Ronnie at the snooker masters

Ronnie and Jimmy White

Snooker fan Ronnie didn’t miss the masters!

He really looks great! Seems, his recovery is progressing in the right direction.

Here we have him talking to together with his mate Jimmy Wite about the game. Lovely to see him lively and with longer hair. Don’t miss this video!

Let’s wish him more and steady recovery! Here you have Jimmy’s post with Ronnie and Sally:

Finally: Stones on stamps!

Royal Mail - Rolling Stones stamps

We all waited for this, even longer than for the new album, I’m sure!

Now, finally, the Royal Mail showed understanding and it looks like this could quench our severe thirst!

Available on January 20th, there are no less than 39 items or sets of stamps, ranging from £ 0.30 up to £ 149.99. WOW. Well, that was about time, right?

Nice move by the Royal Mail and a feast for all you collectors out there – 13 of these sets/bundles are labeled “Limited Edition”… 😉

The Stones are the fourth band to feature in a dedicated stamp issue. See more on this: DailyMail / Ultimateclassicrock / NME /

You can pre-order them now in the Royal Mail shop!

Chronicles of Villa Nellcote, pt1

Geir Hørnes - The Curious Chronicles of Villa Nellcote

Last week, the beautiful book of Geir Hørnes arrived!

The full title is “The Curious Chronicles of Villa Nellcote“. It’s an exclusive and I say very beautifully crafted 400-page book about the legendary Riviera-mansion Villa Nellcote. Geir got contact to the families having owned Nellcote and thus could produce his book in collaboration with them. The outcome is very impressive: the book includes first-hand accounts, architect drawings, personal journals, more than 250 photos from private archives and exclusive, new contributions from the Rolling Stones’ entourage adding further insight about the bohemian recording of Exile on Main St. at Villa Nellcote in 1971.

So, this simply is a must have! Geir war kind enough to sign it for me, as you can see below. I’ll write a review about this book once I have read enough of it to base my opinion on. This will be ‘Chronicles of Villa Nellcote, pt2’ then…

You can order it at

The Curious Chronicles of Villa Nellcote
ISBN : 978-82-692569-0-1
Publisher: Litteraturdepartementet, Oslo (1st edition October 2021)
Language: English
Pages : 400 pages
Format: Hardback
Dimensions: 22 x 25 x 4 cm
Weight: 1.55 kg
Copies: The first edition is limited to 1000 numbered copies.
Price: 399 kr ($45,16 / £33,24) plus shipping


Altamont footage discovered

Mick Jagger (in red) and Keith Richards (in shades, natch), just off stage at the Altamont concert, hours before their segment turned deadly. Dec. 6, 1969. Home video footage. National Audio-Visual Conservation Center.

The Library of Congress has published new found footage of the Altamont festival and the Stones gig there.

Sadly, there’s no sound, just the views that this cam recorded. But nevertheless it’s a document and a fresh look at that event that would show us, that the hippie dream, as beautiful and strong it might have been, found it’s dark side and lost most of it’s drive.

Altamont was a scary scene. It’s just the folks, the Angles and the band. No security anywhere. I find, the band really had balls to play that gig there, while the chaos all around grew and the bad acid took it’s toll. Sure enough they played their set. They couldn’t leave the place anyway. Ok, they finally got out via helocopter, overloaded. But before, they had to face that mayhem and they clearly could feel what was happening there. Before, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, The Flying Burrito Brothers and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young had played. The Greatful Dead also were scheduled, following CSNY, but declined to play shortly before their scheduled appearance due to the increasing violence at the venue.

It’s well documented that after the crowd (perhaps accidentally) toppled one of the Angels’ motorcycles, the Angels became even more aggressive, including toward the performers. Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane jumped off the stage to try to sort out the problem, only to be punched in the head and knocked unconscious by an Angel during the band’s set. There was no way to control it, no supervision or order.*

So then the Stones were the next to play. … Scary. … To enter the stage at that time… I bet they’ld have prefered it to leave that place then. I would. But they played. Actually, to leave was no real alternative – what would have happened then to the tousands waiting there for so long? So they played. Brave english boys, as I see it. Keith once mentioned “… I’ve seen the dogs running on stage …” telling us that in his experience, he’s seen it all. But that particular phrase corresponds to Altamond, where you can actually see in the movie (Gimme Shelter) the German shepherd dog just running disoriented across the stage during their gig there… see it at 1:12:40 from the video linked above.

So now we have new footage found about Altamont. And the Library has published it! So have a look (again, there’s no sound, just the pictures).

And here, there’s a larger (on screen) copy of the film!

Mick Jagger (in red) and Keith Richards (in shades, natch), just off stage at the Altamont concert, hours before their segment turned deadly. Dec. 6, 1969. Home video footage. National Audio-Visual Conservation Center.
Mick Jagger (in red) and Keith Richards (in shades, natch), just off stage at the Altamont concert, hours before their segment turned deadly. Dec. 6, 1969. Home video footage. National Audio-Visual Conservation Center.

*see wikipaedia

Karl Denson on tour

Karl Denson on tour

Happy birthday Karl! It’s a little bit too late for this, but better late than never!

Karl Denson celebrated his 65th birthday lately. The renowned Southern California-raised saxophonist and flutist was born on December 27, 1956.
Karl would go on to put together an impressive resume, as both a bandleader and in-demand woodwind specialist.

At Jambase, you can hear him lead his band through Game Of Stones on Halloween 2018 at Brooklyn Bowl!

And he is on tour!! Right now, January 6th, 7th and 8th he plays the Blue Note in New York with 2 gigs a night. Up till May 5th there’s 15 more dates, have a look!

Studio footage from 1966

Stones in the studio, 1966

Great find: filmed in the studio for a French television programme near the end of 1966, this YouTube footage shows the Rolling Stones in Olympic Studios, Barnes, London.

A pleasue to see them at work with Brian still active playing various instruments. The backing track to these scenes is Let’s Spend The Night Together. To be honest, I would have prefered to listen to the actual sound … but still, it’s great to see!

Faroutmagazine has a nice article about this. And here’s the video:


Another side of Angie

Stones tongue on mural

One of the Stones biggest hits – here you can listen to it in a completely other way…

The idea behind this video is to give us insights into the different sound layers of this song. So you can hear Keith’s guitar alone, the piano part, Mick Taylor’s guitar, Charlie and Bill, as well as Mick’s vocals and piano at last. Cool idea, I find, and a new experience of this song.

Here’s the corresponding article – FarOutMagazine: Deconstructing The Rolling Stones song ‘Angie’ through the isolated tracks

If you find this interesting, there’s a ‘deconstruction’ of Gimme Shelter, too…

Recommended Read: Dave Green remembers Charlie

Charlie Watts

Dave Green was Charlie’s childhood neighbour and friend

He’s the first bass player, Charlie played with! If you haven’t seen or read this one, go ahead and enjoy Dave’s accounts on his and Charlies friendship!

The subtitle is: “The Rolling Stones drummer’s childhood friend and fellow musician recalls a home-loving connoisseur and collector of ephemera

Here’s the link to this recommended read (The Guardian)