Austin coming up …

Yes, what a band, what a tour!

Almost 60 years of performing and touring and still working! Incredible! They lost some feathers on the way, that’s for sure, and nothing stays the same, not even for a day, but this band, folks, went all the way.

The Rolling Stones in Detroit, November 19, 2021

Next up and second last stop of the No Filter Tour of the US ist Austin, Texas. And we have the song-vote for  Austin up online! So what song are the Stones gonna play at the show? Here’s your choices:

Vote song for Austin

And here we have the stage in Austin built up:

Stage built in Austin - Jay Jenner/American Statesman

Here we have Peter, giving us some impression of the stage-building process:

And Ronnie? Well, two days ago, he was strumming backstage before the show… and he’ll be doing the same thing tomorrow before the show…



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