Tour-Announcement soon?

Tour-Announcement soon?

Rumors tell that maybe The Rolling Stones will announce the 2020-tour as early as next week…

Still only rumors, but then again, some time sooner or later the official infos have to go public. So why not next week?

So if tour-negotiations have reached a level suitable to some relyable time-table for the tour-logistics, the marketing folks take over and we get all the infos we have been waiting for so long.

Exept a date rumored to be in Vancouver (CAN), this is a US-tour. Cities where the Stones might play include Pittsburgh, Nashville, San Diego, Louisville, Cleveland, Tampa, Buffalo, Baltimore, Atlanta and St. Louis…

More to come, soon, hopefully! 🙂

~ What a band!! ~

Nice Read: Mick Jagger, I love You

Esquire - Mick Jagger, I Love You June 1 1969 Helen Lawrenson

Recommended Read: “Mick Jagger, I love You”

As all is very silent these days apart from just rumours about the expected upcoming tour this year… so I was happy to discover a link to an article which first appeared in the Escuirer, June 1, 1969 by Helen Lawrenson.

I felt like falling through some time tunnel and here are the late sixties again – nice! 🙂

Thanks to JZ [uc] for pointing this out!

Esquire - Mick Jagger, I Love You June 1 1969 Helen Lawrenson

Some kind of warm-up?

Some kind of warm-up?

Ok, the new year has started – not much news Stoneswise so far.

What caught my attention was a tweet and a FB article. The tweet is copied below – it’s a photo of Mick and Keith in the back on stage in the early years and without any text or message whatsoever.

On Facebook, the band shared Midnight Rambler  played live during the Licks tour. It’s one of the best versions of this centerpiece IMHO…

So this doesn’t have to mean anything special, but then again, I would welcome it as some sort of pre-announcement for some more information about what’s going to happen this year… Stoneswise, that is, hehehe …