Houston – THE STAGE!

Lucky fans we are, thanks to Sergio Balasso, who posted pictures on Facebook!

In Shidoobee’s Facebook group, he wrote: “Working the 2 night of the Rolling Stone move in. The first night was working in Catering and being fed by thier own staff the food was delicious. seeing the stage being set up and the view from behind the stage. 2 night was working in catering and now setting in my car watching the 17 of 18 wheelers and making sure nobody is bothering the trucks.

So here we have pictures from the catering backstage, the stage being built and the 17 trucks for the equipement – aesome!

Oh, Ronnie busts in!

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Kommentar zu “Houston – THE STAGE!

  • April 22, 2024 at 15:24

    WOW, The excitement and anticipation builds. Great pics of stage and on gets a sense of how large it is and how complicated these massive shows can be. Just seeing all the trucks implies incredible logistics. Your site has become my go to site for Stones info since IORR.ORG leadership has retired. Fun looking over the possible set lists. Looking forward to my 18th show at Met-Life in New Jersey on the 23rd. Sending out the positive energy for a rain free day. First saw the Stones in the gym at Cornell University (I was going to Ithaca College at the time) back in October, 1965, when they played for about 30 minutes or so. Other English bands were playing there too and none of the bands had many songs to play.


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