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May 30 – Rolling Stones music stars in Omega Olympic ads

As you can see at USA today or, Omega, official time-keeper for the London Olympic Games 2012 and highest-profile advertiser, uses an adaption of the Stones “Start Me Up” for his advertising campaign. I wonder, what amounts were involved with this deal, hehehe … something around the half-a-million $ number doesn’t seem to be too ‘far off’ …

May 23 – Mick and Chevy Metal rock ‘Bitch’ at SNL after party

Check this one out. The boys are rocking hard, and so does fuckin’ Mick Jagger. The vid is a bit shaky, but that really doesn’t matter, right?

May 21 – Stones thank 10 million / SNL aftermath

Here are the Stones!!! All 4 of them and it looks really like a rehearsal room and you can see an impressive setlist at Charlies drumkit in the back. Check it out for yourself:

After Micks appearance at SNL, we have some reviews and some youtube bits: Mick Jagger as impressive host and musical guest on ‘Saturday Night Live’ finale ( | Jagger Brings Satisfaction to “SNL” Season Finale ( | Mick Jagger’s Best ‘SNL’ Moments (

May 20 – Mick on SNL

Go and get Mick at the SNL season finale! Of cause, there are bits and pieces popping up at YouTube
The Guardian has one first review

May 19 – Ronnie: Keith has new stuff

As you can read at, Ronnie gave an answer to the question, whether there are new songs in the making. He said:

“I don’t know if Mick’s heard them. I know Keith has been working on stuff with Seve Jordan.”

May 17 – Ronnie at cannes / Mick at SNL – Stones (NOT) to perform?

Tomorrow, May 18th, Ronnie live at the VIP Room in Cannes (50 BD DE LA CROISETTE 06400 CANNES)

It’s a on and off game: will the Stones join Mick at SNL? First, everyone wished and expected the Stones to perform on Mick’s hosting the season finale of SNL. Then we can read that Keith himself denies it ( – for him, this SNL thing was arranged by Mick many months before and so it’s just Mick on his own. Ok. No Stones at SNL this time. Nevertheless, it would definitely be a surprise, wouldn’t it? Confirmed, however, has Jeff Beck for joining Mick on the season finale.

Mick Taylor at the Iridium – review of his gig at Rolling Stone

May 16 – Ronnie keeps Oct./Nov. free

The Sun cites a new issue from our friend Ronnie Wood:

I am keeping October/November free, that’s what I’ve been told. I’m just awaiting more information … New ones? Are you joking? We are familiarising ourselves with our back catalogue and have only scratched the surface.”

What we can read out of these words? It could point to more rehearsals, studio dates and sessions, I would think. But NME is already much farther down the road: Rolling Stones will tour in ‘October and November’ – this is too much whishful thinking, IMHO.

The words ‘tour’ and ‘gig dates’, you see, come from the press, for whatever reason.
And even if it really would be a tour schedule: what kind of a two-moths-tour should that be? Just some 10-gigs-in-a-row at three, four different locations?
At best, I wish, they meet before this date and get their things together, play around with new stuff and then press it all into a new album this fall.
And then: on with the big 50ies tour 2013/2014, hehehe …

May 7 – Rehearsal setlist

The sessions in Weehawken are done already. All 4 Stones were there, plus Chuck Leavell and Don Was, who played bass (Darryl is on tour in Europe). Four songs were played, each twice: Miss You, Fool To Cry, Jumping Jack Flash and another unknown one. [thx UC, RO].

Well, we can safly state, that the preparations for whatever is to come really begin to take shape. More to come, soon!

May 6 – Stones in NYC, Rumours ‘not accurate’, Mick hosts SNL, Taylor on Jimmy Fallon

1) Since beginning of May, the Stones are said to be in New York City where the are said to meet and have some jam sessions. The location is unknown and it is said, that by May 3, they have moved to another small location in Weehawken NJ.
Moreover it is said that a film crew is filming the sessions.
If this should prove to be true, than this would much better fit in the schedule of the proceedings for a 50th anniversary and a possible tour to come! I’ll keep you posted!
Thanks [uc], [ro]

2) It didn’t last long and I already doubted the news about the plans for 20 free gigs – that sounded much too good to be true. Official statements concerning this news said that they were ‘not accurate‘. Same holds true for the alleged tickets for a Stones show in Berlin, Germany, in September: 100% rubbish!

3) Mick will host Saturday Night Live on the May 19 season finale. Fans of the Rolling Stones will be keen to find out what, if any, news Mick will have for the 50th Anniversary celebrations for the Stones. Let’s dream of a guest appearance of the other guys of the band for a little play …

4) Speaking of dates, please note, that Mick Taylor will be at Jimmy Fallon on May 9!

May 3 – New Tour Rumours: 20 dates planned

According to news sources and, the Stones are planning a 20 dates tour, most probably scheduled for next year. And this is not all: the sources say, those concerts would be free due to corporate sponsoring!
As interesting as this perspective might be, I don’t buy it yet. What is ment by ‘the word is …? As in most cases, such great rumours are missing reliable sources… anyway, here’s the quote in question:

Triple M music reporter Nui Te Koha has revealed the plans the rock legends have in the pipeline.
“There is going to be a big concert worldwide. The Rolling Stones are thinking 20 dates around the world. They have to be landmark cities to fit in with this vibe,” he said. “The word is the concerts are going to be free and that it’s all going to be sponsored by corporates. That’s the latest mail.”

April 25 – Recommendation: Bill German lecture

Do you remember the Beggars Banquet magazine? The one which was advertised as the official Stones Fanzine in the sleeve of the vinyl Undercover LP? Well, below you find the link to a video of a lecture, Bill German gave a lecture recently in in Woodbridge NJ. Bill, if you recall, was the guy who started it, and here you find him in support of his book “Under Their Thumb“, telling us for 1.32 hours great and hilarious stories about his starting the mag, meeting the Stones and hanging out with them: The Woodbridge Channels [thx durtysox, uc]

April 23 – Ronnie’s reviews, New Exile Film

Ronnie Golden Nugget Atlantic City 21 April 20121) Ronny put on a good show at the Golden Nugget! CBS gave a great review of the show:

“Are you ready to rock and roll?” the British musician shouted a few songs into the evening. The crowd, which hadn’t sat down since the first song, “Am I Grooving You,” didn’t need any prodding. This marked Wood’s only U.S. solo show this year.
Joined by vocalist Bernard Fowler, pianist Chuck Leavell of Allman Brothers Band fame, drummer Steve Jordan, bassist Willie Weeks and keyboardist Andy Wallace, Wood plowed through Stones songs, Faces tunes and solo material. He played harmonica and showed off some dance moves throughout the night.
Wood performed songs he wrote for freshly-minted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band, The Faces, including “Stay With Me,” “(I Know) I’m Losing You” and “Ohh La La,” which turned into a sing-a-long.
Same went for the Stones material. Wood jammed on “Black Limousine” and “It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It).”
Leavell took the lead on “Statesboro Blues,” and Wood slipped in some of his solo work, including “I Gotta See,” off his latest solo album, 2010’s “I Feel Like Playing.”
One of the evening’s highlights was Wood’s version of Bob Dylan’s “Seven Days.”

Here’s a gallery with 9 pics (CBS)

Of cause, some fans were at the gig and got some YouTube stuff for us (thx Bitch, UC !)

2) Richard Branson from Virgin apparently just bought the film rights to Robert Greenfield‘s 2008 book Exile on Main Street: A Season in Hell. In case you haven’t read the book: just do it. But what can we expect from such a drama? Some fan asked: “Who would play Charlie – Buster Keaton?” – hilarious ….
=> | | |
And we can expect more films of the Rolling Stones: Brett Morgan is directing a documentary on the band as part of the Stones’ 50th anniversary celebrations which distributed by Eagle Rock Entertainment and scheduled for release in September.

April 21 – Ronnie & Band plays Atlantic City

Ronnie Golden Nugget Atlantic City 21 April 2012In the Golden Nugget, Ronnie and his band pleased the crowd of visitors with a 16 songs set. His band: Willie Weeks (b), Steve Jordan (dr), Chuck Leavell (kb), Bernard Fowler (voc). More infos to come… Here’s the, get some more pics an


  1. Am I Groovin’ You?
  2. Cindy Incidentally
  3. Thing About You
  4. 7 Days
  5. Sweetness My Weekness
  6. Black Limo
  1. I Gotta See
  2. Losing You
  3. Oh La La
  4. Spoonfull
  5. Flying
  6. Statesboro Blues
  1. IORR
  2. Dance
  3. Worried Live
  4. Stay With Me


April 18 – 2 videos about the faces

[If you have seen the news at “Rolling Stones Tour set for 2013?” – this is just a retold story we have seen one month ago on Rolling Stone (or see below, March 14). But that doesn’t mean, the Stones won’t tour, not at all. The opposite is much more likely. Right now it should be clear, the the Stones won’t go into studio this month. Everything else is still to come! 🙂 ]

Taken from Rolling Stone:

The Faces about replacing Rod Steward

Ronnie Wood and Kenny Jones about being introducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

April 16 – Ronnie apologises

Apparently, Mick has called Ronnie and asked him why he thought the Stones would enter a studio this month for training – without the others knowing anything about it. Uh oh … the Daily Mail thinks, Ronnie is under Mick’s thumb, hehehe … Be that as it may, this is, what a contrite Ronnie said:

“He’s going, ‘What the hell?! We don’t know anything yet!‘ So I have to make a personal apology to the rest of the band. I didn’t mean to say things out of line. And I said, ‘you know what (the media) are like. I just expressed my personal view; I would love to go into the studio.’ Then they took it all wrong…
Whatever is going to be done, we will know in the next few months.

With that last sentence, we’re back on track with the official statement about the next things to come, Mick style. Again, patience is the only help within reach…
Apart from that, Ronnie is really doing fine: he’s in his 3rd year sober!!!

April 13 – Too bad: Rod can’t join faces introduction to R’R Hall of Fame

After missing his own introduction in 1994 due to an earthquake in LA, Rod Steward is right now too sick to even fly to the event tomorrow. The otherthree members of The Faces announced today that their lead singer was too ill to perform and is held up in Los Angeles with strep throat. Rod apparently is ‘completly gutted’.

April 12 – pre-official: new Stones book by C. Sandford!

THE ROLLING STONES I was informed, that shortly, i.e. on April 26th, Simon & Schuster will publish “The Rolling Stones – Fifty Years” by Christopher Sandford. The hardcover book will comprise 512 pages, the list price is £25.00. Here is what the official info says:

The definitive story of the most controversial and longest surviving band in music history. Packed with revelations about the band members and their exploits.

In The Rolling Stones, Christopher Sandford tells the human drama at the centre of the Rolling Stones story. He carried out interviews with those close to the Stones, family members (including Mick’s parents), the group’s fans and contemporaries – even examined their previously unreleased FBI files. Like no other book before The Rolling Stones will make sense of the rich brew of clever invention and opportunism, of talent, good fortune, insecurity, self-destructiveness, and of drugs, sex and other excess, that made the Stones who they are.

Christopher Sandford has been a professional writer for 30 years and a frequent writer about the Rolling Stones for 25. He has published 17 previous books and is the only writer to have written biographies of both Mick Jagger, ‘the classic biography’ (The Times) and Keith Richards ‘Sandford’s affectionate, warts-and-all portrait of Keith is undoubtedly the best read’ (Charles Spencer, Sunday Telegraph).

I have requested further infos of the book and hope to receive reply soon, and I’ll keep you posted, of cause.

April 11 – Taylor and Charlie to play gigs in NYC

Charlie Watts - ABC&D Iridium Jazz Club, NYCCharlie is going to play eight sets on four nights at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York City between June 29th and July 2nd. He will perform as a member of the ABC&D of Boogie Woogie. He will also sit in with the Les Paul Trio in their weekly tribute to their late bandleader on July 2nd.
Wether the ABD&D is correctly called ‘his’ band I’m not quite sure…

Mick Taylor also has some dates at the Iridium Jazz Club (see here): May 9 – 14 with two sets each at 8pm and 10pm.

April 10 – Stones in the studio this month

Ronnie has confirmed, that the Stones will gather in a studio to prepare what he called the 50th anniversary tour 2013. They want to throw some ideas around and generally get the feel again. You can catch him telling us this at where he was interviewed when he opend another of his art exhibitions “Faces, Time and Places” at the Broome Street Gallery, 498 Broome Street at West Broadway, NYC. See also for this.

This will be rehearsals for the rehearsals, I guess, and is seems we can expect some exiting months to come!

April 8 – Ronnie’s new song for CSI Miami

Ronnie Wood is a long time fan of CSI Miami. Now he has composed a song for the 10th season finale, “Coming together“. Hear it at! Kelly Jones of The Stereophonics sings on the track, Mick Taylor plays guitar on the song and Chris Kimsey produced it. Further notes at and, among others.

April 4 – Mick Taylor’s Gig at Kinross

… got well reviewed! And this with a cause, as you can read in this review at the Perthshire Advertiser: “Former Rolling Stones star Mick Taylor impresses at Kinross gig”. Let’s hope, we see him as guest at some or hopefully many gigs of the upcoming Rolling Stones anniversary!

The Rolling Stones Los Angeles 1075April 3 – … Yes, it is: LA Friday ’75!

It was announced at the latest officially rleased ‘bootleg’ is “LA FRIDAY” which actually was recorded on Sunday 13th July 1975. Apparently, Bob Clearmountain did a good job again!

Download it at ($7 mp3 / $9 FLAC) or at Google!


1. Honky Tonk Women
2. All Down The Line
3. If You Can’t Rock Me/Get Off Of My Cloud
4. Star Star
5. Gimme Shelter
6. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
7. You Gotta Move
9. Happy
10. Tumbling Dice
11. Band intros
12 It’s Only Rock N Roll
13. Heartbreaker
14. Fingerprint File
15. Angie
16. Wild Horses
17. That’s Life (Billy Preston)
18. Outta Space (Billy Preston)
19. Brown Sugar
20. Midnight Rambler
21. Rip This Joint
22. Street Fighting Man
23. Jumping Jack Flash
24. Sympathy For The Devil

March 30 – Could this be the next official bootleg?

Expectations fly high, and everybody wants some. And there is so much GOLD in those damn archives ot the Rolling Stones, that I wonder if it is possible to hear all through that stuff without dying from senile decay, even if you’re aged sweet sixteen, hehehe…

Anyway: April 3 is approaching! Let’s hope for the best!

March 29 – Rocking Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood keeps on playing! Ronnie joined Kelly Jones, Roger Daltrey and Paul Weller onstage at the Teenage Cancer Trust at Royal Albert Hall yesterday and they put on a good show. And he lookes and sounds great, folks!

March 28 – new official Bootleg

We do not yet know, which concert it will be, but we do know, that it was remastered by Bob Clearmountain and will be released on April 3.

Let’s hope for the complete El Mocambo… but it could well be another PPV like the last one (Hampton) … Atlantic City maybe?

March 27 – Mick Taylor Tourdates

In case you’re lucky and happen to be able to see him in one of these joints, don’t miss it!

April 12th Fibbers Club, York /
13th The Arches, Glasgow
May 9th – 14th Iridium Club, New York
June 30th – Hammersmith Apollo
(Ronnie Wood & Friends) [WOAH!]
July 3rd – Sala BBK, Bilbao /
6th – The London Blues Festival

March 26 – Faces reunite, Charlie meets Prangerschützen, Ronnie @ golden nugget

1) Yup: good news again! Drummer Kenney Jones recently told the press, that for the first time after 19 years, Rod Steward will join the Faces on stage on April 14 in Cleveland, when the Faces are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2) While still tuoring with the A,B,C & D of Boogie Woogie, Charlie played a gig in Bad Ischl, Austria. The mayor invited him to a traditional local association where he wore a traditional outfit and was shown how to shoot with old tradtional guns – we know that Chalie since long has a favour for old military items! [more of this – in German:]

Charlie meets Bad Ischler PrangerschützenCharlie meets Bad Ischler Prangerschützen

3) One more gig for our hellraiser Ronnie: he also has a gig in Atlantic City on Saturday, April 21, at the Golden Nugget. For tickets and information, call 866-746-5336 or Book Online

March 14 – news at last: tour 2013, studio sessions, documentary!

1) Tour 2013, studio sessions – Rolling Stone has this to read about our #1 subject of interest: A tour and new album is more likely to happen in 2013. One reason is concerns about Keith’s health.

Keith: “Basically, we’re just not ready [… 2013] … I have a feeling that’s more realistic.”
“I saw Mick on Saturday. He’s going to be living in New York too for a while, so we’re planning to get things going with the Stones again.” [The Stones will begin rehearsing for a studio session as early as next month!] “We’ll just get the boys back together again then and maybe cut a side. I’ve got plenty in the locker here, but it’s not on tape.”

[The fact, that they reunited with Bill Wyman last year in London got the band buzzing, Will Bill come back?]
“We’re back in touch, which is great, because I hadn’t really spoken to him for years. … I think he’s up for it. We talked about it. I’ll let you know when I can.”

And Keith points out that next year works just as well for an anniversary trek. “The Stones always really considered ’63 to be 50 years, because Charlie [Watts] didn’t actually join until January,” Richards says. “We look upon 2012 as sort of the year of conception, but the birth is next year.”

Mick: “I’ve been playing guitar and singing and getting myself back together. You can’t just walk up there and do it. If you’re playing a football tournament, you’ve got to practice. I feel very confident. I don’t want to sound cocky, but it’s just part of what you do. If you prepare, then you can be cocky.”

The band asked for proposals from promoters AEG, Live Nation and longtime Stones promoter Michael Cohl. Clearly, the boys are getting back into gear. Keith most probably will practice some more after that long break. Although I don’t doubt that he could do a usual Stones show, he must get back in shape for it a bit. He will start maybe already in April if they are beginning to book studio time somewhere for some basic sesseions again – I’ll keep you posted about that.

2) The new documentaryFrom their facebook page, we learn this about the new documentary of the Rolling Stones:

In celebration of their 50th anniversary the Rolling Stones are pleased to announce a groundbreaking and eye-opening documentary, featuring remarkable revelations from the world’s most legendary band. This is the first film to ever trace the evolution of the Rolling Stones’ from 1962, making it the ultimate Stones experience. The film will be showcased in September as part of the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary celebrations.

The film is a cinematic journey through the incredible eye of director Brett Morgen, capturing hours of never-before-seen footage in a rare, uncensored format that reveals the band’s vivid stories told through their eyes and their voices. […] “The film will deliver the original, bold, sexy and dangerous flavor of the iconic rock band.”

Fans go on the road, in the studio, behind the scenes, and witness each band member’s personal, unfiltered perspective on the legendary life of the Rolling Stones – embarking on a journey through 50 years of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
More details at facebook!

3) Recommended read: Great interview with Charlie at Charlie Watts: I’ve recorded drums in the lavatory – Given half a chance, legendary Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts would talk all day to Adam Sweeting about his true love, jazz, and in particular his new boogie-woogie band.

More on Charlie: German TV NDR has broadcasted this bit from a recent gig of the A,B,D & D of Boogie Woogie in Rostock, March 11.

9000000 fans!March 12 – 9 Million, 50 years pics

See Keith present greetings to the 9000000 fans, their facebook page has gathered.

The post thanks the fans, saying, “Thanks to everyone of you Facebookers who like the Rolling Stones. It’s only rock and roll but we love you!”
This is one for us, folks!

You will have seen the news already, about new book “The Rolling Stones: 50” ( – here are some more of the really cool pics from the book.
As most of them are from the archives of the Daily Mirror, find more infos there.

The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street.The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street. The Rolling Stones: 50 will hit the shelves on July 12, the date in 1962 when the band debuted at the Marquee Club in London's Oxford Street.

March 6 – What about a tour??

Yes, that’s what we all are waiting for. And this is what have we got by now:

Already in February, Ronnie yelled that the Stones are on the verge of touring , but we all know, everyone is waiting for Mick and Keith, the Glimmer Twins. And both were on stage again just days before: Mick at the White House, Keith at Humming for Hubert and at the honorary award for Chuck Berry. And Keith was heard to say “Damn, it’s good to be back!” to the crowd after playing Little Red Rooster with James Cotton and then launching into Spoonfull accompanied by Eric Clapton. (see below)

We heard some more rumors about stage gear (see below, Feb. 21) being booked and checked – but that’s not official, i.e reliable news.

What comes close to an official announcement comes from our beloved Sir Mick Jagger himself. He told the Associated Press:

“I hope we certainly do something … It would be very appropriate, I think, and I look forward to doing something. But nothing is yet booked.”

Almost the same was issued by the Detroid Free Press:

Any special plans for the Stones’ 50th anniversary this year?
We have lots of special things planned, but I’m not telling you what they are!

Not even one thing?
Well, I don’t know what’s been announced and what hasn’t been announced, but everyone asks me about the shows. We haven’t announced any shows yet, but I do hope that something happens, even though nothing’s booked. There will be lots of lovely things,

So that’s as close to official as we can get by now, folks. I know, the waiting this time is really hard. But there’s not much time left, now. The longer we wait, the sooner we’ll see what comes up, right?

March 4 – way way back: great find!

This is 8:06 minutes of the Rolling Stones being interviewed in a hotel in Montreal, Canada in all their glory of the early years. This could well be 1965, when they started their Canada/US tour in April which lasted until the end of May before they headed back to Europe. Brian seems well established within the band at the time of the interview, for he clearly gives most of the answeres, or they just hid their tensions nicely. But trouble was to come for shure… never mind, enjoy!
[THX Stonaglioni, UC!!!]

March 2 – Rehearsal: Little Red Rooster! / Ronnie’s tour plans

1) This just came in: many thanks to Neil [hw], for here you can get a taste of Keith playing the Blues in rehearsal for the Hubert Sumlin Benefit concert together with James Cotton. That’s what I particularly spring off, when the Stones members go right back to their roots. Enjoy!
It’s so cute to see him giving sign to the band to take two instead of the usual one…

2) Recommended (!) read: A great article about our Ronnie, his recent surgery, radio success and, of cause, the band’s tour plans:

“Well, they’re still in the talking mode,” Wood says carefully. “And I don’t know, each week brings a new development. Basically, get the boys feeling comfortable with each other, ’cause we’re all ready to go individually. It’s just a matter of tying up loose ends and coming together as a unit. We’re all happy – we were happy before Christmas. It’s getting better each time.”

I suggest that, as the Stones have long mastered the stadium rock gig, it would be great to see them doing multiple-night stands in cities – ten nights in New York, ten in London… “Be lovely, wouldn’t it?” Wood grins. “That’s what we’re on the verge of. I dunno what the hell is gonna happen yet but we all feel we owe it to ourselves and to the people to do something.”

But before all that, there’s the matter of April’s induction into America’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame of the Faces, Wood’s pre-Stones band. Wood confirms that Faces frontman Rod Stewart will join them to perform at the event.

All the details at!

March 1 – Keith at JFK Library / Keith to be honored / Jagger White House avi

1) Here’s the complete show in good quality. [thx Jacob!]

Keith comes in at about 1:00:50…

2) Keith won one of this year’s Slim Harpo Music Awards. The other winners are J. D. Miller, Deacon John Moore and Baton Rouge’s harmonica man, Oscar “Harpo” Davis. The awards will be presented Monday, April 23, at the Manship Theatre / Shaw Center for the Performing Arts in Baton Rouge.
Details at and

3) At, you can download a 450 MB AVI of the White, Red and Blues with Mick joining in [thx chris!]. Also, you can see the stream at Later, I will add the avi for download here at this site for some time. Here’s the setlist:

  1. PBS intro
  2. President Obama intro
  3. Let the Good Times Roll (Ensemble)
  4. Taraji P. Henson intro
  5. St. James Infirmary (Trombone Shorty)
  6. Let Me Love You Baby (Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck)
  7. I Can’t Turn You Loose (Mick Jagger)
  8. Commit A Crime (Jagger, Beck)
  9. Miss You (Jagger, Shemekia Copeland, Susan Tedeschi)
  10. Beat Up Guitar (Copeland, Gary Clark Jr.)
  11. Catfish Blues (Clark)
  12. Henry (Keb’ Mo’)
  13. I’d Rather Go Blind (Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes)
  14. Five Long Years (Guy, Beck, Clark, Jagger)
  15. Sweet Home Chicago (Ensemble)
  16. The Thrill Is Gone (B.B. King)

February 29 – Chuck Berry honored

As the Boston Globe writes:

Stepping to the microphone at the JFK Library Sunday, Caroline Kennedy had a toothy grin on her face. And why wouldn’t she? There, sitting in the first few rows, were Leonard Cohen, Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Shawn Colvin, Al Kooper, Peter Wolf, and writers Salman Rushdie, Bill Flanagan, Tom Perrotta, and Peter Guralnick.

Chuck Berry and Keith Richards Chuck Berry and Keith Richards

Chuck Berry was honored with the “2012 PEN New England Awards for Song Lyrics of Literary Excellence” … WoW!

At Facebook, Bill Janovitz has some 1:28 of Chuck’s Promised Land, played by Elvis Costello and Keith! As far as the Berry licks are concerned, be assured that Keith still knows how to play them! [sdb, yawdi]

February 27 – Message from Keith /first book ‘Stones 50’ / Chuck on tour with John Mayer

Just from last sunday; Keith’s on board a plane; the sound is poor due to trying to filter offt those engines, but if you give it a try, you actually can understand what’s beeing said! 😉
Keith seems fit, rather sober and in good spirits!

2) The first of the many publications to come on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the greatest Rock’n’Roll band in the world is announced at the site of the publishers, The Rolling Stones: 50 – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards,
Charlie Watts & Ronnie Wood

– ISBN 9780500516249 –
30.40 x 25.00 cm
– 352pp
700 Illustrations, 300 in colour, fFirst published 2012

– £29.95 – Coming Soon [sdb]

3) Former Allman Brother and member of the Stones tour team, Chuck Leavell, joins John Mayer on tour through the US from April 9th until May 6th for a tour of 18 dates. See the schedule at Chuck even got a Forest Ranger Hat that made him an honorary forest ranger of the USFS – for his well known engagement for environment. He also is a co-founder of the Mother Nature Network.

February 24 – Keith and the Blues @ Howlin’ for Hubert Sumlin

Mick still does it and so does Keith. Keith sang and played both acoustic slide and electric guitar at the gig in honor of the late Hubert Sumlin. With all that great players on the spot (Eric Clapton, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Elvis Costello, Jimmie Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Robert Randolph, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jimmy Vivino), he kept a low profile, as far as his playing was concerned. That’s what the accounts report of those who attended. But he was always into simplicity and rythm, not fragile lead licks …

Keith at Humming for Hubert Sumlin 24 Feb. 2012 Keith at Humming for Hubert Sumlin 24 Feb. 2012Keith at Humming for Hubert Sumlin 24 Feb. 2012

Setlist and review at, more pics at


February 22 – Heat rises: hoax tour dates / Mick sings the Blues / Brian Tribute Gig

1. Folks, we’re in for a real treat! Mick still dances and prances; I say, he’s ready and fit for some bigger gigs, really! Just check out some examples from the Blues @ White House:

Five Long Years:

(Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, Gary Clark Jr, Mick Jagger & Booker T Jones)

2. Hopefully, you didn’t trust ‘Artiesten Nieuws’, because that site issued fake tour dates for London, Paris and Berlin. Meanwhile, we have some official dementi from the Stones Twitter site, so we can just forget about it and wait for more reliable news, right?
However, Ronnie still likes to add to our hopes for some positive decision.

Brian Jones Tribute Gig The Ramrods 3.
Brian Jones Tribute Gig – The Ramrods + Special Guests – The Frog & Fiddle Cheltenham: Friday 24th February 2012
A night to pay tribute to Cheltenham’s most famous son, talented multi instrumentalist and founding member of The Rolling Stones, Brian Jones, on what would have been his 70th birthday week. Featuring The Ramrods who Brian played with before joining the Rolling Stones, who will be playing ‘60s rock n’ roll classics. All support band’s will play Rolling Stones songs from ’64 – ’69 to commemorate Brian’s time in the band, and will include: The Lost Gonzo’s, Courson & the Fair Weather Fiends. Tickets £4 adv. £5 door
More infos:,

February 21 – Get ready for more promising hints and news

Ronnie Wood has, according to several newspapers, added fuel to the rumours about a tour to come up and beeing planned. He is quoted:

“That’s what we’re on the verge of. I dunno what the hell is gonna happen yet but we all feel we owe it to ourselves and to the people to do something.
“Well, they’re still in the talking mode. And I don’t know, each week brings a new development.
“Basically, get the boys feeling comfortable with each other, ’cause we’re all ready to go individually. It’s just a matter of tying up loose ends and coming together as a unit.”

According to rumors, the band has stored huge amounts of stage and sound stuff in a place in England. That place was visited by someone in charge to check the stock just a few weeks ago. It’s reported that the Stones have ordered masses of new stuff for stage and sound equipement.
That in itself would be a clear green light for upcoming tourplans, if it prooves to be solid information. However, please note, folks, that this is just a rumor and not officially established. Nevertheless, though, not all rumors have prooven to be fals, after all!
[thanks sdb!]

February 15 – Jagger to perform @ White House, enters top 10

=> It’s called “In Performance at the White House: Red, White and Blues” and among others, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, B.B. King and Keb Mo will perform at the White House Feb. 21 and provide their help to celebrate blues music on behalf of the Black History Month.

Hosted by President Barack Obama and his wife Michele, it will be broadcasted streamwise at
Details:, (…next up is Keith playing at the Apollo in Harlem on Feb 24 for Humming for Hubert…)

=> Mick features on the new single T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) which entered the Top Ten singles chart at No3.

February 10 – It’s Olympia again!

Again after serveral rumors and discussions, that headline raises it’s head again. In the London Evening Standard at, the latest news reads like this:

Live Nation has held talks with the Rolling Stones for the headline slot and it is believed that Keith Richards has flown in from America to discuss plans for this year, the band’s 50th anniversary, with Mick Jagger.

Oh, really? We still have to check that … it continues:

Sir Mick is reluctant to play at one of the ceremonies in the Olympic stadium as he would have to surrender too much artistic control to opening ceremony director Danny Boyle. [ggl]

Uh huh. Well, we can set this straight: the band has released an official statement ( by spokesman Bernhard Doherty: (sdb)

”Contrary to a totally inaccurate report in the London Evening Standard today, The Rolling Stones wish to point out that they are not performing at any concerts tied to the 2012 Olympic Games in Hyde Park or The Olympic Park .”

So there we are. To be honest: I couldn’t imagine them playing a spot among others just for being part of the games. It’s just not their style, I think.
More to come …

February 8 – Recommended Documentary

In case you haven’t already seen it, I definitly can recommend the documentary entitled ‘Keith Richards – Life‘ – it’s 6 x 10 minutes worth of interview footage amgongst bits and pieces of Stones footage and impressions from the decades Keith has witnessed as the interview unfolds.

Here’s the start:

(and the other 5 parts: 2/6 | 3/6 | 4/6 | 5/6 | 6/6)

February 7 – Cute Stones: July 4, 1966

Alan B. Shepard Civic Center on July 4, 1966What a gem, discoverd admidst the sand of an archive: see 10 photos never released before showing a visit of the Stones in Norfolk, VA.

As the local Press went at these times:

The Rolling Stones – England’s No.1 rock ‘n’ roll group plays at the Alan B. Shepard Civic Center on July 4, 1966. Some 3,500 screaming teenagers packed the house to see the five shaggy singers perform a 15 minute “concert” showcasing their hits, ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” and “Mother’s Little Helper. […]
When asked what he thought of the Beatles, Jagger said “Nice lads”
When asked if he thought their music was serious, Brian Jones said: “I think it’s a serious threat to juvenile morals.”

February 1 – next official boot release: Hampton ’81

Some of us had hoped for the El Mocambo Gig as the next release on Google Music and, and there surely were dozends of other good suggestions when it was asked, which one should be released next. But by the time that question was posted, I’m sure the answer for this next one was already given. After all, these recordings have to be remixed etc. But, I say, any of those gems will do, right?

So, for our pleasure, we can now download the The Complete ’Hampton Coliseum: Live 1981.

The Complete ’Hampton Coliseum: Live 1981Here’s the track listing:

  1. Under My Thumb
  2. When the Whip Comes Down
  3. Lets Spend the Night Together
  4. Shattered
  5. Neighbours
  6. Black Limousine
  7. Just My Imagination
  8. 20 Flight Rock
  9. Going to a Go Go
  10. Let Me Go
  11. Time Is On My Side
  12. Beast of Burden
  13. Waiting on a Friend
  14. Let It Bleed
  15. You Cant Always Get What You Want
  16. Band Intros
  17. Little T&A
  18. Tumbling Dice
  19. Shes So Cold
  20. Hang Fire
  21. Miss You
  22. Honky Tonk Women
  23. Brown Sugar
  24. Start Me Up
  25. Jumpin Jack Flash
  26. Satisfaction

January 31 – Hubert sumlin tribute with Keith and many others

Howlin’ for Hubert – on February 24, 8pm at the Apollo theatre, NYC, many stars will line up and pay tribute to the former Muddy Waters’ guitarist – among them Doyle Bramhall II, Eric Clapton, Gary Clark Jr., James Cotton, Shemekia Copeland, Billy Flynn, Barrelhouse Chuck Goering, Buddy Guy, David Johansen, Steve Jordan, Danny Kortchmar, Dr. John, Keb Mo, Todd Mohr, Ivan Neville, Robert Randolph, Keith Richards, Kenny Wayne Sheperd, Larry Taylor, Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, Jimmie Vaughan, Jimmy Vivino, Willie Weeks, Jody Williams, Kim Wilson, and other special surprise guests…. [thx sdb]

January 30 – lips-shaped urinals Sexist or art?

Can you believe it? In the midst of the sweet, flat county called Wendland, Germany, there is a little town named Lüchow. Right there, last October, Ulli Schröder, 62, retired banker and huge stones fan, opened the first Rolling Stones Museum. So far, so good.

However, Ulli, never loosing his sense for details, also had the men’s room styled according to the museum’s claim – with lips shaped urinals. Now Women’s rights campaigners are demanding the removal of the urinals in the men’s bathroom of the museum, arguing that they’re shaped like female lips and are offensive. Ulli does not agree to this: “That’s not a man’s mouth or a woman’s mouth, that’s art,” he said, “They were damned expensive and they’re staying where they are and that’s final.”

Last, but not least, the urinals are designed by the laydy designer and Dutch artist Meike van Schijndel (

mouth-shaped urinalsmouth-shaped urinalsmouth-shaped urinals

January 25 – Darryl Jones talks Stones

Darryl plays together with two mates – Jean Paul Bourelly (g, voc) and Will Calhoun (dr)
– they call themselves Black Stone Raiders. They are playing some gigs in Germany, like today in Kassel and next Tuesday in Mainz [=> tickets!]. They play grooving JazzFunkRock with a lot of Hendrix influences, so go and see them if possible.

Rolling-Stones-Bassist Darryl Jones & Black Stone Raiders

Darryl was interviewed by a german newspaper, the Thüringer Allgemeine, and of cause asked whether he knew anything about a Stones tour. He declined – he knows about all the rumors, but as long as he doesn’t get a call, he doesn’t think about it too much. Speculation is not getting us anywhere, he said. The Stones are Blues for him, first of all, and it’s really great fun to tour with them. What he doesn’t like about the Stones? Well, they have a weird accent, he said.

January 24 – Mick + Tories? / Ronnie on the tube! / Jeff Beck on his audition

=> Whereas The Sun says, “Mick teams up with the Tories“, Reuters and the Daily Mail already have the protocoll of Mick’s next move (see below). Mick had thought of visiting the current World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Next thing he knows, he is said to have been recruited by Prime Minister David Cameron to support an event in Switzerland organised by Downing Street to boost investment to the UK in the Olympics year. He then takes on action and releases the following statement:

“During my career I have always eschewed party politics and came to Davos as a guest, as I thought it would be stimulating … I have always been interested in economics and world events.
I now find myself being used as a political football and there has been a lot of comment about my political allegiances which are inaccurate. I think it’s best I decline the invitation to the key event and curtail my visit.”

Well, Cameron can’t always get, what he wants, hehehe… See Reuters for this and also the Daily Mail for details.

Strting in February 2012: the Ronnie Wood Show

=> Heads up, folks: the Ronnie Wood Show will be on your screen on Friday nights on Sky Arts1 HD starting on February 10th.

As you can read on (more details there), his guests this season will include Primal Scream bad boy Bobbie Gillespie, maven of mayhem Alice Cooper, and Stax guitar player and songwriting supremo Steve Cropper.
Expect some seriously bluesy, acoustic licks and plenty of talk about Memphis, Nashville and, well, Dartford, as Ronnie and company compare influences, opinions and offstage antics.
[thx, Marc!]

=> Recommended read: Jeff Beck tells some stories about his ‘auditioning’ with the Stones when Mick Taylor had left. He was in the studio for two days and neither thought he was being auditioned, nor did he see any of the Stones. In the end, they did sit in together… but he decided to leave: “I’m not into chaos.” … wonderful!
Read more at!

January 23 – Silence, Mick in New York

Boy, it is silent everywhere – no big news since 2 weeks almost. (silence before the storm?)
Mick, however, is still alive, and doing well. On January 19 he was attending a birthday party held for photographer Ben Watts at the Double Seven nightclub in New York.

January 12 – another bootleg to be published soon!

The Rolling Stones will release another of the classical bootlegs soon. Sadly, we do not know yet which one or from which year it will be, but it is clear, that it will be remixed by Bob Clearmountain!
More to come soon … [thx jMurph]

January 11 – The Rolling Stones Liberation Front (RSLF)

The tour is still only a possibility, but on facebook, the RSLF calls itself “A non-violent, non-profit gurellia unit” having the aim to “unshackle one of the most important rock and roll bands of all time from the predictable, expensive and massive concerts and re-instate them as a credible force in the Rock World. Our strategy is not to bring down The Rolling Stones Empire but bring to attention their lack of direction and change it before they retire from the road.” Follow the facebook link for the details, also for more info about their 6 points:

They demand (!):


I don’t know, folks, I think this is kind of ridiculous. To demand those things is just a bad start, INMHO. I would be VERY happy (and content) with an official tour announcement, for a start!
See also this at, and

January 9 – Charlie’s ABC&D in Germany, Ben Waters & Mick Taylor

Thanks to Marc, you can have a look at some 157 really nice pics from a recent (November 2, 2011) gig of Charlie Watts with the ABC&D; both from the gig as well as from the day before when the band enjoyed a VIP reception at the Cadillac Live Music Club, Dessau, Germany. Here are the direct links to the galleries: Gig 1 / Gig 2 / Gig 3 / VIP 1 / VIP 2

=> Also, please note, that also in Dessau, in the Marienkirche, on Saturday, January 28 2012 Ben Waters and Band with special guest Mick Taylor will play!
Details and tickets here!

Charlie-abcd-dessau11-2011Charlie-abcd-dessau11-2011Charlie-abcd-dessau11-2011Ben Waters & Band + Mick Taylor 28 January 2012 Dessau, Germany

January 8 – Charlie gives it a thumbs up, too!

Charlie is our darling! He was interviewed by BBC Radio 6 (obviously last month, I guess) and had this to tell us:

“It would be lovely next year to do some shows because it will be fifty years.
Ronnie plays, I still play, Mick sings, he can do it anyway, I think Keith is doing some records […]
Anyway it would be great if we did, we are just getting to an age where it’s getting a bit difficult to get it together and it’s such a bloody performance getting us together.”

January 6, 2012 – Keith had successful eye surgery

It took about 15 minutes in a London clinic and Keith is said to be happy with the results.
The laser surgery corrected his weakening eyesight. Keith apparently left the clinic already before chritmas last year with a cover over his eye – now he looks even more like Captain Teague, hehehe… [more:]
I guess, he (and the others as well) want to get things prepared to be ready for whatever is coming up this year! This is just, what Rolling Stone expects, too…

January 5, 2012 – The Press presses – Stones must tour!

More and more voices assuming an anniversary tour raise the pressure in our favour! It’s likelay that the Stones already are gearing up behind officially still closed curtains for something which – although still only a possibility – is already called a “biggest bang ever” or a “no brainer” or “biggest sold-out tour ever“. Milking of the cash cow has already begun with the (re-)releases of the albums and DVDs Exile On Main Street and Some Girls, but that’s just the beginning.
The Chicago Tribune nicely enumerates many of the facts like

The group recently signed exclusive deals with Google Music (to provide promotion and online distribution of a vast collection of upcoming “official” bootlegs), Bravado (to exclusively market the band’s brand and merchandise), Eagle Rock (releasing a plethora of Stones DVDs) and, dating back to 2008, the Universal Music Group (who have the sole rights to release and distribute its entire catalog).

It’s assumed, that the announcement of any official statement announcing a tour or anything like it could be due to an on-going, non-compete legal battle between Live Nation and its former chairman, Michael Cohl, who was responsible for organizing the last several tours. But in February 2011 the band already stated, that “they became free from any contractual arrangements or agreements with Michael Cohl. He is neither their representative nor their tour promoter.“.

Rolling Stone claims, that Bill Wyman has rejoined the band. But that does not seem to be true. Ok, he has played recently with the band on the re-releases and joined the sessions in London, but apart from agreeing to join the band for some major, big, charity or anniversary event, he would possibly agree, if he were asked, he said recently.

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones performs during the Rolling Stones' "A Bigger Bang" free concert on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro February 18, 2006. (REUTERS/Sergio Moraes)January 3, 2012 – Happy new Year, everyone!

This year is the 50th year in Stones history! We all are expecting something to happen. But we are not alone, of cause, hehehe!
Here for instance is the Toronto Sun giving us plenty of reason for great expectitions in a nutshell: the top position of the ten most anticipated tours of 2012:

1. It will be their 50th anniversary. They haven’t toured in five years. They’ve refurbished their rep with reissues of Exile on Main St. and Some Girls. And with the core trio well into their golden years — Charlie Watts turned 70 in June, while Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are 68 — time won’t be on their side much longer. So a 2012 tour by the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band seems like a no-brainer. Granted, the Glimmer Twins appear to be feuding right now. But something tells me Mick will put up with a few more ‘tiny todger’ cracks in exchange for some major fiscal satisfaction. Sometimes you can get what you want.

=> John Mackswith, an Essex mini-cab driver was 17 in 1964 and recorded some sessions where the boys cut some tracks of “As Tears Go By” – he remixed those takes and carefully stored them in 10.5in magnetic tape reels for almost 48 years. Now he is going to present it to the public – even Mick doesn’t know those tracks – as the Stones “scour the archives for a major re-release programme“. [more interesting details:]

=> Then, in a documentary for Rory Gallagher, Bill Wyman told the story of how in 1974 Rory was among those to step in for Mick Taylor who just had left the band:

“Rory stayed two or three days there and played some nice stuff. We had a good time with him, but I think Mick and Keith felt that he wasn’t the kind of character that would have fit.
If he’d have been in the Stones, he wouldn’t have been singing and that was one of his strong points. He would have just been playing (guitar) solos… and learning to be subservient to two big egos. I don’t think it would have worked.” [more:]