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Ladies 'n Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones

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"A pic from the gig":

The Stones arrive in Pittsburgh:

Some pics (thanks again, Barkman!):

Find some more pics from yahoo...

  • #13: Columbus

    Phenomenal gig from reigning title-holders (

    The sound check gave a foretaste of the setlist to come: Sway (!), She Saw Me Coming (would be the first time played on this tour!), Mr Pitiful (an Otis Redding song), Get Up Stand Up and All DownTthe Line ...

    Drake has the SWAY for us! Thanks a lot, man! Ronnie's solo is really good - he should develop this spot regularly during the tour!

A pic from the arena in Columbus:

Some pics from Albany, thanks to Maus Watts!!


... and the bras coming up stage again!



A pic from Rutherford:

Some pics from the MSG:


More pics from yahoo ... or have a look at !

Two pics from Chicgo:


Some pics from the latest gig, Moncton, Sept. 3rd. BTW: a crowd of 70.000 !!

Mick wears a SOME GIRLS hat ! ;-)



The Phoenix Club gig: report1 (thanks 2 nursejaine!!) | report2 (thanks 2 MainStExile!!)

What a setlist! Exept the last 3 numbers, that's all surprising tracks. They really took the chance to try the new stuff. Great!

(thx TongueLady) At the end of the show, everyone came out for the final bow except Charlie... then they left and the lights went down. When the lights came back up, there was JUST CHARLIE standing there and bowing. It absolutely brought the house down!!!

Apparently, station Q107 didn't broadcast live but played Palais Royale from 2002 - that's really mean!
I'm sorry for all of you who (like me and many others) trusted them and were screwed! Although the DJ boasted "LIVE STONES HERE AS IT HAPPENS", this was NOT live from the Phenix!

I'm sure, they are flooded with considerable amounts of email telling them what is to be thought of this fraud...

Pics from the gig:


There. This is the proof:

Mick's playing slide on "Back Of My Hand"!


  • Still more: barkman continues to visit the rehearsals and provides us with wonderful pics. Check his pics-site !!

    Aug. 08:more beautiful pics of barkman of Charlie and Mick who signed last night ...
    Aug. 04: three nice shots of Charlie, Keith and Ronnie:


    Aug.04: Keith and Mick signed ...



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