Next: Munich!!

Munich show is next – that place has some memories for the Stones!

They did sessions here for Some Girls and before that there was Keith’s fling with Uschi Obermaier, amongst other things.

Here’s a nice text to read (in German, but no problem – your browser can translate to English I guess).

Munich Lithograph

If you want to see the stage beeing built up: go here and choose the pic from ‘Olympiastadion (West)’. Here’s the ‘Abendzeitung’ from Munic with another report: ‘Mick in the stadium and city – about the special connection the Rolling Stones have to Munich over the decades‘. There’s another artcle, too, about the pics photographer Ulrich Handl took in 1965 when the band played the Circus Krone in Munich.

The Olympiapark in Munich has two interesting webcams for us: once there, check out ‘Olympiastadion (West)’ and ‘Olympiastadion (Süd)’.

As for the weather forcast for today, the article raises fears about severe weather conditions. Let’s hope for the best for the two most important hours this evening in Munich! I’ll keep you posted.

Yesterday, Keith congrats Charlie to his birthday:

Mick’s enjoying a ‘Mass’ of beer in Munich:

M.Berger was lucky enough to recognize Mick at the river Isar and took a pic:

Ronnie congrats Her Majesty:


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