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We all look forward to THE POSTPONED NO FILTER TOUR of The Rolling Stones! So again, we have to wait for the rescheduled official dates…  /-)

Also, there’s still a new album waiting to be finished, right?

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Copacabana + Salt Lake City

May 7, 2021 Copacabana + Salt Lake City
Forthcoming release: A Bigger Bang Live On Copacabana Beach - Remixed, re-edited, remastered show available in full for the first time on July 9th. Welcome to Rio De Janeiro and ...

Sticky Fingers!!

May 1, 2021 Sticky Fingers!!
The official Rolling Stones site has just released it’s new Sticky Fingers section in celebration of the 50th birthday of this album! The site gives you some idea of the ...

Why Charlie matters!

April 29, 2021 Why Charlie matters!
I stumbled upon a recommended read&hear at the site There, in an article by Paul Zollo, I found a review of Mike Edison's book "Sympathy for the drummer". Mike, ...

Ronnie: 2nd all clear!

April 26, 2021 Ronnie: 2nd all clear!
Lucky Ronnie! Ronnie got the bad news of his second cancer diagnosis in lockdown. He was told he had the aggerssive small-cell variant of the disease. It is so-called as the ...

The Making of Let It Bleed!

April 23, 2021 The Making of Let It Bleed!
Speaking of the recent Sticky Fingers anniversary, I came upon a real treat for us Stones fans as far as the Stones' history and music is concerend and I might ...

50 years of Sticky Fingers!

April 22, 2021 50 years of Sticky Fingers!
The second album I got to seriously listen to was this: Sticky Fingers! First was Let It Bleed. That’s the effect of beeing born after 1950, hehehe. But no problem, I ...

Eazy Sleazy goes charity!

April 15, 2021 Eazy Sleazy goes charity!
Mick and collaborate in a charity project: An audio-visual collaboration between Mick Jagger & 3D artist Extraweg. Available to buy as a collectible 1 of 1 digital artwork (NFT) via ...

Get ready for tour!

April 14, 2021 Get ready for tour!
Although the No Filter USA/CA Tour 2020 of The Rolling Stones had to be postponed, Mick still expects the band to complete that leg of the tour! BBC had done an ...

Eazy Sleazy!

April 13, 2021 Eazy Sleazy!
Mick’s got a new song out! Written by Mick (vc, gt), co-produced by Dave Grohl (gt, b, dr), mixed by Mark “Spike” Stent – it’s  real punky rocker with sharp lyrics. ...

51 years of TONGUE logo

April 10, 2021 51 years of TONGUE logo
The Rolling Stones tongue is a LOGO at it’s best! And it’s incredibly stron. Rnking among the top  well known logos of any kind of brand, enterprise, name or product, the ...

Keith on 7” red vinyl

April 9, 2021 Keith on 7'' red vinyl
Wicked As It Seems, played live That’s on 7” red colored vinyl with Wicked As It Seems and Gimme Shelter, played live. Collectors info: that item starts on June 12 as ...

Ronnie honored!

April 8, 2021 Ronnie honored!
He received the accolate "Freedom of the City of London" Congrats to Ronnie! He received this honor in recognition of his services to music... and you can see his handwritten ...

Visited UNZIPPED in Groningen

April 7, 2021 Visited UNZIPPED in Groningen
During the easter days, I visited that online exhibition and here’s my review. Feel free to add your comments below! What a great museum this is! It’s colorful (I especially liked the ...

UNZIPPED is coming back to Groningen!

April 4, 2021
The Rolling Stones – Unzipped will return to Groningen in 2023. The exhibition’s reopening until 18 April has proven too short to accommodate the immense interest, and it must move on to ...

It’s in his bones!

April 3, 2021 It's in his bones!
Our dear and beloved Keith just has hit Twitter with a very nice message. You see Keith in a studio, all in B/W and he’s playing one of his favourite half ...

Some things Mick&Keith

March 24, 2021 Some things Mick&Keith
Play Guitar, huddle your cat and check Mick’s bank account … that’s what I came across during the past couple of days. A) So, let’s start with Mick. Did you know, that ...

50 Studio Outtakes!

March 13, 2021
Great, greater, wonderful! 50 fully finished studio outtakes surfaced recently! Heard them yet? Got an idea where and how they came about? Share your thoughts!

50 Finished Outtakes

March 12, 2021 50 Finished Outtakes
What a gem this is for us fans!! This really wonderful collection of OK-sounding studio outtakes makes causes the discussions fly on the net. The site is one of ...

50 Fully Finished Studio Outtakes!!

March 9, 2021 50 Fully Finished Studio Outtakes!!
It's a 3 CD "Special Limited Edition for the Rolling Stones Fan Club"... ... and was published by Black Frisco Records, Tokyo, Japan. This really is extra cool hot shit ...

Stones Unzipped – Groningen

March 7, 2021 Stones Unzipped - Groningen
The Stones UNZIPPED in Groningen The Groninger Museum is the museum for art, design and art history in Groningen, with exhibitions on painting, design, photography, fashion, installations, applied art, heritage and ...