LA #2 Aftermath

Crash Boom Bang! Another great show!

Again, they played around with the setlist quite nicely! Now with the sixth show into the tour, you can see and hear that the Stones engine is runnung on all 12 cylinders. The band plays tight and in great mood.

And there was at least one really hilarious moment. That’s when they wanted to play the vote song, Wild Horses, and Keith’s 12string guitar couldn’t be found. It was either unfindable or out of tune. And if you know guitars, you know how it is to tune a 12string, hehehe … Mick suggested that in this case, he would just play the song with another guitar. Meanwhile the whole concert came to a stop, Keith running back and forth, streching out the hand as if the guitar would just appear and let him play on. Mick explained the trouble to the audience and then, not only just to kill time, told the fact that on that day 60 years ago, Keith and he met at platform 2, Dartford Railway Station! The crowd loved it. Meanwhile, Keith had changed to one of his butterscotch Teles and the song started… writes: “… Even in their late 70s, the pack has tremendous energy to give. And they give it to the fans gladly. Then again, age is irrelevant for this group. What is relevant is their ongoing ability to connect to the world, just like they have for decades.

Yahoo Entertainment: “… Despite the setlist having barely moved (outside of their 2016 Desert Trip appearance) and only one song (“Living in a Ghost Town”) on it that has been released since George H.W. Bush was president, the Stones continue to prove why they were the world’s greatest rock n roll band.

See and enjoy the videos below!
God, I love this band!

olling Stones in LA 2021 #2 - setlist


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  • October 19, 2021 at 2:54

    It still pours when these “Little Shower of Shits” perform. They still make us feel. Charlie Watts would be very proud of his understudy. Steve Jordan is sounding really good. Is he starting to dress like Charlie on stage? A very nice sentiment to his memory. Thank you Steve.


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