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1st things first: Europe Tour “No Filter 2018”, new album in the making

The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour 2018


The Rolling Stones No Filter tour 2018




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Next up: UK/Ireland tour 2018 !!!!

March 29 – Lucky Ronnie: free of cancer

=> Ronnie has been given green light for hopefully many years to come: docors say he’s cancer free! Oh man, what a relief! Hail, hail, Ronnie Wood! Check out Ronnie Wood ‘All Clear’ After Lung Cancer Scare [rollingstone.com] or Ronnie Wood is cancer free [consequenceofsound.net] for some more of this good news!

March 28 – Nice interview

=> Nice interview with our fella Ronnie Wood: Ronnie Wood on The Rolling Stones’ new tour, exploding lungs and the ultimate frontman [metro.news]

March 16 – Keith live at the Beacon!

=> Yesterday evening, Keith joined an illustrous bunch of other musicians for the benefit gig at the Beacon theatre, NYC! He was joined by Norah Jones for a version of ‘Make No Mistake’ and did ‘Happy’ afterwards. Enjoy this via YouTube below! Keith is in fine spirits already, it seems! 🙂 [THX to schillid, z, buybuyjohnny, iorr]

Keith & many others at Love Rocks NYC benefit concert Keith tweets: 'Hanging with Ivan Neville'

Keith and Norah Jones: Make No Mistake

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Keith: Happy

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March 15 – Today: Keith & many others at Love Rocks NYC benefit concert, Beacon

=> Great Line-up! Must be great evening at the Beacon theater tonight. Keith’s warming up for the rehearsals for the tour, hehehe… What’s it about: loverocksnyc.com – “God’s Love We Deliver is the New York metropolitan area’s leading provider of life-sustaining meals and nutrition counseling for people living with severe illnesses. Begun as an HIV/AIDS service organization in 1985, God’s Love cooks and home-delivers more than 1.7 million meals annually for people living with 200 different diagnoses, and is a non-sectarian organization.

Keith & many others at Love Rocks NYC benefit concert Keith & many others at Love Rocks NYC benefit concert

March 12 – TWO more dates official!

=> And it’s Southampton May 29th and Coventry June 2nd! That’s what was tweeted by the Stones: Two brand new dates & venues are added to the UK No Filter Tour! The Rolling Stones will play St. Mary’s Stadium Southampton 29 May & Ricoh Stadium Coventry 2 June. Presale tomorrow 9am GMT, via email – you will receive your link and code today so you’re all set! – So if you’re interested, off you go to RS.com and check out the fan presale! General on-sale starts Thursday, 15TH March, 9AM GMT.

Two brand new dates & venues are added to the UK No Filter Tour! The Rolling Stones will play St. Mary’s Stadium Southampton 29 May & Ricoh Stadium Coventry 2 June.
Presale tomorrow 9am GMT, via email – you will receive your link and code today so you’re all set!

March 9 – 2 more dates!?!?

=> Have you noticed that gap between May 25 and June 05? Well, it’s rumoured that between these dates, 2 more gigs could be added soon. Both would be in the UK, namely Coventry and Southampton. And as the fan presale for Marseille starts next Monday, maybe they’ll announce those new tour-dates at that time, too…

=> Well, here we go: Rock legends Rolling Stones heading for CoventryOne of the biggest bands on the planet are touring this year – and they’re coming to Coventry.

March 7 – Charlie & Ronnie at Facebook livestream

=> Finally, the live stream with Ronnie and Charlie has found it’s way to YT! See below and enjoy! (The interview blends in at 3:39)

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March 5 – Scotland headlines / Charlie speaks

=> Mick looks forward Scots summer show! And he has fond memories of playing there. In this nice article: Mick Jagger looks forward to huge Scots summer show (sundaypost.com), he remembers earlier gigs there. One particular gig he doesn’t mention explicitly, however. That’s when the band played Empress Ballroom, Blackpool on July 24, 1964, 2nd show. Some Scots made their fun of the band by spitting at Brian. Then Keith went up to the stage-edge and said that he would kick their asses if they didn’t stop. Of course, they didn’t. Well, Keith – bless his heart – went to the front and kicked one of the spitters in the head. What followed was desribed in a nutshell by Bill Wyman: “MAYHEM!“. After they escaped, they only got little pieces of their instruments back. Worse, Charlie even hadn’t his own gear at the gig but had played some poor guy’s Ludwig. That guy was in tears… At the Ballroom, they demolished everything at hand – they even crashed a grand piano… well, well.
Ok, those were the days … how about stopping now in 2018, Mick? He tells us: “I haven’t really thought about this set of gigs being our last tour, to be honest. There is going to come a point when we don’t want to do it any more, for whatever reason, but I’m not thinking about that this summer.“. Have a look at the interview with Mick at www.nme.com: “Could this be the last time? Mick Jagger speaks out on the end of The Rolling Stones“. In there, you’ll find a wonderful interview with Charlie (thx for pointers, pgarof, iorr!) – please enjoy this below:

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March 4 – London added / New album confirmed

=> Hope you noticed the new 3rd date for London on the tour list: May 25! After the usual press interviews after announcing the tour dates, Keith got a lot of press for a little insult he had uttered about MIck’s late fatherhood – but he tweeted an official apology and also has spoken to Mick in person. Bad press is good press! 🙂 See this for more: I’m glad Keith Richards apologised to Mick Jagger
=> Then, we have a nice read in the Irish Times: The Rolling Stones are still on tour – something is very wrong with our culture – hehehe …funny! (irishtimes.com)
=> Hey Joel D. – many thanks for your support! Greetings to Mary-B., too! I won’t be in Warsaw, though… Still looking for LuckyDips for Stuttgart…

March 2 – LuckyDip-tickets! / Stones promise new album!

=> Those well known Lucky Dip tickets are again being offered! Just go to the Stones ticket page, choose your venue and click on “Lucky Dip” – and keep trying…

=> If Keith mentions it, it’s official! Keith has given us the long awaited confirmation that the band is going to finish a new album even by this year! He said: “I’m going to sound like Trump – ‘It will happen; don’t worry about it’ – but it’s in the early stages,’ Richards cracked. ‘We have some stuff down, which is very interesting. It’s more difficult for us to write together the further apart we are, but it also has its benefits in that we come back to it from a different angle.’“. Read it all, including about his Twitter-apology to Mick for his latest rant: Keith Richards: New Rolling Stones Album in 2018 Rolling Stones promise new album


February 28 – Charlie wouldn’t bother, hehehe … / Charlie and Ronnie Q&A video on Facebook / Another Ronnie interview

=> Charlie always had a down-to-earth view of the Stones! So in this latest interview with The Guardian, he (again) said that he wouldn’t mind or panic if the band called it quits tomorrow… recommended read! 🙂

=> Yesterday, Ronnie and Charlie did a Q&A with Clashmusic on Facebook. Good show, 24.45 muinutes running time – check it out: facebook.com/clashmusic

=> And here is our chap Ronnie again: giving an interview to SKY news – “Ronnie Wood on cancer, kids and the ‘unstoppable energy’ of The Rolling Stones” (4:17)

February 27 – Presale starts!! / The Press / Mick interview at BBC Radio 2

=> If you’re still waiting for your Pre-Sale Email-infos with the pre-sale-code, stay patient – some of them are still being delivered. Meanwhile, most of the PIT-tickets are sold-out, it seems …

=> Here’s some of the many headlines from the press! irishtimes.comThe Rolling Stones to play Croke Park on May 17th / theguardian.comRolling Stones reveal UK tour dates: ‘We’re just getting started’ / rollingstone.comRolling Stones Extend ‘No Filter’ Tour With New U.K., European Shows / variety.comRolling Stones Announce Summer Tour Dates: ‘We Haven’t Finished Yet’

=> As most presales start this Friday morning, we can enjoy an interview Chris Evans did with Mick! You’ll find it (duration: 5:09) at BBC Radio 2: “Come in Mick Jagger! The Rolling Stones front man calls Chris with details about their UK tour – Mick speaks to Chris from across the pond about their first UK tour since 2006.” Enjoy!

February 26 – Tour announcement expected TODAY

=> Tomorrow Charlie and Ronnie will be doing a Facebook Live Q&A! They’ll be at clash_music, so if you’ve got a question…


=> Generally, get ticket informations at RS.com/tickets – there are already scalper sites up and running, so stick to the official, well known sites, ok?

=> Tickets – IE: rollingstonescrokepark.pgtb.me
=> Tickets – UK: ticketmaster.co.uk
=> Tickets – DE: eventim.de
=> Tickets – PL: eventim.pl
=> Tickets – CZ: rollingstones.cz

=> So by now there are 11 dates for us this year! ==> TICKETS!!! <== / UK tabloid THE SUN has already some headline The Rolling Stones hitting the road again for first UK tour in five years and already knows that tickets will go on sale this week’s Friday… Tour start will be in London on May 22, Manchester will follow on June 5; next stop would be Edinburgh on June 9 and Cardiff, June 15 and Twickenham June 19 … British tabloid The Mirror mirrors this… More details and dates to come soon! 🙂

Tourdates 2018 The Rolling Stones go on tour again in 2018 The Rolling Stones go on tour again in 2018

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February 25 – New Tweet, announcement tomorrow

=> As we wait for official news, the Stones issue one more tweet: TheRollingStones / OfficialKeith: “We haven’t finished yet. It’s still too early to talk about the Stones’ legacy. There’s one thing that we haven’t yet achieved and that’s to really find out how long you can do this. It’s still such a joy to play with this band that you can’t really let go of it.”


February 24 – NO breaking the crust! / Tour announcement Monday 9 CET ?

=> As you can see below, that announcement can be excpected on Monday, at 9 AM CET!! [thx for posting, LIEN, iorr]

=> New Tweet: NO WONDER!NO WONDER! Mick can run the equivalent of 12 miles at each Stones live show – right back at Elementary School he broke the half-mile record and continues to run to this day.

=> HERE WE GO AGAIN!! – – – GOD – I LOVE THIS BAND!!!! Right, so as we didn’t get any official announcement this Friday, we can expect that one on Monday (hopefully), but at least early next week. The press now slowly joins in with more and more reports about the band and tour dates. But nvertheless: whatever you see on the net – it’s all down to The Rolling Stones official announcement and until then, nothing really trustworthy. PLEASE, don’t fall to some scalper’s tickets sites who already offer tickets for several venues (none of which have been confirmed as of today yet!), because you might risk to loose a lot of money. When the STONES announce their tour, venues and dates, you’ll get reliable infos of how to buy tickets, where & when. OK?

=> Another official “NO”-post by the band on Twitter/FB:NO BUSTING THE CRUST! On every tour, the one thing @officialKeef must have in his dressing room, is his beloved Shepherd’s Pie. Strict instructions – no one is to ‘bust the crust’ but Keith. The first slice is his slice.” That’s a reminder for you: if you ever be backstage at a Stones gig and you see that beautiful buffet presented with a nice, well done Shepherd’s pie… then you should NEVER! NEVER EVER! break that crust on that pie first! Because that’s Keith’s pie and you’ll risk live and limbs if you should ever touch it before Keith does. Alright? Got it? So never tell that I didn’t tell you so, hehehe … The press takes notice: m.oe24.at [thx Exile-Dave!],

Tour announcement Monday, 26, 9 AM Never ever break the crust before Keith does, hehehe

February 22 – Marseille June 26 / Prague added! / Rolling Stones “No Stopping” banner with tongue / Ronnie at the BRIT awards

=> New “NO …” message via Twitter/Fb.:NO CONTEST! A staggering 1.5 million fans watched the Stones perform at the Copacabana Beach gig in 2006, making it the largest rock concert in history.

=> MARSEILLE is confirmed for June 26! – as lyonmag writes, the stadium in Lyon lost the date of June 26 to Marseille [thx rockerparis!]
Meanwhile, Warsaw also has it’s banner – seen in the metro by Szymon (THX for mailing!)

=> New to the rumoured list of venue is Prague now! So in all we now have Dublin for Ireland, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Southhampton for the UK, Berlin and Stuttgard (end of June) for Germany, Warsaw (Poland) and now Prague (Czech Rep.) on the rumoured venues. Official announcement is possibly on February 26, hopefully.

=> Here we go again! Live cam in Edinburgh shows the new tour name with the Stones trademark tongue. (activated Flash needed – for all who don’t like Flash (like me) here you have a look:

Warsaw Edinburgh Berlin! London Chorzów - Poland


If impatient, jump to index 0:54

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February 21 – Rolling Stones “No Stopping” banner sightings

=> Third “NO …” posdting by the Stones on Facebook: On Feb. 16, it was “NO STOPPING!” and the Keith quote (see below). On Feb. 20 it was “NO WAY! Since forming in 1962, The Rolling Stones have played well over 2,000 live shows!“. And now they post this one: “NO IDEA! When interviewed about the band’s success back in the 60’s, Mick Jagger said ‘When we first made a record and it got in the charts, we thought well, it’s good, we’ll probably be around for a year, maybe a year and a half, then it’s all going to be over.’” Here we clearly have a hint … tour announcement should be coming soon! See Facebook – therollingstones

=> Also in the rumours: a gig in WARSAW!? Things look like it, see warszawa.naszemiasto.pl which reads as Google renders: “The Rolling Stones in Warsaw? This is almost certain information! – The Rolling Stones in Warsaw? Everything indicates it! Rumors about the concert of rock giants in Poland have been circulating for a long time, but now we can be almost sure – The Rolling Stones in Warsaw will play on July 7, 2018, and the concert will take place at the National Stadium. The information will probably be officially confirmed on February 26. [Thx for pointing this out to wickerman / child-of-the-moon, IORR}. Already, the domain “NOSTOPPING.PL” was registered on February 16, hehehe …

=> That kind of banner now was also seen in BERLIN and DUBLIN!! [Dublin – thx to Irix, IORR] So we most probably have the “The Rolling Stones 2018 No Stopping Tour”!

Rolling Stones: No Stopping - Dublin

February 20 – Teaser are popping up!

=> Excitement! As we know it from tours before, teasers are seen in the official Facebook page as well as billboards in Edingburgh (thx to David Welsh, Twitter) and London saying “NO STOPPING”! On Facebook, this was accompanied with a Keith statement: “Music is a necessity. After food, air, water and warmth, music is the next necessity of life.“. Keith, BTW, has tweeted some reaxed, floating activity around the same time as the teaser was posted … so, everything looks nice, actually! 🙂

Rolling Stones: No Stopping Rolling Stones: No Stopping - Edingburgh Keith - free floating


February 18 – More dates for mainland Europe?

=> Looks like Berlin, Marseille and Duesseldorf are added to the runoured venues! What making this concept likely is the fact that across the UK and Ireland only less than 10 dates are rumoured to happen so far – and usually, the Stones play more gigs than that number on tours lately – so there really could takle place some more dates in Europe! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

February 16 – UK-Tour 2018 is coming closer!

=> Well – do the Stones play Cardiff this year??? According to walesonline.co.uk, that’s quite possible. They have this very nice headline: “The Rolling Stones are looking at playing huge stadium show in Cardiff this summer” – aah, that sounds so good! Well, the crucial line in that report is this bit: “Although the details have yet to be confirmed, it is understood plans are underway to bring the rock greats to the Principality Stadium as part of a UK tour.“. So we’re still on a rumour-diet until the levee breakes and we get some official announcement, hehehe…
So far, we may expect these venues as likely to happen: Dublin, Southampton, Edinburgh, 2 x Manchester, 2 x London!

Ok, just to get you into the right mood… :

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February 7 – State of the Rumours

=> So what’s tumbling through the old rumour-mill these days? Well, things about the upcoming tour and expected announcements and the new studio album, of course. Let’s have a look, in a nutshell, for the first issue, the Tour 2018 and it’s announcement. We know that the band only confirms dates officially, when some 8 – 10 bookings are safe and sound – later, additional dates can be added. So far, we can hear that Croke Park in Ireland and Twickenham are mentioned as possible venues. Croke Park also is rumoured as the opening date of the tour. Also, some dates for mainland Europe are mentioned, like Germany and Belgium. Well, let’s see what happens …

=> And the new album? Well, last thing I heard was from an interview with Don Was [thanks for pointing out, Lien from IORR!], who said that this next album still is in it’s “early stages“. After the release of Blue & Lonesome, I had hoped they would have the basic tracks together already, but this doesn’t really sound like that. The studio-pics below could be from recordings for a project by or for Buddy Guy. So in all, that’s a little disappointing for me. But who knows: this here is all rumours andin the end a) you’ll never know and b) the Stones will definitely put out new stuff AND go on tour, if nothing serious happens!

Febraury 2 – DUBLIN!?

=> FUCK HELL yeah! Accoring to RTE.ie, the Stones are TIPPED FOR A DUBLIN SHOW. So you see, we get more leaks as we are heading to ANOTHER TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT!!!


January 29 – Tour 2018! / Grammy for Blue & Lonesome / Mick & Keith in the studio / Mick in Rajastan

=> Yes, fellas, the new year is getting into gear! We can safely expect that negotiations for the venues for the upcoming tour of the UK and Ireland are going on as you read this. It’s the usual procedure and as long as there are no health restricions, the band will announce the tourdates sooner or later. And even if we have not heared much about the new album, it’s still in the making. It will take it’s time but hopefully it will be released this year. Whether this will happen before the new tour or after, is still left open. Nevertheless, they both were in the studio in December last year, so we know that they are still working on it. See below and thanks to barkerboy2 from [sdb] for posting the pics!

=> Congrats to the Blues and The Stones! Yesterday, Blue & Lonesome won a Grammy for ‘Best Traditional Blues Album’, for Blue & Lonesome, at the 60th Grammy Awards in Madison Square Garden! Keith tweeted: “Fantastic! It’s about fucking time!

In the studio In the studio Mick in Rajastan Mick in Rajastan

January 5 – Lovin Dublin expects tour announcement

=> Yup, here we go again and share the hope for an official tour announcement by thy band for this year! The site ‘Lovin Dublin’ calls this “It Looks Like The Rolling Stones Are Set To Announce A Dublin Stadium Gig“. Refering to the already mentioned Irish Independent article below, Lovin Dublin says: “If a concert does go ahead, it’s thought it will be staged at either Croke Park or the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.” Whatever it is and wherever it will take place: we’ll apprechiate any news like this very much and will be there. So c’mon, lads, let the announcements roll, hehehe …

January 3 – Independent calls for irish gigs

=> Happy new year first of all!! The irish paper The Independent has opend up this year’s rumour-rally about where and when the gigs this year are going to take place. They hope for Aviva Stadium or Croke Park in case the band visits Ireland. They also mention the possibility that the Stones could play Knebworth Festival again – well in any case, we would welcome any of this, don’t we? 🙂

December 27 – Ronnie at BBC Radio II

=> Starting very shortly: “Paint It Black with Ronnie Wood and Anneka Rice”! This radio starts today at 17:05 and will last for 1 hour, 55 minutes. So we can expect some news about Ronnie, his family, his paintings and maybe about the new tour. Are there really more dates possible in mainland Europe, besides the UK and Ireland, as rumours tell lately? Let’s hope for it folks! So let’s go and listen closely: bbc.co.uk.
The BBC tells this about about the programme: “Ronnie Wood gives us an exclusive insight into his home life and other passion, besides music…his art. Anneka Rice chats to Ronnie about his love of painting and how he is inspired. Plus he chooses some of his favourite music. Anneka gets a guided tour of his home and art studio – and discovers how important his painting is to him. She also gets to meet his family and see the side to Ronnie Wood that is very rarely showcased. His music choices include artists that his brothers introduced him too, such as Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf and Fats Domino, as well as some of his favourite jazz artists, another one of his passions.“. There will be a podcast available shortly after the broadcast.

December 20 – Nice article!

=> Recommended read: Groovin’ High – The life and lures of Keith Richards. By David Remnick. Check it out at newyorker.com


Happy brithday, Keith! Happy brithday, Keith! Happy brithday, Keith! Happy brithday, Bobby!

December 14 – Again on top of the list!

=> The Stones top the list of the highest gross per gig in 2017! As time.com/money reports, the band earned about $10 million per show on their recent 12-city, 14-show ‘No Filter’ tour, selling approximately 63,000 tickets a night at an average price of about $159. And that’s about $1.7 million more than current 2nd-place holders U2, hehehe!

December 8 – The band remembers Stu

December 8 – The band remembers Stu

=> Yes – they do and Stu will never be forgotton – after all it’s his band! Thanks to Simon for the link

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December 7 – Stones Radio Show Special

=> Just got an eMail from Steve Hoare and he informs us about a Stones blues radio show special:Just wanted to tell you that I now host a Blues Radio show here in England and this weekend I’m doing a one Hour ‘Rolling Stones’ Special taking a look at the Blues side of their career. No Big hits, just the Blues. We’ll be playing original tracks that they covered, as well as their own songs covered by Blues artists and obviously The Stones themselves doing what they do best….Playing the Blues. Should be a great show for all lovers of the Stones.” Well that sounds great, right! So go and listen to The Blues Lounge Radio Show at theblueslounge.com and bradleystokeradio.com Sunday, December 10, 5 – 6 pm, 103.4 fm!

December 3 – Keith reflects BBC recordings / Award ceremony for stu in Glasgow

=> Recommended Read! Keith Richards reflects on the Rolling Stones’ BBC recordings, complete with threats of decapitation (beta.latimes.com)

=> Glowing tributes to Stu by Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie! All 4 sent praising video messages for Ian at his awards ceremony in Glasgow. Read more on this at scotsman.com

December 2 – Remembering Bobby

=> Let’s remember Bobby Keys with the (spotyfied) playlist at jambase.com – he can be heared not only on tracks from the Stones, but also on songs from George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Harry Nilsson, Dr. John, Graham Nash, Warren Zevon, Marvin Gaye, Jim Carroll, Van Dyke Parks, Martha Reeves, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joe Cocker, B.B. King, John Lennon, Delaney & Bonnie and the Faces!

December 1 – On Air is out today! / Stu gets honored!

=> The new CD is out today! This collection of rare BBC Radio- and TV-Recordings stems from the very beginnings of our favourite band. Included are 18 studio-sessions including 8 previously unpublished songs. The deluxe-version contains a second CD with another 14 songs. What I ask myself is this: “Where’s the corresponding DVD with the TV-Recordings for chrissakes???” … See the review at Uncut Magazine.

=> Honor award for Stu! As Keith put’s it: “This is still Stu’s band…” and now finally, Ian Steward receives the special Scottish Music Awards honor tomorrow! See and sundaypost.com and rock107.com for more on this.

The Stones On Air

November 23 – New CD release / The Stones & grandMA lightning…

=> The Stones On Air – New CD release! December 1 will see the release of the new Audio CD – by Polydor, as always in different formats – of The Rolling Stones – On Air, a new collection of rarely heard BBC radio recordings. The formats will be CD, double CD deluxe edition, heavy-weight vinyl and special limited-edition coloured vinyl. See below the tracklist of the CD and the bonus tracks of the deluxe edition. More on this at
uncut.co.uk – UNCUT Magazine.

  1. Come On – Saturday Club, 1963
  2. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Saturday Club, 1965
  3. Roll Over Beethoven – Saturday Club, 1963
  4. The Spider And The Fly – Yeah Yeah, 1965
  5. Cops And Robbers – Blues in Rhythm, 1964
  6. It’s All Over Now – The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964
  7. Route 66 – Blues in Rhythm, 1964
  8. Memphis, Tennessee – Saturday Club, 1963
  9. Down The Road Apiece – Top Gear, 1965
  10. The Last Time – Top Gear, 1965
  11. Cry To Me – Saturday Club, 1965
  12. Mercy, Mercy – Yeah Yeah, 1965
  13. Oh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’) – Saturday Club, 1965
  14. Around And Around – Top Gear, 1964
  15. Hi Heel Sneakers – Saturday Club, 1964
  16. Fannie Mae – Saturday Club, 1965
  17. You Better Move On – Blues in Rhythm, 1964
  18. Mona – Blues In Rhythm, 1964

Bonus Tracks (Deluxe)

  1. I Wanna Be Your Man – Saturday Club, 1964
  2. Carol – Saturday Club, 1964
  3. I’m Moving On – The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964
  4. If You Need Me – The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964
  5. Walking The Dog – Saturday Club, 1964
  6. Confessin’ The Blues – The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964
  7. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love – Top Gear, 1965
  8. Little By Little – The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964
  9. Ain’t That Loving You Baby – Rhythm And Blues, 1964
  10. Beautiful Delilah – Saturday Club, 1964
  11. Crackin’ Up – Top Gear, 1964
  12. I Can’t Be Satisfied – Top Gear, 1964
  13. I Just Want to Make Love To You – Saturday Club, 1964
  14. 2120 South Michigan Avenue – Rhythm and Blues, 1964

=> Interested in the lightning technics used during the last Stones tours? Well, have a look at grandMA2 gets satisfaction with the Rolling Stones!