Copacabana?! … and others

All the while the excitement for tomorrow’s gig in Vancouver grows, there are other news popping up which are quite interesting and keep us entertained while waiting for the show…

First, we check out the Copacabana-news, then switch to other finds… – “The Rolling Stones have been offered another concert at Copacabana Beach – meaning they could take back their concert attendance record Madonna surpassed. […] ” See also for this

Well, if it’s only for the race of new attendance records, just leave it, I’ld say. On the other hand – at this state of their legend, after a successful tour of the US and Canada, it would be a nice gesture, a horific event and an absolute treat for the Stones fans of South America! I’m really curious how the band will decide in this matter.

In any case, Daniel Grinbank, who organised the concert 19 years ago, has approached the band and asked them to ‘come back for some shows’ and ‘another concert at Copacabana’ – but this will only be decided after the end of this US tour…

Vancouver – “5 songs the Rolling Stones should play in Vancouver this Friday – The Rolling Stones tour set list averages 20 tunes per show and fans vote on one song per night. Here are five possibles for B.C. Place this week” – Those 5 suggested songs really meet my approval, I must say. Mick, do you read me?

California – “After 60 years of Rolling Stones concerts in Southern California, the fans tell all – Hear stories from the Rolling Stones’ biggest Southern California fans.” – 24 nice stories (if I counted well) from fellow fans through the years from early sixties up to 2015

Darryl looks back – bassplayer – ““I said, ‘This is what Bill played’ and Mick said, ‘No no, don’t play that!’” When he joined the Rolling Stones, Darryl Jones had to change the way he approached classic Bill Wyman basslines


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