forward to the release of their new album soon with charlie’s posthumous contribution making it even more special!

  • September 13, 2021 at 16:36

    Indeed it’s gonna be different . I saw Steve Jordan play with Keith back in December of 1988. Steve’s style is very much similar and as simple as Charlie Watts. Things won’t be the same without Charlie center stage on the 1957 Gretsch kit, Charlie’s sound was his own . Charlie utilized the China cymbal as a crash making The Rolling Stones sound theirs . My love for Charlie’s sound was also his snare drum . Since he incorporated the Gretsch that he used since 1978, and continued to use throughout the rest of his career where other drummers like Neil Peart had a new kit built every tour. Charlie will be missed : ( I’m still devastated . back in 1983 I watched Let’s Spend The Night Together , the movie that sparked my interest in Charlie and becoming a drummer that year taking my first lesson. Charlie was always my main inspiration to this day and beyond. I think as far as continuing without Charlie is completely up to Mick, Keith and Ronnie. They have my blessing if they do.


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