Yes, The Stones continue

Yes, The Stones continue

Touring has been very successful for The Rolling Stones during the last years.

During the last tours, the band visited the Europe (2018), US (2019, 2021) and Europe again (2022). Now, plans for the next tour are rumoured.

Possibly, they could start early next year with finishing their new studio album. After that, playing several gigs behind this would be a natural thing to expect. To promote the new album, they probably play shows in the US next year, during spring.

This is exciting! Shows in South America are also rumoured – the last time they played there was in 2016 and while we’re at it, Asia has seen the last shows of The Rolling Stones in 2014, so there are possibillities, too. In fact, the band could play at almost any place and at any time on this planet, with only very few exceptions like Russia and China maybe. Russia would welcome the Stones, but I’m pretty sure, they would not want to play there by now and China is just much more complicated to plan and negotiate whereas almost everywhere else, the red carpet for them is guarantied…