Europe Tour 2022

Europe Tour 2022

You can consider the 2022 European Tour a done deal.


  1. Well, first, Mick and Keith have told so in interviews, that, given everbody is alright and well and everything else is ok, then they would do more shows in 2022, of course! And, witnessing this tour in the US, I have no doubt about it!
  2. Then, the new drummer, Steve Jordan, who is usually playing with John Mayer, who is supposed to be on tour with him, Steve (Jordan, that is), next year, and who has exchanged his (John Mayer’s) drummer, Steve (Jordan, that is) with Steve (Ferrone, from The Hartbrakers [you know .. Tom Petty …]), because Steve (Jordan, that is) has ‘commitments‘ next year, musically, you know …

Ergo: go and make your EU travel-, holiday- or Rock’n’Roll plans for next year, folks!