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We all look forward to THE POSTPONED NO FILTER TOUR of The Rolling Stones! So again, we have to wait for the rescheduled official dates…  /-)

Also, there’s still a new album waiting to be finished, right?

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Hate It When You Leave

October 24, 2020 Hate It When You Leave
Keith has a new video out for his 1992 song “Hate It When You Leave” from the album Main Offender The husband of his daughter Alexandra, Jacques Naudé, served as the ...

Steel Wheels Live OUT

September 26, 2020 Steel Wheels Live OUT
Finally, we can stream, order, see and hear the Atlantic City concert from 1989 in all your favourite platforms an in all different formats. If you like the Stones store more, ...

One more story – Ronnie Schneider

September 20, 2020 One more story - Ronnie Schneider
Some days ago, Ronnie sent me a script of a story, that’s NOT in his book and he allowed me to share this with you here. It’s something that happened during ...

Somebody up there likes me – Reviews

September 19, 2020 Somebody up there likes me - Reviews
Ronnie Wood’ docu, “Somebody Up There Likes Me” has been released. By now, it’s a Virtual Cinema release at – for a DVD/Blu-ray release, we have to wait until October ...

CONTEST! Win Ron Schneider’s audible!

September 18, 2020 CONTEST! Win Ron Schneider's audible!
UPDATE Sept. 19: Alright! All codes have found their winners! So the contest is closed now. The three winners of the US-codes are: charles s., dave d.s., john f. Listen up, folks! ...

2 more records broken

September 15, 2020 2 more records broken
The Rolling Stones have broken records yet again. This time it is one for the re-release of GHS and another one for the highest selling bass guitar and amp: 1) According to ...

Keith interviews

September 10, 2020 Keith interviews
Keith has also done interviews for the re-release of GHS: Among them is of course one extensive chat you can read at He shares with us the way he copes ...

No. 9 Carnaby Street

September 9, 2020 No. 9 Carnaby Street
It took nearly two years, then came Covid, but now the shop has opened! RS No.9 (9 Carnaby St) features exclusive collaborations, new fashion & merchandise, alongside the band’s extensive music ...

Mick – keeping in shape for the next tour

September 6, 2020 Mick - keeping in shape for the next tour
Really nice interview with Mick on – recommended read if you haven’t already! He said: I’ve been singing quite a lot, so I’m trying to keep that bit together, and I’ve ...

Ron Schneider: Out Of Our Heads

September 5, 2020 Ron Schneider: Out Of Our Heads
Ron e-mailed me just the other day and told me, that he has narrated his book with his own ‘raspy’ voice. So now it’s out as an audible book. Go to ...

GHS out now! Band has no interest in retiring

September 5, 2020 GHS out now! Band has no interest in retiring
Yeah. GHS is just now re-released. Mick didn’t like the new released songs from that period first, but later he did find his way to them again. Find all the Goats ...

Mick re-recorded ‘Scralet’ in 1976

September 3, 2020 Mick re-recorded 'Scralet' in 1976
In 1976, when Mick visited Rio de Janeiro, he made a different record of the song ‘Scarlet’ that was recently published in it’s 1974 version. Thanks to Marcelo from , who ...