2014 – 14on fire tour – 1

The Rolling Stones On Tour: 14 ON FIRE Tour 2014, Part 1

March 31 – Oslo, Stokholm and Paris sold out in minutes

=> Finally, after some time of silence, the official Rolling Stones site came up with the confirmation of the latest european dates 2014. However, it didn’t last long and all shows were sold out within minutes. Paris, with 75.000 tickets sold out in 51 minutes. It seems, the Stones can play anywhere on this planet and the place is sold out no matter what. Despite some rare fears, that the tour would not continue after the postponed shows, it will continute and both Mick and the band together with the fans will find a good way to roll on.

March 25 – Madrid confirmed! Tel Aviv confirmed! Roskilde tickets!

=> Finally, Madrid was also confirmed for June 25, Estadio Santiago Bernabeu! Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, April 2 at ticketmaster.es; ticket prices will be 85 €, 105 €, 125 € and 225 € for a reserved seat ticket and 99 € for floor tickets

=> Another date got confirmed: on June 4, Tel Aviv gets some satisfaction! The Stones will play the Park Hayarkon on that day. See for instance the article at jpost.com or at haaretz.com. The official Stones sites still keep their silence due to the tragedy of L’Wren’s suicide. Even though, the Stones management face a $10 million loss because of the postponement, most likely, the insurances will cover a large part of that gap.

=> Roskilde tickets are on!

March 24 – Zürich, Oslo, Lisbon!

=> More dates can be seen confirmed now even though the band has not yet published more dates on their sites. Thx Wolfgang, Thomas et.al., a somewhat official looking table of tourdates and announcements for tickets soon to be available can be found at eventtravel.com. Also, the ever good informed Bjornulf of iorr.org has them listed as confirmed and as he usually handles these statements somewhat conservatively in order to avoid sheer speculation, this also is a very good sign that these shows will actually happen, even if not yet officially announced.

Hier weitere Infos:Zürich: Tickets available March 26, 08:00 AM local time or presale 1 day earlier with ‘Ticketcorner friends & members’ at ticketcorner.ch (only creditcard or PostFinance Card). Oslo Tickets March 28, 9:00 AM – info at billettservice.no.

March 23 – Rumours, recommended read

=> While it is getting really and quite appropriately silent around the band, there are still rumors about Madrid and Oslo for upcoming shows. Now, Poland also invited the Stones.

Thx to Krzysztof, who pointed me to this article at rp.pl, where it is said that polish president Komorowski invited the band to play in Warsaw at Narodowy Stadion. Now let’s hope for the best, also in terms for Oslo and Madrid.

With all the gossip and tabloit noise around Mick, L’Wren and the band, it is a relief to read this article by Neil McCormick in the Telegraph: Can Mick Jagger and his gang keep rolling on? – so that’s a recommended read.

March 21 – Paris confirmed! Rome: Circus Maximus

According to rtl.fr, the Stones show in Paris, Stade de France is confirmed for June 13! Also still confirmed is Rome, Circus Maximus for June 22. – Yes, the show rolls on: According to theguardian.com, the Stones will return to Australia and New Zealand in October this year!

March 20 – Stones back in the fall – Mick in LA – Vienna tickets next week!

=> According to billboard.com, are working with promoters to return to the territory by the fall of this year, according to Michael Gudinski, whose Frontier Touring is presenting the band in Australia/New Zealand in association with AEG Live. He tells billboard:

Everyone is working very closely together, and it’s looking very likely that the rescheduled dates for Australia/New Zealand will be October-November, 2014. […] Apart from some last minute production releases, the shows were sold out immediately.

=> Mick has arrived in LA and is joining in on arrangements for L’Wren Scott’s funeral. He is comforted by his daughters Karis, Elizabeth and Georgia May. Mick has barely slept since days and is still shocked. See nydailynews.com for more.

Meanwhile, the band has left Australia with the Stones tour-plane. Yesterday, Charlie visited Perth’s tiny Ellington Jazz Club and was promptly invited on stage, where he joined saxophonist Tim Ries’ Rolling Stones Project and played for 45 minutes, but he was always very quiet and low key. See dailymail.co.uk for more, including some pics from Charlie at the Club.

=> Although, the gig at Vienna is not yet officially confirmed, ticket presale starts next week, Tuesday, March 25 at 9:00 AM local time! (Thx to Lucas for the link!)

March 19 – Band members solidarity with Mick – Vienna June 16! – L’Wren NYTimes

=> All band members are trying to help Mick during this difficult time. They know each other for more than 50 years, and their relationship is closer than family … “tribal“, maybe a better word according to Keith. And he also said this about the current situation:

“No-one saw this coming – Mick’s always been my soul brother and we love him – we’re thick as thieves and we’re all feeling for the man … we really hate to disappoint our fans but we’ll see everyone really soon.”

Charlie comments:

“Needless to say we are all completely shocked but our first thought is to support Mick at this awful time. We intend to come back to Australia and New Zealand as soon as it proves possible.”

And finally Ronnie:

“This is such terrible news and right now the important thing is that we are all pulling together to offer Mick our support and help him through this sad time. Without a doubt we intend to be back out on that stage as soon as we can.”

=> Despite all that turmoil, there are strong signs (but no official confirmation so far), that on June 16, the Stones may play in Vienna. According to wegotit.at, the date is presented as a fact and presale is said to start by next week.

=> Recommended Read: For L’Wren Scott, Her Identity Was by Design – article by Jacob Bernstein, Matthew Schneier and Guy Trebay in the NY Times

March 18 – Sad Update for Australia and New Zealand


Here’s a personal message from Mick which he posted on FB:

I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end her life in this tragic way.
We spent many wonderful years together and had made a great life for ourselves.
She had great presence and her talent was much admired, not least by me.

I have been touched by the tributes that people have paid to her, and also the personal messages of support that I have received.

I will never forget her,

The Rolling Stones officially postpone their tour of Australia and New Zealand! The band said, that they are deeply sorry and disappointed to announce the postponement of the rest of their 14 ON FIRE tour of Australia and New Zealand following the death of L’Wren Scott and that they wish to thank all of their fans for their support at this difficult time and hope that they will fully understand the reason for this announcement. The Rolling Stones are planning to reschedule these postponed shows at a later date. […] Australia/New Zealand promoters ask ticket holders to please hold on to their tickets until further notice. A new schedule of dates is presently being worked on and will be advised as soon as possible. Information will be made available via rollingstones.com and frontiertouring.com as soon as available. Ok – these are the facts. It’s of course a let down for travel plans for the shows… nevertheless, I think, that this decision of the band is right.

According to perthnow.com.au, Rolling Stones tour promoter Michael Gudinski is believed to be trying to establish new dates before announcing the cancellation of some or all of the current Australian tour

March 17 – OMG! Oh, no! L’Wren found dead! Rome, Düsseldorf and Berlin confirmed! Stones in Australia

Oh my god, it is unbelievable: L’Wren Scott was found dead – she used a scarf to hang herself from a doorknob in her Manhattan apartment. Mick is “completely shocked and devastated”.
This really is catastrophy! Just into a well developing tour, this is staggering news. Since some weeks, L’Wren’s missing from public pictures was the subject of discussions and some speculation. Our condolences and deepest sympathy for L’Wren’s family and Mick! More: nydailynyews | guardian.ac.uk

Whether we will hear about cancelled shows or not won’t surface until some hours later in the morning in Perth. These are hard times. Whatever decision Mick will come up to – it will be a terribly hard one.

=> Official: BERLIN WALDBÜHNE – 10 JUNE! DÜSSELDORF ESPRIT ARENA – 19 JUNE! There gonna be more major shows in Europe in May/June/July and they will be announced next week!

The Rolling Stones have today announced that they will play a two one-off shows in Germany in June. They will play Berlin’s Waldbühne on Tuesday 10 June and Düsseldorf’s Esprit Arena on Thursday 19 June as part of their 14 ON FIRE tour!
Tickets will be available on Friday, March 21 at 8:00 AM. Prices start with € 85- plus taxes at the hotline 01806 / 999 000 555 (0,20 EUR/connection from german fixed network and not more than max. 0,60 EUR/mobile connection), as well as under ticketmaster.de and deag.de.
INFO about Ticketmaster.de: [Translated from German] For Ticketmaster.de customers, presale for „The Rolling Stones – 14 ON FIRE“ already starts on Friday, 21.03.14 at 00:01 o’clock. Until 8:00 o’clock, this presale is password-protected. Your password will be sent to Ticketmaster.de customers in time via email. Apart from regular tickets, there will be VIP Packages beeing offered. We suggest that you register with ticketmaster.de as soon as possible and create an account.

=> The Stones have landed in Australia!!!

March 13 – Roskilde!!! – Pinkpop and Werchter: Tickets this Saturday!

=> Just now, we have strong rumors coming in that the Stones will play Roskilde festival between 29 June and 6 July! (Thx cospo_ for the first link! See also the COMMENTS!) We now have about three articles where the gig at Roskilde is announced like a fact. They get 24 million kronor for the gig; that would be $ 4.4 million or 3.2 million Euro, woah! They cite as a source a “always reliable international festival source” for confirming the news – that’s ok for me. It is not official, but I guess, we can take it for granted, that the Stones are going to play at three festivals this summer. Woah!! We’re gonna have a BLAST, folks! Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll!
aftonbladet.se | bt.dk | expressen.se

=> And now guess what: According to an Argentinean producer it could be that there are negotiations about a tour in South America in the fall this year! Check out oirmortales.infonews.com for the details! (thx georgelicks, iorr)

=> One of the best news we could possibly hope for: the Europe Tour 14 On Fire will be continued! After the huge successes of the Stones gigs at festivals last summer, now the Rolling Stones seem to want to continue having fun at festivals. But not only that: we can expect to get more gigs confirmed officially this month! More rumored shows pop up like the one in Rome (see the pic on the left and rollingstone.it), maybe scheduled for June 22nd. Also Oslo, Copenhagen, Lisbona, Stockholm and Madrid keep the rumor-mills rotating…

=> Tip for the festival tickets: If you plan to buy tickets for Pinkpop or for Werchter via Ticketmaster, then it’s good to create your accounts beforehand, i.e. today or tomorrow!! Good luck and have a blast!

March 12 – Europe dates announced!!! – Showtime for Shanghai!

==> The Rolling Stones have today announced that they will headline the PINKPOP FESTIVAL in Holland on Saturday 7 June (=> tickets!) and the TW CLASSIC FESTIVAL in Belgium on Saturday 28 June (=> tickets!) as part of their 14 ON FIRE tour!!

Mick: “I love festivals in the summertime and can’t wait for the tour to get to Europe.
Keith:”Let’s keep this show on the road – the band are in top form so I’m really looking forward to getting back to Europe.

=> Tickets go on sale this Saturday 15th March at 10am local (CET/ GMT+1).
So the Stones are doing at least 2 festivals this summer – woah folks, ain’t that bigger than great??

Shanghai Setlist: (they banned Honky Tonk Women!!! ROTFL!)

  1. Jumping Jack Flash
    This one’s called
  2. Get Off Of My Cloud
    Thank you very much! Hello Shanghai!
  3. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
  4. Tumbling Dice [thx iorr]
  5. Dead Flowers
  6. Ruby TuesdayWe’ve got a request song now, the winner tonight was STREET FIGHTING MAN. We haven’t done it on this tour yet so we hope we do it right!
  7. Street Fighting Man
  8. Doom & Gloom
    About now we’d usually play something like Honky Tonk Women, we played it last time we were here in 2006, but it’s been vetoed… We must’ve messed it up last time. So this time, do you feel like singing a little bit? We’re gonna play
  9. Miss You
    Band Introductions
    Keith: Hello Shanghai, it’s great to be here, it’s great to be anywhere!
  10. Slipping Away (with Mick Taylor)
    We’re gonna kick it up a little bit now, let’s get…
  11. Happy
    Gold rings on ya, bless you all!
  12. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)
    Are you having a good time out there?!
  13. All Down The Line (!)
  14. Paint It Black
  15. Gimme Shelter
  16. Start Me Up
  17. Sympathy For The Devil
  18. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  19. Satisfaction

Some pics from Shanghai [thx bv, bybyjohnny (iorr), reuters]

March 11 – Report form Macau – Almost the complete Macau show in videos!

=> Thanks to Rick, we have a report from the show in Macau which he sent us in the comments:

I just got back to the mainland, and believe me The Stones are still number 1! Although the setlist was similar to their Japanese shows, they executed each song with more enthusiasm than I have heard from them in a long time. Mick is still the best showman in Rock (Sorry, Alice!), Keith still cranks out some mighty riffs and solos, Charlie was in perfect form excelling on the “fan request” – “Get Off of My Cloud” and throughout the two-hour set, Ronnie was fabulous on his selected solos, and he literally spurted around the stage for a couple of laps; the supporting crew shined, as well, thanks to some solid bass a la Darryl “DJ” Jones, the ever sexy Lisa Fischer on backing vocals and dance moves, Bernard Fowler on more mighty backing vocals, excellent horns led by Bobby Keys, and the orchestrater of the band’s sound in the 2010s, Chuck Leavell, and, Mick Taylor, too; I’m ready for more Stones in 2015 in Hong Kong!

=> Thanks a lot to Nnelwin Aldriansyah and many others, we have almost the complete Macau show on videos! So please CLICK HERE for the Macao show & ENJOY!

March 10 – Macau Aftermath

=> Just some hours after the gig, we have some reports. Also, there are more videos from the show than from those in Japan.
When more videos from the Macao show keep popping up, I’ll collect them for a seperate video-setlist page. For the Japan shows, that didn’t make quite sense due to the sparse amount of finds on YouTube.
Here are some reviews from the press: Historic night as Rolling Stones hold first-ever Macau concert (macaudailytimes.com.mo) | Rolling Stones rock Macau (asiatraveltips.com) | Rolling Stones rock packed house in Macau (examiner.com) | Still making history! The Rolling Stones rock Macau’s CotaiArena for the first time to over 10,000 people on 14 On Fire tour (dailymail.co.uk – also with these pics from the gig:)

March 9 – Showtime for the Stones in Macau!

=> The Tongue stage was used for Macao! We already have a first review by the South China Morning Post.

Mick, Keith, Charlie & Ronnie are ready, are you ready?! SETLIST:

  1. Jumping Jack Flash
    Hello Macau!
  2. You Got Me Rocking
    Are you feeling good? Alright!
  3. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
  4. Tumbling Dice
  5. Wild Horses
    We wanna welcome everyone, wherever you’re from in the world, you’re welcome! This one’s called:
  6. Doom & Gloom
    So tonight we put a few songs up online for you to vote for & the one we’re gonna play is
  7. Get Off Of My Cloud
  8. Honky Tonk Women
    Alright Macau! I’ve had a great time in Macau, what’s it synonymous with, bacalao, custard tarts. I’ve had a lot of custard tarts… Later tonight I’m going to lose all my money!
    Band introductions
  9. It’s great to be here, it’s great to be anywhere! This one’s called
    Slipping Away (with Mick Taylor)
    I’d like to ask Mr Mick Taylor to join us
  10. Before They Make Me Run
  11. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)
  12. Miss You
  13. Paint It Black
  14. Gimme Shelter
  15. Start Me Up
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Brown Sugar
    Macau we love you! Thank you everyone, goodnight!Encores:
  18. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the Chung Chi choir of the Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  19. Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor)
    Goodnight everybody! Goodnight & thank you very much!

March 7 – Stones in Macau! – Vote for the Macau vote-song! – Media echo about Europe Tour rumours!

OK – the band has landed in Macau! See below the pics of the arrival, Ronnie’s sightseeing and Mick’s tea table at the hotel!

OK! Click below for the song you like for the Macau setlist!! (My suggestion: All Down The Line! – sorry, couldn’t resist, hehehe … )

=> Two german sites boast the news, that the Stones will be touring Europe. RadioHamburg.de tells without mentioning any source (!!), that the Stones are going to play in Amsterdam, Paris, Oslo, Antwerpen, Germany, as well as two times in Vienna in the Wiener Stadthalle. Official announcements will be issued this month, they say.
Then, we have Regioactive.de, who at least stress the fact, that nothing is know officially yet, but they repeat the rumours already know to us.
So, what does this tell us? – Well, tah’t easy: we’re on the verge of crossing the line between rumours and official facts! Folks, this is definitely one of the best news we still can enjoy: The Rolling Stones are touring and will continue to do so! – At least this year. But please remind Mick telling everyone at the end of the Tokyo III gig: “We’ll meet again Tokyo…”

March 6 – Showtime Tokyo III – Trivia: Keith & Patti’s new NY penthouse


    1. Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome THE ROLLING STONES!
      Jumping Jack Flash
    2. You Got Me Rocking
    3. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
    4. Tumbling Dice
    5. Ruby Tuesday – Woah!
    6. Doom & Gloom
    7. The next song is the request song for everyone, put that up on the screen please! The winner is
      with Special Guest Hotei!
    8. Honky Tonk Women
    9. Slipping Away (with Mick Taylor)
    10. Before They Make Me Run
    11. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)

    12. Miss You
    13. Paint It Black
    14. Gimme Shelter
    15. Start Me Up
    16. Sympathy For The Devil
    17. Brown Sugar
      We’ll meet again Tokyo…
    18. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the Senzoku Freshman Singers)
    19. Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor)
      Goodnight everybody! Goodnight & thank you very much!

    => Today, the Stones play their 28 show in the Tokyo Dome! That’s a whole lot of shows, as Mick already mentioned Tuesday. Here we have Ronnie and Mick Taylor presenting a shirt to celebrate this!

    => Keith and Patti have purchased of a four-bedroom, four-bathroom penthouse at 1 Fifth Avenue, NYC. At ny.curbed.com you can find the pics and details…

    March 4 – Full audio of Tokyo II – review of Tokyo II

    => Complete show!!! 2 hours solid! The audio is a bit poor and has the echo from the dome, but just put on your headphones and you’re there, hehehe!

    => Rob Schwartz, buerau chief of Billboard Magazine Tokyo, was at the Tokyo II show – hear his review:

    March 3 – Silver Train at Tokyo II

    Silver Train – first played live since Europe 1973! This song (flip-side of the Angie single (45rpm, that was, hehehe)) was high on the list of songs to vote for, especially among the closer fans. It was rehearsed several times during the rehearsals in February and so, quite nicely found it’s way in the setlist of the third gig of this tour. And they played it with Mick Taylor! A little rough, but really fun and Rock ‘n’ Roll! Mick even tried to catch the higher notes at full power, but didn’t fully succeed – he really has balls to try this that early in the tour… Oh, and not at all accidently, the Stones issued this song as an official Promo just today:

    1. Start Me Up
    2. You Got Me Rocking
    3. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
    4. Tumbling Dice
    5. Angie
    6. Doom & Gloom
      We put some songs up online for you to vote for & the one that won was …
    7. Silver Train We’d like to invite Mick Taylor to join us…
      Mick: We haven’t played this song since the 70s, and we only played it a few times then!
      Everybody having a good time? Everybody say yeah!
    8. Honky Tonk Women
      Band introductions …
      Keith: It’s great to be here, what a great crowd! This one’s called
    9. Slipping Away
    10. Happy
    11. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)
    12. Miss You
    13. Paint It Black
    14. Gimme Shelter
    15. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
    16. Sympathy For The Devil
    17. Brown Sugar
    18. Encore:
      You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the Senzoku Freshman Singers)
      Thank you very much, goodnight!
    19. You ready to rock on a little bit more?

    Gimme Shelter:

    March 2 – Europe tour rumors

    => The Rolling Stones will probably announce their European Tour details soon! We can expect the band to make an announcement while on tour in Japan. They possibly announce it via their site and the the common social media. Spain and Italy are now mentioned as well as 4 shows in Germany – which would include Munich and Hamburg apart from Berlin and Cologne. But please remember: this is still only rumours and in the end, we need the offical nnouncement. But apart from that: this is quite some reason to celebrate!

    February 27 – Europe rumors – Tokyo I Aftermath

    => As “14 On Fire” rolls on, we know that negotiations for the european gigs must soon reach fruition. As usual, huge amounts of money play a role, as does the renomee of the managements and venues. NOTHING IS OFFICIAL yet, but we can consider a string of cities to be considerably possible venues for this summer. As for now, this could be
    Paris, Werchter (Belgium), Milano, Wien, Dublin, Antwerpen, Amsterdam, Köln, Berlin and Oslo. There could very well be some more, once things start rolling, but for now, these cities have a chance to be part of the European Tour 2014.

    Tel Aviv of course is a special case. It’s not really in Europe, right, and the Stones have never played there before AFAIK – but that would be a pro for Tel Aviv, I think. Just yesterday, we could read at jewishvoiceny.com:

    Rolling Stones to Perform Debut Israel Show for Record Sum – Quote: “The iconic British rock band, The Rolling Stones are in the final stages of finalizing their first performance in Israel. The show is planned to be held on June 10 at Ramat Gan Stadium, according to a source close to the production.“.

    That really sounds good. So as the Stones play Japan and will move on to Macao, things will ripen and we will definitely get more information about proceedings and they will become more and more reliable. So let’s try to stay patient and enjoy the Stones on tour – as long and as strong as we can.

    => Apparently, security in the Tokyo Dome was much tighter than during other Stones gigs – so we don’t have as many pictures and videos popping up after the show as usual.

    ===>>> For some VIDEOS from Tokyo I, February 26, CLICK HERE & ENJOY!

    February 26 – SHOWTIME Tokyo I

    [[[ Oh, that’s very sad: RIP, Paco de Lucia! {:-( ]]]

    => Setlist!

    1. Get Off My Cloud
    2. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
    3. Tumbling Dice
    4. Wild Horses
    5. Emotional Rescue (1st time in Japan)
    6. Doom & Gloom
    7. We put some songs online for you to vote for, and the one that won was Bitch!
    8. Honky Tong Women
      Band introductions…
    9. Keith: I’d like to introduce Mr Mick Taylor and this one’s called
      Slipping Away
    10. Thank you everybody! (Keith straps on Micawber) Got another one:
      Before They Make Me Run
    11. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)
    12. Miss You (with bass-solo Darryl Jones)
    13. Paint It Black
    14. Gimme Shelter
    15. Brown Sugar
    16. Start Me Up
    17. Jumping Jack Flash
    18. Sympathy For The Devil
    19. You Can’T Always Get What You Want (with the Senzoku Freshman Singers)
    20. Satisfaction

    February 24 – Vote for Tokyo I – Where were you? – YGMR from Abu Dhabi rehearsals

    => Vote for your song for Tokyo I – at the Stones site, you can choose between Silver Train, All Down The Line, Respectable, When The Whip Comes Down, You Got Me Rocking and Bitch…

    => Have you been at the Dhubai show? Or friends of yours?If so, you can try to spot yourself or your friends at du.ae – nice idea, IMHO.

    => Here’s a nice version from the rehearsals just before the tourstart in Abu Dhabi: You Got Me Rocking:

    February 23 – Stones are in Japan – the videos of Abu Dhabi gig

    The Stones have landed in Japan – less than 3 days until showtime! At gettyimages.com, you can find pictures of the band at Tokyo airport. Or have a look at the Stones plane landing:

    ===>>> For VIDEOS from Abu Dhabi, February 21, CLICK HERE & ENJOY!

    February 22 – Press reports tourstart – videos

    Some of the many press reports – this time from sources not so often visited:
    Rolling Stones rock Abu Dhabi in first Middle East show (thehimalayantimes.com) |
    The Rolling Stones thrill Abu Dhabi (thenational.ae) | Review: The Rolling Stones 14 On Fire tour in Abu Dhabi (timeoutdubai.com) |
    Rolling Stones Getting Satisfaction in the Middle East [Video] (guardianlv.vom)

    ===>>> For VIDEOS from Abu Dhabi, February 21, CLICK HERE & ENJOY!

    February 21 – TOURSTART TODAY!!!!! – Singapore free simulcast

    => Jagger radio interview about performing in Abu Dhabi at audioboo.fm – about 9 minutes! You only hear Mick’s answeres, not the questions… but still, it’s nice to hear Jagger uncut (as far as I can tell) on a radio interview… recommended!!

    => Yeeeehawww! Today the Rolling Stones kick off their 14 ON FIRE tour! Setlist to come anytime now… Ain’t that great!? After all the songs they recently rehearsed, we can expect a setlist with some more rare gems in it. At gulfnews.com, there’s an article about the tourstart: “Rolling Stones: How they’re starting up Abu Dhabi” – more of that kind to be expected, hehehe …

    => According to channelnewsasia.com, the March 15 gig at Singapore will be a FREE simulcast! Fans will be able to catch that simulcast on a 14-metre wide LED screen at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza, as part of the the Marina Bay Sands Rocks Singapore music festival.

    ==> SETLIST ABU DHABI February 21, 2014
    “Abu Dhabi! Will you welcome … THE ROLLING STONES!”

    1. Start Me Up
    2. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
      Thank you very much! How you doing? You doing good? This one’s called
    3. You Got Me Rocking
    4. Tumbling Dice
      We’ve got this one we do for you caked…
    5. Emotional Rescue
      I think we should slow it down a little bit & do a little ballad. A slow romantic time for you…
    6. Angie
      “There are lots of people here from all over the Emirates. We’ve got people from Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaima, Sharjah… How am I doing?”
    7. Doom & Gloom
    8. Paint It Black
      “Everyone say Oh yeah! Alright!”
    9. Honky Tonk Women
      Band Introductions
      … On the drums, he’s going to walk all the way down here, we practiced this, Charlie Watts!!!
      On the guitar and now vocals Keith Richards!
    10. Slipping Away (w. Mick Taylor)
    11. Before They Make Me Run
    12. Midnight Rambler (w. Mick Taylor)
    13. Miss You
      Mick: “A lot of people voted online for a song you wanted to hear tonight, there were a lot of votes & we thank you for that
      … he song you wanted to hear was”
    14. Gimme Shelter
      Mick: “Are you feeling good! Everybody say yeah!”
    15. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
    16. Sympathy For The Devil
    17. Brown Sugar
    18. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the Al Khubairat Singers!)
      How you doin’ out there? You ready for a little bit more?
    19. Satisfaction (w. Mick Taylor)

    February 19 – Rehearsals @ Yas Island – Rolling Stones greet Abu Dhabi – press reports

    => The band has rehearsed at du Arena, Yas Island in Dhubai! Some lucky fans were there and were impressed by the clear sound coming from the arena. Thanks to their report [bv, iorr], we now know that they played Angie, Paint It Black, Gimme Shelter, Sympathy For The Devil, Doom And Gloom (with a reggea intro), You Got Me Rocking, Miss You, Midnight Rambler (w. Mick Taylor) and Slipping Away (w. Mick Taylor). Thx for the pics Bernard, sici [iorr]:

    => Countdown to tourstart gets hotter. In less that 48 hours, the band will kick off another string of gigs in 2014. After Auckland, the band will take some rest in April, and possibly start rehearsing again in May with european dates following in June and July. We’ll see what happens and hope for the best!

    But for now, we can enjoy the upsoming 14 ON FIRE TOUR and here are the boys welcoming Abu Dhabi:

    => Some press reports from UAE: Age ain’t nothing but a number for Rolling Stones (thenational.ae) | Nice interview with Ronnie in Paris): ‘We’re getting better every day’ (gulfnews.com) |
    Rolling Stones fan travels thousands of miles to be in Abu Dhabi for concert (thenational.ae)

    February 18 – Rolling Stones arrive in Abu Dhabi!

    Tourstart is getting nearer! After treating the fans with a rehearsal gig, the band has arrived at the destination for the 14 ON FIRE Tour! Also, if you want to vote for the song you want the Stones to play in Abu Dhabi, you can cast your vote at thinkflash.ae – any song counts!
    Today added: a pic by Bernard Fowler showing the balcony at the rehearsal-gig for the fans (Thanks for posting, Bernard!!!) and a video snip from the rehearsals in Paris: “She’s So Cold”:

    February 16 – French fan report form the rehearsals gig

    If you know some french, this definitely helps:

    February 14 – Not the last day of Rehearsals: Special Gig for 27 lucky fans! – Singapore gig is confirmed!

    => If yesterday all news pointed towards the end of rehearsals, we now hear that today rehearsals continued – and not only that: the Stones gave the first 27 fans at the spot access to their rehearsal studio and treated them with a gig of 16 songs! Now that is exactly the kind of news I love to share most! So please accept my excuse for publishing the proposed end of rehearsals yesterday: it seemed plausible and the Stones staff doesn’t talk to me directly! 😉

    => But this is much more fun here: Today, rehearsals continued and after 6 songs, the Stones let 27 fans into the rehearsal studio and witness them playing 16 more songs. Ok, that’s not a full blown secret gig, but it is a treat and a sing to the real and dedicated fan, showing up at the rehearsal site every day, even if the weather get’s really bad or some new say, that rehearsals have been finished… [ahem!] – this one is for US and THE BAND!
    And here’s the setlist from today’s rehearsals (day #10): [thx to rockerparis!] What you see here, can be considered as some kind of prototype part of a setlist for the upcoming tour!!

    1. Start Me Up
    2. You Got Me Rocking
    3. It’s Only Rock’n’Roll
    4. Shattered
    5. Emotional Rescue
    6. Wild Horses
      Rehearsals Gig With 27 Fans:
    7. Doom & Gloom
    8. She’s So Cold
    9. Silver Train (+ Mick Taylor)
    10. Midnight Rambler (+ Mick Taylor)
    11. Miss You
    12. Slipping Away (+ Mick Taylor)
    13. Before They Make Me Run
    14. Paint It Black
    15. Honky Tonk Women
    16. Tumbling Dice
    17. Sympathy For The Devil
    18. Gimme Shelter
    19. Brown Sugar
    20. Jumping Jack Flash
    21. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
    22. Satisfaction

    February 13 – Last day of Rehearsals – no Club Gig in Paris

    => Apparently, after today’s rehearsals, the band’s gear was taken out of the studio. Also according to french TV channel itele.fr, the band is on their way to Katar tomorrow – see the video below. Sadly, this means that there is no Club Gig going to happen in Paris this time. That’s really sad, but it looks like it is a fact. Only 7 days now until tour start – the Stones are on their way to Abu Dhabi tomorrow.

    Here’s today’s setlist: (thx to rockerparis!)

    1. Slipping Away (2 times)
    2. Bitch (2 Starts)
    3. Heartbreaker (+ Mick Taylor)
    4. Just My Imagination
    5. Rocks Off
    6. Out Of Control (2 Times)
    7. Angie
    8. Waiting On A Friend
    9. Brown Sugar (3 Starts)
    10. Sympathy For The Devil
    11. Sweet Virginia
    12. Emotional Rescue
    13. Till The Next Time (+ Mick Taylor)
    14. Far Away Eyes
    15. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
    16. That’s How Stromg My Love Is
    17. Beast Of Burdon
    18. Everybody Needs Somebody
    19. Memory Motel
    20. Wild Horses

    February 12 – Rehearsals with Mick Taylor

    => Setlist rehearsals day #8 The last three songs were played with Mick Taylor [thx marclaff! -iorr, rockerparis]. Also, some chinese looking reporters were leaving the studio, so the band might have been given interviews for asian news agencies. Fans waiting outside were interviewed for some documentary. Rumors have it, that the band is leaving for Arabia this weekend; so time for a possible club gig is running fast. It could even be that they don’t play any surprise gig in Paris before leaving to Abu Dabhi. As always: nothing is certain.

    1. A Blues (Spider And The Fly?)
    2. Let It Bleed
    3. She’s So Cold
    4. The Last Time
    5. Doom & Gloom
    6. Shine A Light
    7. Dead Flowers
    8. CYHMK
    9. All Down The Line
    1. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
    2. Jumping Jack Flash
    3. Let’s Spend The Night Together
    4. Ruby Tuesday
    5. Silver Train
    6. Start Me Up
    7. Street Fighting Man
    8. You Got Me Rocking
    9. Sway (2 times)
    10. One More Shot (2 times)

    February 11 – Secret Club Gig Rumours… Rehearsals: setlist day #7

    => Rumors and speculations fly high these hours about the when and where the hopefully happening pre-tour-club-gig would be. Maybe, the Trabendo und Trianon are booked already, but how about the Bataclan? Then, this Friday would be the 14th … I guess you got the hint behind this date. But be this as it may, this all is still just rumors. But if you want to have a chance to catch the Stones on one of this rare occasions – you should be in Paris and hold your ear to the ground…

    => Today’s rehearal’s setlist! (thx rockerparis!) Till The Next Time is a rarely heard song beeing played, even at rehearsals. They’re digging deep into the archives now… More and more people are gathering outside the rehearsal place and naturally, security is tighter and one almost can’t see any Stone arrive or leave.

    1. Till The Next Time (2 times)
    2. Paint It Black
    3. Shattered
    4. Honky Tonk Women
    5. Emotional Rescue
    6. Beast Of Burdon
    7. Get Off Of My Cloud
    8. IF You Can’t Rock Me (2 times)
    9. Some Girls
    10. Love In Vain (2 times)
    11. She Was Hot
    12. Midnight Rambler
    13. Live With Me
    14. When The Whip Comes Down
    15. Streets Of Love
    16. Fool To Cry

    February 10 – Tel Aviv gig? – Secret Club Gig? Rumours… Rehearsals: setlist day #6

    According to the Jerusalem Post, the Rolling Stones gig in Israel is almost official!. The date will be the 10th of June, the location is the Ramat Gan Stadium: “The Rolling Stones will perform on June 10 at Ramat Gan Stadium, according to a source close to the production. According to the source, the show will be promoted by Shuki Weiss. Weiss’s office responded to a query by saying, ‘If there’s something to announce, we’ll announce it.’

    => Didn’t I say it? 😉 Secret Club Gig later this week! As everytime when the Stones rehearse, fans can expect them to do a pre-tour surprise gig in a small club in town. Well, Paris is a big town and there’s lots of possibillities. 10 days before the first regular gig in Abu Dhabi, this week could be the time for such a gig – 100% heaven for any Stonesfan. You have to be in town and ready to jump in on any possibillity. Paris Match already boasts witha noteice saying that the club gig could be today but they don’t know where: “Selon France Culture, les Rolling Stones vont donner ce lundi soir, 10 février, un concert surprise dans une salle parisienne encore non précisée. Toujours selon la radio publique, le groupe légendaire serait actuellement en répétition dans un studio de Bondy.“. Well, it COULD be today; but I think, it will be later this week – they just rehearsed for 5 days. But then again, you’ll never know … 😉 and I was right: Paris Match just revised their annoucement and now also point towards the end of this week: “Contrairement à ce qu’affirmait France Culture lundi matin, aucun concert des Rolling Stones n’est prévu ce lundi soir à Paris, ont indiqué à Paris Match les différents promoteurs parisiens. Toutefois, un projet de concert intime est bien dans les tuyaux d’ici la fin de la semaine..”

    Today’s rehearal’s setlist! Keith is back from London and both Bernard Fowler and Lisa Fisher are now joining the rehearsals. WoW: Moonlight Mile, Silver Train and CYHMK – that definitely sounds like a Mick Taylor setlist to me! 🙂

    1. Slipping Away (3 times)
    2. Happy
    3. Before They Make Me Run
    4. Tumbling Dice
    5. All Down The Line
    6. Bitch
    7. Brown Sugar (Many Starts)
    8. Worried About You (2 times)
    9. Moonlight Mile (2 times)
    10. Silver Train (2 times)
    11. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
    12. Rocks Off
    13. Loving Cup (2 times)
    14. Gimme Shelter
    15. Out Of Control
    16. Streets Of Love (3 times)
    17. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

    February 7 – Great news from today’s rehearsals: Mick Taylor’s in!

    => Today, the band apparently rehearsed without Keith but with Mick Taylor! – Keith has flewn over to London in order to welcome his fifth and latest grandchild ‘Otto Reed’! (see independant.ie for more on this). Welcome on board, Otto Red!! And many thanks and blessings to mother Angela! All blessing to you and your child!
    Nevertheless, people tell that even without Keith, the band sounded awesome. Also, we hear, Mick Taylor has just joined the pack. He will join the band on the upcoming tour leg and we hope very much that he as well will join in on the European tour this summer, too!

    As rockerparis writes today about today’s rehearsals:
    They had trouble rehearsing a couple of songs as there was only one guitar on some songs but when Mick Taylor started playing it was awsome. Difficult to say on which songs Mick played exactly or if Pierre de Beauport helped them out on a couple of songs but when Mick was taking lead it was as if we were in 1969.

    People, I’ll tell ya: we’re in for a real treat in the next months of this year and if you ever have the chance to see this band still alive and kickin’: go there and tell your grandchilds about it, hehehe …

    Rehearsal Setlist:

    1. Silver Train
    2. Ventilator Blues (only the intro)
    3. Sway (Several Attempts, 4 or 5 times)
    4. Get Off Of My Cloud
    5. Let It Bleed
    6. Live With Me ( With False Start)
    7. Respectable
    8. Angie (?)
    9. Street Of Love (2 times)
    10. She’s So Cold
    11. Heartbreaker (2 times)
    12. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (Fantastic Version, Sounded Like On The Original Album)
    13. Doom & Gloom
    14. Emotional Rescue
    15. Moonlight Mile (2 times)
    16. Shine A Light

    February 6 – Stones to play Pinkpop? – Today’s Rehearsals

    => We hear, that Pinkpop chef Jan Smeets is also in talks with the band – for a date during the festival in the summer. As you can read at nu.nl, Jan expects to know whether the Stones play Pinkpop or not within the next two days… thanks to Perry Kuiphuis for the link and Rick for his comments here!

    Today’s rehearsal setlist: [thx rockerparis!]

    1. Heartbreaker (2 times)
    2. She Was Hot (with false start)
    3. Sympathy For The Devil
    4. Memory Motel
    5. If You Can’t Rock Me
    6. Silver Train (2 times, second version with false start)
    7. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (YESSSS!!!)
      longer break
    8. Fool To Cry (2 times)
    9. Let’s Spend The Night Together (2 times)
    10. IORR
    11. Far Away Eyes (2 times)
    12. Love In Vain
      (Mick leaving the studio)
    13. Slipping Away (2 times) Keith vocals

    February 5 – Rehearsals – day 3 – New Europe Tour coordinator! – Charlie’s tired?

    => Rehearsals continue – see the setlist below… Thanks to rockerparis and others, we get the infos of the rehearsals just like in November, 2012 – so let’s thank the folks involved!

    Today, Jackie Lombard, french promoter and member of the Live Nation Group, was reportedly visiting the band during rehearsals today. Well, we don’t need too much phantasy to guess what’s the subject matter of his talks with the boys would have been. Maybe, it’s about gigs in France this summer, huh?

    => According to Pollstar, Sensible Events chief Andrew Zweck is the new European tour coordinator for The Rolling Stones! Apparently, the band is planing to play some shows in Europe this summer! Now, this doesn’t come as a big surprise to us, does it? But it’s nice to see how all those bits and pieces fall into place – this is definitely GOOD NEWS!! And while we’re at it: the possibillity of a second show in ABU DHABI has most likely been canceled.

    => We can read some reports these days saying, that Charlie Watts is tired of touring, etc. Read, for instance the lines at list.co.uk, or at femalefirst.co.uk. Well, first of all: Charlie has said things like that for about 30 years already. He also has said, that he likes to play the drums very much. But beeing at home is not the right place for that. So, he enjoys touring with the Stones od the ABC&D of Boogie Woogie. Although he would be more at home in a club, with the Stones that isn’t always possible, of course… Mick also has been asked about Charlies moaning and one time he said something like “Yeah, Charlie always moans and gives one the impression of somebody saying ‘OK, I’ll do it if I must… but on the other side, he’s as keen on it as the others – otherwise he wouldn’t so it.” So, folks, that’s just lovely Charlie. But of cause, he is right and the others agree: they are not doing 50 shows in a row anymore, they slow it down and have some breaks in between the tour legs. And that’s allright! They’re alsmost all in their 70ies and as long as they can and will tour, we shouls really try to go and see them as long and as much as we can. Thanks for reading. If you like, drop some comments with your view of this!

    1. You got me rocking
    2. All down the line
    3. Rocks off
    4. Honky Tonk Women
    5. Doom & Gloom (2 times)
    6. Emotional Rescue
    7. Waiting On A Friend
    8. Some Girls
    9. If You Can’t Rock Me
    10. Bitch
    11. Angie (x2)
    12. Rubie Tuesday
    13. Silver Train
    14. Out of Control
    15. Paint it black

    February 4 – Rehearsals – day 2

    => Rehearsals continue and the selection of songs is thrilling! When I hear, that they rehearsed Route 66 and Sway, I wonder when we come to know that Mick Taylor joines the rehearsals… I’ll keep you posted! AND: though rehearsals only just have begun, there’s already some rumours about if and where the possible Club Show could be… ah great times for us fans right nowe! Hope you all enjoy this as much as possible!

    1. Get off my cloud
    2. The Last time (2 times)
    3. Emotional Rescue (4 times, lasting for more than 30 min)
    4. Route 66
    5. Shattered (2 times)
    6. Street Fighting Man (2 times)
    7. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
    8. It’s All Over Now (3 times)
    9. Sway (2 times)
    10. Wild Horses (2 times)
    11. Midnight Rambler
    12. Who Do You love
    13. Some Girls
    14. Out Of Control (2 times)
    15. Loving Cup

    February 3 – Rehearsals start!

    => Thanks to rockerparis and Laurent, we have infos from the first rehearsal-day of the band in Paris. Charlie and Ronnie arrived on Saturday from London, Keith came from the US on Sunday. Chuck Leavell and Darryl Jones are there too, of course. Mick joined in last and waved to fans on his way in and out of the rehearsal place.

    After the break the band had, the songs rehearsed seemd to sound really good. They only messed up Doom & Gloom, but got that fixed after a break.

    Here’s the setlist:

    1. Bitch
    2. All Down The Line
    3. IORR
    4. Just My Imagination
    5. Live with me
    6. You got me rocking
      Long Break
    7. Paint it black
    8. Respectable
    9. Rocks off
    10. Beast of Burden
    11. Dead Flowers
    1. Shine A Light
    2. Let it bleed
    3. Doom & Gloom (messed up starts)
    4. Doom & Gloom (perfect)
    5. Tumbling Dice
    6. When The Whip Comes Down
    7. Worried About You
    8. She’s So Cold
    9. Miss You
    10. Start Me Up

    February 2 – rehearsals imminent

    => Apparently, Keith and Ronnie have arrived in Paris. Ronnie tweeted a picture showing his tour jackets which he paints with horses. Yesterday, Serena Williams was on a flight together with Keith Richards… this together means that the Stones are on the move again … and we can expect more news about the Stones, music and the new tour soon!

    January 31 – some extra tickets for Promoters Frontier Members

    => A limited number of tickets to The Rolling Stones shows are set to be released early February after the finalisation of the production set-up allowed for extra space. Promoters Frontier have this morning told their member base that they’ll have first access to the tickets, which are available for six shows on the Australia/New Zealand run. There are no extra tickets for Adelaide at this stage. The members’ ‘first access’ period runs for 48 hours from Tuesday 4 to Thursday 6 February, or until tickets run out. The staggered release on the Tuesday are as follows:

    • Auckland – 2pm local time (12 noon AEDT)
    • Hanging Rock – 1pm local time (1pm AEDT)
    • Sydney – 2pm local time (2pm AEDT)
    • Melbourne – 3pm local time (3pm AEDT)
    • Brisbane – 3pm local time (4pm AEDT)
    • Perth – 2pm local time (5pm AEDT)

    January 27 – 0,5 Grammy for the Stones

    => They didn’t win the ‘Best Rock Song’ with DOOM & GLOOM, neither did they succeed with ‘Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package’ with their BRUSSLES AFFAIR. But they at least shared their win with “The Complete Sussex And Columbia Albums” (Bill Withers) for their “Charlie Is My Darling – Ireland 1965” – well, but that’s ABKCO … uh, nevermind… anyways, just 25 days to go! 🙂

    January 25 – Rehearsals to start soon

    => Just a short note: on Thursday, Ronnie tweeted that he would spend the day to get his guitars ready for the tour. Today it’s 27 days until tour start and the band has to get their equipment out of storage where they were safe during the break. So what we can read out of Ronnies remark can be understood as concrete preparation for the rehearsals to begin. Well, I can’t wait for the news to come in…

    January 21 – Rehearsals in Paris? Tour starts in just 1 month! Shanghai!

    Shanghai confirmed for March 12, 2014

    => As tourstart is just 30 days away, it’s time to start the engine again for the band. We can expect the Stones to start rehearsing for the next leg of the tour within days. Maybe as soon as next week and we can also expect the rehearsals to take place in Paris.

    I try to pass any relyable news about rehearsals and other important bits to you as soon as I can get them. So if you’re in the know of something interesting please don’t hesitate and send it to me! Or just use the COMMENTS to pass it on! Once again we can enjoy the rising exitement before the tour and can expect lot’s of setlists, pictures, stories, reports and videos from this leg of the tour.

    It is quite likely that in the summer this year, the Rolling Stones will come over to Europe for some stops here and there. Maybe some 14 shows or so. Nothing is confirmed as yet! But we will hear of negotiations and all the other stuff later this year, in spring, perhaps.


    January 6 – Stones to play in Tel Aviv?

    => The Stones have receiced an offer to play in Tel Aviv’s Park Hayarkon in June this year! No official comment has appeared about this as yet, of course. Here’s the quote from The Jerusalem Post:

    Media reports were awash on Tuesday that Israelis might get some “satisfaction” this June with an outdoor concert by The Rolling Stones. Channel 2 reported that promoters Marcel Avraham and Gad Oron have offered the legendary British rockers led by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards $4.5m to perform at Park Hayarkon.