Cleveland dawning

And the nest stop of this remarkable tour of our beloved band is coming near: Cleveland!

Right now, the band is on their way or have arrived in Cleveland, as you can see below.

Man, I think, Keith looks happy and healthy as he can be seen in his post on X. It’s like the Stones need a live-blood-injection almost every year to keep them going. I could easily imagine these guys plaiyng for us and themselves for another decade! Why not, for chrissakes? ^^

Have alook back to 1975: provides a classic article and pictures from the Stones visit there: “1975: Rolling Stones Bring 82,000 Fans to Cleveland Stadium

Ok, here we go. Keith greets on his way:

And we have the song vote, of course – so go there and vote for the song you would like to hear at the gig:

  • Heartbreaker
  • Emotional Rescue
  • You Got Me Rocking
  • Live With Me

Sure enough, we have a lithograph for Cleveland:

Stones Cleveland 2024


Kommentar zu “Cleveland dawning

  • June 15, 2024 at 13:16

    I appreciate your comments, but you are mistaken. But then again, everyone has an opinion and a niche. You have yours.
    You have consumed all of the kool aid. A more balanced, less biased reading would be helpful to many.
    Try Heartbreaker. Brussels. October 1973. Its never ridiculous when it comes to this band.


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