Stones Amsterdam Show cancelled!

Mick was prooven positive of Covid19 – and the show is cancelled!

Stones AmsterdamHi folks! Just cam in from office work, prepared for a long, hot Stones night… Just heard the news … this is crazy!
I’m gathering the news, so reload this page every once in a while!

So sorry for you folks headed for the show in Amsterdam!! This is really hard. In any case, stay well, take care of each other!

And, for chrissakes, Mick, get well soon and swiftly!! Ronnie, Keith, Daryl, Sasha, Chuck, Bernard, Karl, Tim, Matt and all you members of the touring crew: stay save and take care!!

Well, shit happens. Fuck, Covid19 is not yet done – I know why I’m still running around with a mask on me face…

With Amsterdam cancelled, we all know that Bern this Friday is in danger, too. Nothing official as of now. Let’s hop for the best…

Today, the band has done the usual sound check, but after that, Mick was tested positive:

The Press: Het Parool / Reuters / Washington Post / Business Standard / New York Post / Belfast Telegraph / The Mirror

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2 thoughts on “Stones Amsterdam Show cancelled!

  • June 13, 2022 at 22:21

    I were there.
    no traffic jam, great parking, great spot on the field, beer and a burger. I’m going to see the band who I indirectly grew up with one more time. After 2017 I wasn’t sure about that and then we lost Charlie. But tonight I was there and ready! Than this guy came on the stage………
    Lots of people didn’t really belief it first and than another guy came to explain the situation. First I was affraid something really bad happened. But this is a covid thing and it just had to be cancelled.
    I’m back home now.
    Mick get well soon. Crew, fans and everybody stay safe and hopefully we can go again soon and see not only the stage bu also the band!!!

    • June 13, 2022 at 22:30

      Hi Sander,

      thanks for your words. Yes it’s sad. But, at least, nothing really serious has happend – and Mick is a tough and fit guy, even at his age. Yes, get well soon, Mick. And you others: take care!


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