2016 – Olé-tour – 3

1st things first: New album: ‘Blue & Lonesome’ / Stones 2nd gig in Las Vegas / EXHIBITIONISM moves to Australia / New album and European Tour in 2017

Stones turn Blues

==> Tourdates 2016 <==

07 October - Indio, California - Empire Polo Club | Sold Out
14 October - Indio, California - Empire Polo Club | Sold Out
19 October - Las Vegas, Nevada - T-Mobile Arena | Sold Out
22 October - Las Vegas, Nevada - T-Mobile Arena | Tickets are on sale
Friday, September 16 at 10am PT at AXS.com.
More infos about tickets and Lucky Dips at rollingstones.com.

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August 11 – ABCKO’s next big hit

=> “The Rolling Stones in Mono” is yet another remixed re-issue, this time of their complete 60ies catalogue plus some ‘rarities’! Although some of the press note, that “The Rolling Stones announce huge 1960s box-set” (like NME.com or pitchfork.com) this is not at all true. Rather, it’s once again Allan B. Klein’s ABCKO Music and Records Inc. that’s again squeezing the shit out of the Stones’ “ABCKO-years” (1964 – 1969). It will be released on September 30, 2016 as a 15-CD or 16-LP set plus various formats. It includes a 48 page booklet written by David Fricke and “Stray Cats”, a new collection of the essential non-album B-sides & rarities plus E.P. tracks; it’s exclusively available in the boxset with the vinyl pressed over 2LPs.

ABCKO: The Rolling Stones in Mono

August 08 – Stones in Cuba: Tickets available!

=> I already got mine yesterday, but now we all can check out the right cinema and order our tickets! Off you go: stonesincuba.com/tickets – C ya there!

The Stones free gig in Cuba, 2016

August 7 – See the Origin Of Species here

August 5 – Cuba Trailer, cinemas

=> Cuba gig in cinemas worldwide! Check out the trailer below and where the cinema nearest to you is located at batchgeo.com/map – I just reserved mine! 😉

August 3 – Three new albums? /

=> By now, the Rolling Stones seem to have three album-projects boiling! That would be the “Blues Album” which could be released this year. Then we hear about the “New Studio Album“, which will probably be released next year. Last not least: with the new Cuba gig to be screened in cinemas worldwide in September and a corresponding docu about the South American Tour, we can expect this to be released on DVD, CD and Vinyl, too. This would also explain, why the new album release could move to next year, because to release all of this stuff within a short time is both financially not viable as well as “un-Stonesy”. I hope you get the idea, hehehe. Nevertheless: that’s a whole bunch of good news and things to look forward to. And don’t forget the prospect of more US-dates this fall as well as a tour in Europe in 2017!

Docu: The Stones in Cuba

July 30 – Olé Stones documentary / Havanna Moon rising / Rice Crispies

=> A new Rolling Stones documentary focusing on the band’s recent Olé America Latina tour will get its world premiere at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, which runs from September 8 to September 18. “The Rolling Stones Olé Olé Olé! : A Trip Across Latin America” (105 minutes, sound: Lee Warpole, Bob Clearmountain) directed by Paul Dugdale, who also directed Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live. “This exhilarating rock ‘n’ roll road movie follows The Rolling Stones on their 2016 tour of Latin America, climaxing with their historic concert in Havana, Cuba.“. See the announcement at tiff.net

Mick and Keith backstage South America tour 2016

=> Havanna Moon, the film about the Cuba gig is going to be released! Directed by award winning director Paul Dugdale, the film will be released worldwide in cinemas on September 23, 2016

=> And another highlight: the rice crispies commercial can be admired at YouTube with good sound. So if you haven’t seen this gem from ca. 1964, go there or just click below.
CBS has some lines about it.

July 26 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. Jagger!

=> Lots of our all best wishes to the greatest Rock’n’Roll frontman on this planet! We owe you so much and we still can’t get enough! Stay well, roll on and have a BLAST!

=> For those of you who missed ‘The Origin of Species’, here comes help: just right-click and ‘save under…’ hope you enjoy! (1.2 GB)

Happy birthday, Mr. Jagger! Happy birthday, Mr. Jagger! Happy birthday, Mr. Jagger! Happy birthday, Mr. Jagger! Happy birthday, Mr. Jagger!

July 23 – A lot of Chicago blues! Europe on the menu!

=> Keith talked a bit to BBC Radio host Matt Everitt about the new Album and tour plans! As he said, the album will probably be out in the autumn and it contains quite a bit of Blues; songs from Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf, among others. Keith put it in the words “a lot of Chicago blues“. He also told, that the Stones could also play gigs in Europe next year. Keith: It’s “on the menu somewhere” and he hopes to bring the band back to the UK!

Woah, folks, we’re still in for some treats and I can’t find the right words to thank this incredible band and the gifts they still deliver for all of us. Go an hear the interview Matt did with Keith (2 parts – 1st part starts at about 0:51 – 0:56, 2nd part at about 1:45 – 1:52) at bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07kcf3k. See more details at herefordtimes.com and listen to him at bbc.co.uk from 34:20 until 46:50.


July 20 – TODAY 8 pm (London time): Keith on BBC

=> Turn your ears to BBC Two tonight at 8 PM, because Keith will chat to Jo Whiley about his new documentary on BBC Two – “The Origin Of The Species”! Keith will be on the show along with American singer-songwriter from Illinois, Lissie. The show lasts 1 hour, 57 minutes, so I recon that Keith’s part will be 50% of the show which will be available for download shortly after the broadcast: bbc.co.uk And don’t you miss this: Keith Richards – “The Origin Of The Species” on BBC TWO TV, coming up on Saturday 23 July, 9.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Keith backstage in Rio, 2016

July 15 – This stuff seems to be kind of infectious…

=> Woah! Mick’s gonna be father again! Big and heartfelt gongratulations to father and mother! Mick and Melanie Hamrick were first seen in a hotel in Zurich in 2014. She’s 29 years old and a member of the American Ballet Theatre in New York City and was born in Williamsburg, (Sweet) Virginia… If this trend continues, it’s only in some years when the Rolling Stones Clan will take over world domination, hehehe … Here’s the press (3 out of 51663) for you to check out: billboard.com and telegraph.co.uk and .

Mick and Melanie Hamrick Mick and Melanie Hamrick

July 11 – More tourdates likely

=> We have reason to expect that the Rolling Stones will add more tour-dates! Although we’re approaching mid-July by now, it not uncommon for the Stones to add more dates to their already fixed dates in October shortly before the gigs takes place. Whereas other acts of even the Stones in former decades announced their dates way before they happend, we could see more dates coming up as late as next month or even in September. So let’s wait and see – we don’t have any serious informations about this but it seems save to expect them to play more than just 3 gigs this fall… 🙂

July 7 – The new album

=> Still no working title for the new album! Ok, what do we know so far? Well, we believe to know, that the band has recorded a whole bunch of material and that this would be enough for both a blues album as well as for a new ‘straight’ Stones album with original new Stones-songs. So far, the recording should be finished – and they took their time and didn’t hurry. The process should now be heading to mixing and producing. But generally, the band has kept a low profile on this, at least so far. But be that as it may, as time passes, some more details will definitely surface and I can’t wait for them to pop up… I’ll keep you posted!

June 29 – Back online / Media News

=> Ok, folks, stonesnews.com is back online! My provider had to exchange some hardware and migrate data – so this site was off for more than 24 hours. Similar has not happened since many years, so I don’t think it will happen again anytime soon.

=> Yup, there’s a load of media news around the Stones! And no: Ronnie & Sally have NOT hired 4 nannies… 😉

– There’s a new BBC documentary about the Rolling Stones’ early years; and guess who’s in charge to tell us about “The Origin Of The Species“: yup, it’s our Keith himself! Directed by Julian Temple, the 60 minute documentary will explore how both Richards “and the ’60s in England came about”. The BBC calls Keith an “avatar of rebellion, buccaneer, soul survivor, as well as the coolest dude on the planet”. The docu will air at BBC 2 in July this year. In addition, Keith has selected films for a two-night “Lost Weekend” at BBC 4, which will run in September and feature an interview with him each night, where he will explain his selections. Read more at bbc.com or at theguardian.com.

– Harry Styles will play Mick in “Exile On Main Street” which is directed by Downton Abbey’s Andy Goddard. See independent.co.uk for more info.

– ‘Exhibitionism’ is heading to New York in November. Tickets for New York will go on sale to the general public in September. See rollingstone.com for more on this.

June 20 Sally & Ronnie: Twins and recordings

=> Very cute picture there of Sally, Ronnie and the twins! Ans also, that article by The Sun also tells of the band “recording a new album of original Rolling Stones material“. Whatever that means – I hope it’s NEW material and not the re-recording of ‘original’, i.e. old material. We heard about some classic blues tracks, though, already. Excitement grows…

June 15 – 2nd gig in Vegas?

=> No big surprise, but NICE: the Stones are likely to add a 2nd gig to their stay in Las Vegas this October! According to lasvegassun.com, the boys “are likely to OK a second show while in Las Vegas at T-Mobile Arena in October“. Right! Go for it, boys!

June 14 – New Film: Exile On Main Street!

=> “Exile on Main Street: A Season in Hell With the Rolling Stones” if this title sounds familiar to you, then congratiulations – you probably know Robert Greenfield’s book of the same title – a must-read for us fans. The new film will be directed by Andy Goddard and they are casting actors who can play Mick and Keith… How about you then? 🙂 The film tells the stories and events at the villa Nellcôte in southern France while the band was recording Exile On Main Street. Richard Branson’s Virgin Produced purchased the rights for Greenfield’s book in 2012. More details at deadline.com or rollingstone.com

=> Oh yes, and then there are rumours for a EUROPEAN TOUR in 2017!! How wonderful that would be! I’ll keep an eye on this for sure…

June 10 – Keith in the studio!

=> Keith has spent the last days until today in the Germano Studios, NYC, doing add-ons or overdubs for the new Rolling Stones record! As you can see from the pics (Keith’s are from Twitter, Sheryl’s from Facebook), he was enjoying playing bass, piano and a Gibson “Super 400 CES from 1957”, as he explains. He was also met by Sheryl Crow and they found time for some fooling around (see the bottom line of the pic when clocked). All this and the new date for Vegas tells us, that Keith and his band are doing very well. Lucky fans we are indeed!
“Doing The Rolling Stones logo: I’m the lips, Keith Richards is the tongue!”

June 9 – VEGAS!

=> The Rolling Stones will play the T-Mobile Arena in LAS VEGAS on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19! Tickets go on sale FRIDAY, JUNE 17, at 10AM PT! The Rolling Stones will be live in Las Vegas on Wednesday, October 19th at the brand new T-Mobile Arena. This date follows the two gigs at Coachella on October 7 and 14. Tickets will go on sale Friday, June 17 at 10am PT at AXS.com. Thanks for pointing, Aron! 😉

=> The Stones have given 4 interviews about Totally Stripped, which you can hear one day after the other at udiscovermusic.com, starting today with part #1 of 4. Recommended! Thanks Axel from [UC] for pointing out!

June 3 – Well, I told you once and I told you twice …

=> …but you never listen to my advise! 🙂 Again, the Stones told Mr. Trump to stop using their music (billboard.com), but he just doesn’t care, it seems. Billboard: “So far, artists like Adele and R.E.M. have gotten heated over Trump using their music to rally their supporters. Expect that number to increase in the coming months…

June 2 – Happy birthday, Charlie! / Clapton and Stones recorded together

=> Birthdays all around! Happy, happy birthday Mr. Charlie Watts!! We all love you! Stay as well as can be and keep on drumming the Jazz and Rock’n’Roll.

=> Clapton on 2 songs of the new album! As The SUN reports, the band decided to ask Eric to play with them after bumping into him while working on new material at their studio in Chiswick, West London. The gang ended up recording two songs, under the watchful eye of US producer DON WAS, which are likely to appear on the band’s forthcoming blues album.

The Rolling Stones in Orlando, Florida - The Stones on stage - June 12, 2015 Minneapolis: Charlie at Tim Ries' gig at the Dakota Jazz Club - June 02, 2015 Minneapolis: Charlie at Tim Ries' gig at the Dakota Jazz Club - June 02, 2015

June 1 – Happy birthday, Ronnie, father of 2 beautiful twin girls / Totally Stripped: Miss You

=> Sally has done it – and she’s well and the twins are, too! So all heartfelt well wishings, luck&blessings to the beautiful mother and her 2 baby girls! And also happy birthday to Ronnie! He’s turning 69 today! So loads of good luck and well beeing for the proud father, too! And here is the statement, the two issued: “Ronnie & Sally Wood are delighted to announce the birth of their twins Gracie Jane (6lb) & Alice Rose (5.7lb). The girls arrived on 30th May at 10.30pm and all are doing brilliantly. The babies are perfect.” See some of the press: huffingtonpost.co.uk, cnn.com and billboard.com

=> Let me tell you: Just today I got the note that my Totally Stripped order is there for me before this weekend! Well ain’t that NICE! Can’t wait!! And as a teaser, The Rolling Stones have issued Miss You from this new issue – so enjoy the music and a slightly nasty Lisa Fisher … 🙂

May 19 – Stones surprise fan! / Review of Rich Cohen’s book

=> A dream come true! As Rolling Stone reports Alex Emanuel got a real shock when he visited the exhibition and was greeted by the complete band… well, I can definitely feel with this lucky guy. Have a look at this cool video:

=> Recommended read: Review of Rich Cohen’s controversial book “The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones” – at nationalpost.com

May 11 – Coachella sold out – Keith & Mick in interviews

=> Shure enough, tickets for both Desert Weekends sold out within minutes! Despite those high ticket prices, I might add. But the line-up truely is jaw-dropping, so, whoever got tickets, have a blast in October and don’t forget to scope for the rest of the world, hehehe … Meanwhile, Radio Q1043 interviewed both Mick, who stayed in Paris and Keith on Monday, May 9 and asked them about Coachella – you can listen to the interviews right here:
Mick on Desert Trip and here is Keith on Desert Trip

=> Our dear friend Henrietta of rockmusicmemorabilia.com just informed me about another must-have for those of us interested in the Knebworth 1976 Rolling Stones set: Now, they have decided to give, together with the 1976 Knebworth Rolling Stones set, the signed, dedicated and numbered Knebworth 76 poster (see below) which was produced in a very limited edition of 100 and normally sells on their site for £25, free of charge! That’s cool! Here is some more details of the great package of 8 CDs, 4 DVDs, 6 Gold Artist Passes, 1 Festival badge, programme, flyer, ticket, 20 8″x6″ Stones photos, a 330 page book, and more, all contained in a handmade deluxe presentation box. So go there and get it. 🙂

May 10 – Coachella 2.0 added!!

=> We’re in for a treat: Due to demand, a second weekend has been added to the inaugural Desert Trip festival with the Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters and The Who! The added weekend will be in Oct. 14 – 16.

May 9 – Coachella Desert Trip Tickets today! / No Satisfaction for Trump

=> Yes, today, Passes for Desert Trip are on sale from 10AM Pacific Time on at DesertTrip.com! They truly got a terrific line-up there… and yes, Trump is now forbidden to play Stones songs at his campaign. As billboard.com reports, “[The Rolling Stones] have requested that they cease all use immediately.” That’s just fine and ok for me, folks… 😉

May 2 – October hint

=> The Stones have, like Roger Waters, The Who, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan, issued a short “October”-teaser: You see a turntable with a Stones vinyl LP running to the sounds of “All Down The Line”. As the others did likewise, but with other pictures, we now can wonder what the hell that should implicate. Most likely, it’s a hint to the Coachella Festival in October this year. But it could also point towards the new record the Stones are working on as well as the next tour… whaddya think?

April 29 – Keith in Manhattan / Stones in London / Ronnie: twins and art / Mick remembers L’Wren

=> Keith was filming interviews in Manhattan yesterday. – he didn’t tell any more infos, though, so subjects could be the Cuba docu, the new recordings, Totally Stripped, more answeres for his “Ask Keith” series … (twitter.com)

=> James Ketchell of Music Heritage UK informed me about a cool site for us Stones fans: The unofficial history of the Rolling Stones in London shown in a map.

=> Ronnie Wood releases art from his personal collection – the signed artworks will go on sale from Friday. Castle Fine Art, South Molton Street will be host a preview evening on Thursday April 28. The collection launches across the Castle galleries nationwide on Friday April 29. See also The Standard about this.
Ronnie and Sally, who is due to give birth to twins in June, showed up at the TUSK event (see below, April 21) and Ronnie was proud and looking forward to be fathered again. (dailymail.co.uk)

=> Mick remembers L’Wren’s birthday – like last year, Mick published a pic of L’Wren at his Instagram page. The press comments: dailymail.co.uk, tv3.ie and others.

April 26 – Mick & Keith about Edith Grove

=> No words needed here, a must-see, enjoy!! Thx 199763 (iorr.org) for pointing that out!

April 24 – James & Anoushka wedding in London / Mick at Ana Moura’s gig

=> Mick’s and Jerry’s son James Jagger just married Anoushka Sharma in London Saturday, April 23rd! So the clan gathered – Jerry and her new husband Rupert, Ronnie and Sally, Georgia May, Gabriel and Lucas … etc. they all were there. Mick, too, of course. See some pics below and at Rolling Stones reunion at James Jagger’s wedding (dailymail.co.uk) and some more pics also Meet the in-laws! Mick Jagger and Rupert Murdoch come face to face as Jerry Hall takes news mogul to James Jagger’s wedding celebration (dailymail.co.uk).

=> Mick went to see Ana Moura, the Portuguese Fado star, in London last Tuesday, April 19th. Some lines to read and some pics: The Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger looks cheery after watching his stunning protege Ana Moura perform at her London concert (dailymail.co.uk)

April 21 – Coachella / Ronnie & Charity

=> Stones & Young on 2. Coachella night! It’s almost save to say, that the Stones will play at the festival this autumn. It’s taking place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California (the Coachella site) from 7-9 October. Apparently, Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney will play the first night, the Stones and Neil Young on the second day, and the Who and Roger Waters on the third. Now, Roger Daltrey seems to have spoken out first: see Roger Daltrey confirms The Who part of historic mega-concert (torontosun.com) as well as (theguardian.com). An official announcement which confirms this lineup is still to be waited for, but it’s looking very promising. Only real let-down would be the exorbitant ticket prices, that festival is known for even without such a heavyweight-lineup.

=> Charity event: “In Conversation with Ronnie Wood” – Thursday, 28 April 2016, 19:00 – Ham Yard Hotel, London, W1D 7DT “Tusk” is one of the leading conservation charities exclusively focused on Africa. Ticket Price: £75 + Booking Fee of £5.21 (£80.21) – Schedule: Champagne reception and canapes at 7.00 pm. In Conversation with Ronnie Wood commences at 8.00 pm followed by Q&A and a short auction.

April 20 – Some more press

=> Mick about the new album: “I can’t say much but there are a lot of different things on this album.” There’s not much more details to this subject than those we already know, but have a look at this article: Rolling Stones record ‘different’ LP (list.co.uk)

=> Interesting read about the Coachella festival: The Appeal of the Coachella Way of Life by Carrie Battan (newyorker.com)

=> From rare archival footage and costumes to a stuffed donkey, this is the memorabilia exhibit Stones fans have dreamed about! ‘Exhibitionism’: Inside Massive New Rolling Stones Exhibit in London (rollingstone.com)

=> Driving down to Jajouka, where the musical ghosts of the Sixties wait: In search of the Rolling Stones amid the dust of Morocco (dailymail.co.uk)

April 16 – Coachella!?

=> Are the Stones going to open the Coachella Music Festival this October? According to Rolling Stone and the LA Times, they are in the finishing stages of getting the deal done.
Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones would open the mega concert on Friday with back-to-back sets followed by Neil Young, Paul McCartney, the Who and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters during the following two days! It will be their full stage productions, with full sets, as the LA Times says. Woah! Let’s hope for even more good news about more gigs to surface!

April 12 – Totally Stripped for 39,09 Euros / Exhibitionism video

=> Yup! I pre-ordered Totally Stripped today (5 DVD version) for less than 40 Euros. At bol.de, they have 15% reduction for the code “APRIL15SPAREN” (until April 15) and both the blue-ray and DVD formats. Shipping within german borders is free, inside the EU is 8 Euros. You should get similar offers at amazon for your country soon, too (UK, US, etc.),

April 11 – US tourdates? / Exhibitionism spoiler

=> That rumour mill is bubbling on and on. As Mick and Keith said last week, they plan to return to the UK and do some shows. See below. Nevertheless, word has it, that the band is also pondering over some dates in the US, like, in October maybe. In other words: things stay very interesting for us, so we have to keep our eyes and ears open! 🙂 I have nothing to complain about by now.

=> Exhibitionism is getting lots of reviews, mostly good ones, others soso. From what I read from Stones fans going there, it’s just a thrill! Here you can check out 2 reviews as examples:
Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones at London’s Saatchi Gallery – Review (express.co.uk) and Another lucrative show from the World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band (economist.com) or Inside London’s Amazing Rolling Stones Exhibit (thedailybeast.com): “Everyone walks out beaming…”

=> Ok, here comes the Exhibitionism spoiler, hehehe… Thanks to TE from Oslo (iorr.org), we can have two, three glimbs at the early very dark center of the Stones universe, just shortly after it’s Big Bang. That namely is EDITH GROVE and, to be even more precise: THE kitchen in Edith Grove… so thanks for the pics, TE! They copied Edith Grove 1:1 for the exhibition as folks have reported – that alone would be a reason for me to get some tickets… If you want more details about that filthy flat, go get all the glory details from Phelge himself: Phelge’s Stones – The untold story from Edith Grove and beyond…

April 6 – Exhibitionism Aftermath / New, bluesy album / UK dates possible!

=> Exhibitionism was opened yesterday! The band was there and gave interesting interviews, not only about the exhibition. Read the review Bravura history of the Stones delivers satisfaction at theartsdesk.com or for some tabloid check The Sun.

=> New, ‘bluesy’ album confirmed for this year! Check out the BBC for this: Rolling Stones confirm new blues-inspired album for 2016. Keith said in an interview: “We’re actually in the studio in the moment cutting new stuff” – during these sessions, they also covered some blues standards by Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf. Ronnie added: “We cut 11 songs in two days. Just ‘bang’ – like that. … It was like, ‘this is what the Stones do, we play blues’.”

=> During the interviews at the exhibition, we can now officially accept, that NEW SHOW DATES, probably in the UK are planned in the months to come! Mick can be quoted as saying: “We’ll come back to the UK, indeed, … It doesn’t feel very long since we played [here] but actually it’s ages ago now.” and Keith added: “I think our main thing is playing live these days – within the band, we always feel like the next show is going to be better. For a bunch of reprobates we have an incredible dedication to our job.”

April 3 – Exhibitionism this Tuesday

=> This Tuesday, the Stones will open their EXHIBITIONISM at London’s Saatchi’s Gallery! See Rolling Stones reveal rare posters and photos as they celebrate 50 years on tour for some pics and notes… (mirror.co.uk)

April 2 – Details of TOTALLY STRIPPED / Nice Read

=> Ok, here are the wonderful details of the upcoming release of TOTALLY STRIPPED. Source is Rolling Stones Data and you can order this gem from Amazon Japan – the Basic Edition can be ordered already at some local Amazons – just start a search for it there… OK now for the details. We have 3 editions:

the Basic edition: 1DVD (expanded TV documentary, 90 mins.)
the Deluxe edition: 1DVD + 1CD (selections of three shows)
… aaaand, yes, the Super Deluxe Edition: 1DVD + 1CD + 3DVD (Paradiso + Olympia+ Brixton) + bonus CD (3 songs for Japanese special), plus 2LP+T-shirts + memorabilia
All DVDs have a screen size of 16: 9 – Blu-ray image will be SD-Blu-ray specification that up-converts the SD material voice: Linear PCM Stereo / DTS HD Master Audio

CD tracklisting:
1. Not Fade Away (Amsterdam)
2. Honky Tonk Women (Paris)
3. Dead Flowers (Amsterdam)
4. Far Away Eyes (Brixton)
5. Shine A Light (Amsterdam)
6. I Go Wild (Paris)
7. Miss You (Brixton)
8. Like A Rolling Stone (Amsterdam)
9. Brown Sugar (Paris)
10. Midnight Rambler (Brixton)
11. Jumpin ‘Jack Flash (Paris)
12. Gimme Shelter (Amsterdam)
13. Rip This Joint (Amsterdam)
14. Street Fighting Man (Amsterdam)
Extra tracks:
01. The Spider and the Fly (Amsterdam performances)
02. Slipping Away (Paris performances)
03. Sweet Virginia (London performances)
Paradiso (Amsterdam), May 26, 1995
Duration: about 91 minutes
01. Not Fade Away
02. It’s All Over Now
03. Live With Me
04. Let It Bleed
05. The spider and the fly
06. Beast of Burden
07. Angie
08. Wild Horses
09. Sweet Virginia
10. Dead Flowers
11. Shine a Light
12. Like A Rolling Stone
13. Connection
14. Slipping Away
15. The worst
16. Gimme Shelter
17. All Down The Line
18. Respectable
19. Rip This Joint
20. Street Fighting Man
Olympia theater (Paris), July 3, 1995
Duration: about 98 minutes
01. Honky Tonk Women
02. Tumbling Dice
03. You Got Me Rocking
04. All Down The Line
05. Shattered
06. Beast of Burden
07. Let It Bleed
08. Angie
09. Wild Horses
10. Down In The Bottom
11. Shine a Light
12. Like A Rolling Stone
13. I Go Wild
14. Miss You
15. Connection
16. Slipping Away
17. Midnight Rambler
18. Rip This Joint
19. Start Me Up
20. It’s Only Rock’n Roll
21. Brown Sugar
22. Jumpin ‘Jack Flash
Brixton Academy (London), July 19, 1995
Duration: about 124 minutes
01. Honky Tonk Women
02. Tumbling Dice
03. You Got Me Rocking
04. Live With Me
05. Black Limousine
06. Dead Flowers
07. Sweet Virginia
08. Far Away Eyes
09. Love In Vain
10. Down In The Bottom
11. Shine a Light
12. Like A Rolling Stone
13. Monkey Man
14. I Go Wild
15. Miss You
16. Connection
17. Slipping Away
18. Midnight Rambler
19. Rip This Joint
20. Start Me Up
21. Brown Sugar
22. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

=> Recommended Read: Inside Mick Jagger and Keith Richards’s Five-Decade Bromance (vanityfair.com)

March 29 – COMPLETE Havanna MP3 for you!!

=> Thanks to our very kind friend, Christpher L., we can enjoy the comlete historic show in Havana as audience MP3 for free download and further share! So thanks a lot, Christopher! [Link had to be deleted, file was deleted. You may know the official DVD already anyway…]

Next up, I’ll check for YT videos and the details for Totally Stripped … meanwhile, why not listen to Mick while on tour being interviewed by Absolute Radio host Danielle Perry and talking about EXHIBITIONISM? (qthemusic.com)