Hard Rock Aftermath

With the final show at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, FL, the 2021 US No Filter Tour came to it’s end.

There have been 15 shows if we count in the private gig for The Kraft Family, each grossing an average of roundabout 10 million dollars. Looking back, I can’t believe it’s already over and we have to wait until next year for the announcement of the Europe Tour. Hopefully. It seems like a miracle that this tour took place at all. Bless their hearts, The Rolling Stones prooved once again that they are the greatest Rock’n’Roll band of this planet. Even by watching the YouTubes you can judge for yourself, how tight this band was playing during this tour. Naturally, their performance was not the same as it was 20, 40 years ago. The same is true with us, right? And Charlie is so dearly missed. Again, Steve stepped in and did a great job, I think! In equation, we can consider us extremely lucky to be fans of this band and even hope for one more chapter of this adventure next year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

The Press

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2 thoughts on “Hard Rock Aftermath

  • December 24, 2021 at 4:21

    Two reasons.

    Miami in 2019 was Charlie’s last show and last of that year. Covid cxld 2020’s leg of the same No Filter tour, 2021 came and Charlie was precluded from participating owing to health, told them to roll on. Then Charlie passed.

    So, reason one—to honor Charlie they added a show where he last played, possibly (who can say?) their last in North America (60th year is 2022, likely go home to play England, Europe to commemorate, before anywhere else. Reason two was the kept quiet tribute party in London at the Jazz club Charlie loved—*guessing they wanted to transition from stadium gigs, 6500 seats/7K people in Hollywood/Miami before just a couple few hundred at the jazz club (two covers only, performed).

    Keith SAT for one song, the intro or less Keith centric portion, don’t send the wrong message, I was there myself, lol. True, no fan voting for a lesser played gem was offered online, but I did hear 2 numbers played I had never heard played in 12 shows, 40 years. They were altering the presentation en route to the club and likely wanted to do things their way so as not to perhaps look out of sorts in any way in London.

    And, Yeah—for Brits and New Yorkers alike some Sun in Miami is not horrible around turkey day—guy we met at the show was with his son and showed us a pic in his phone “Look who we bumped into at the beach”—Jagger, but a joke as Mick had tweeted the pic himself.

  • November 25, 2021 at 4:29

    I’m curious what you thought the reason for this casino show was? Tacked on, they didn’t need the money. They would have made more in a 50k stadium in Miami. They didn’t do anything special with the show. The stage was plain, the set was plain. Keith was sitting. Other than a family beach vacation I’m not sure why?

    My guess is a memorial event in London in December. Maybe private. Then planning a 12 city summer tour across Europe, with maybe multiple shows to end it in London. 60th anniversary will also bring the new album of 12 songs with a couple of covers or maybe more lost tracks from 70’s.


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