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The Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds Tour 2024

Next up: Wednesday, July 17 2024, Santa Clara, CA

April/May 2024

Date Venue
April 28 HOUSTON, TX


June 2024

Date Venue
June 20 DENVER, CO

July 2024

Date Venue
July 21


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Los Angeles #2 aftermath

July 14, 2024 Los Angeles #2 aftermath
The high energy and qualitiy of the shows of this tour contuned with the second gig at SoFi in Los Angeles, yesterday! They played 4 songs from the new album, that’s ...

LA #2 here we go!

July 13, 2024 LA #2 here we go!
The Rolling Stones – live – SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles – USA – Planet Earth: tonight!! Yeehaw! Here we go again! The second last show of this tour. As we have ...

Los Angeles #1 aftermath

July 11, 2024 Los Angeles #1 aftermath
And again, The Rolling stones gave us a great show! As I was looking for reviews of the press, I have not yet found lots ’em but will add any I ...

Los Angeles! Tonight!

July 10, 2024 Los Angeles! Tonight!
Ladies and Gentlemen, would wou welcome please, for the first of two nights in LA – The Rolling Stones! While waiting… – “Rolling Stones’ Longtime Backup Singer on Three Decades of ...

Halftime between 2 gigs

July 9, 2024 Halftime between 2 gigs
The Stones are back in LA After that great gig in Vancouver – Mick dined in VIJ’s indian restaurant – the band has arrived in LA and gets ready for the ...

Vancouver aftermath

July 6, 2024 Vancouver aftermath
Once again, the band gave proof for delivering a great show. – “Review: The Rolling Stones blow the roof off B.C. Place with their first concert in Vancouver in ages“ Fans ...

Stones on stage in Vancouver!

July 5, 2024 Stones on stage in Vancouver!
Well alright! It’s one of those wonderful evenings we will witness The Rolling Stones play another gig! We’ll have a blast again, thanks to this incredible band! – “A portion of ...

Copacabana?! … and others

July 4, 2024 Copacabana?! ... and others
All the while the excitement for tomorrow’s gig in Vancouver grows, there are other news popping up which are quite interesting and keep us entertained while waiting for the show… First, ...

Vancouver coming up!

July 3, 2024 Vancouver coming up!
The band travels to Canada again and plays Vancouver this Friday night! Still searching for tickets? The NY Post has some tipps with a complete breakdown of all the best prices ...

Chicago #2 aftermath

July 1, 2024 Chicago #2 aftermath
Again a great show in Chicago and the band is in full swing and ‘on fire’! Alas, there’s only 5 shows left for this tour and we will witness them all ...

Here we go: Chicago #2 tonight!

June 30, 2024 Here we go: Chicago #2 tonight!
Tonight it’s again time for Rock’n’Roll at it’s best in Chicagos’s Soldier Field: The Rolling Stones are on stage again! Meanwhile: – “Photos: The Rolling Stones at Soldier Field” // ...

Chicago #1 aftermath

June 29, 2024 Chicago #1 aftermath
The tour rolls on and the band is in fine spirits – Chicago, after all, is one of their most beloved places. And again the reviews only tell of a good ...

Tonight: Chicago #1

June 27, 2024 Tonight: Chicago #1
Tonight’s the night for all Stones fans from and all around Chicago, Illinois! Some news: – “The Rolling Stones and Chicago: 20 Memorable Moments From the Band’s Rich History With ...

Coming up: Chicago #1

June 26, 2024 Coming up: Chicago #1
Ok, some days to relax and stroll around, now it’s time again to get our rocks off! The song vote is just up again (this morning, it was not yet ready). ...

Next Stonesnews…

June 22, 2024 Next Stonesnews...
We have some days until the next gig, so here is some mixed news around this band: – “Greg Schwem: The Rolling Stones prove this summer’s Hackney Diamonds Tour is ...

Denver Aftermath

June 21, 2024 Denver Aftermath
So now we are back to 20 songs, three of them by Keith, and two encores, including Sweet Sounds Of Heaven – the band really delivers a great show – ...

Denver – The Rolling Stones live tonight!

June 20, 2024 Denver - The Rolling Stones live tonight!
Yea alright – everthing alright in the critics section? Got plenty of drinks ‘ave you? So tonight we’re in for another blast, powered by The Rolling Stones! Hopefully, folks down in ...

Denver – It’s taking the deep breath…

June 19, 2024 Denver - It's taking the deep breath...
… before the plunge! The 13th show of this tour and the band has had some rest – so it’s just 1 day and then open the cage, hehehe… writes: ...

Denver dawning, some tipps, mixed news

June 18, 2024 Denver dawning, some tipps, mixed news
Two days left until we see the next Stones gig in Denver! Old chaps might well relax a bit in between the two shows these days – it allows them a ...

Cleveland aftermath

June 16, 2024 Cleveland aftermath
The 12th stop of this tour had the band playing Browns Stadium in Cleveland with a six deacdes spanning setlist of hits! Again we got 3 songs from Keith – and ...

Stoned in Cleveland!

June 15, 2024 Stoned in Cleveland!
Tonight, The Rolling Stones are taking the stage in Cleveland, Browns Stadium! The weather seems right for tonight! So let’s have a blast again tonight, may this tour never end! Wherever ...

Cleveland dawning

June 14, 2024 Cleveland dawning
And the nest stop of this remarkable tour of our beloved band is coming near: Cleveland! Right now, the band is on their way or have arrived in Cleveland, as you ...

New music by Bill!

June 13, 2024 New music by Bill!
Bill Wyman  has relesed new music under the title “Drive My Car”! Last record by Bill was ‘Back To Basics’ from 20215 for the label BMG. For the same label now ...

Philly aftermath

June 12, 2024 Philly aftermath
Nobody can stop the Rolling Stones, it seems! Again, press reports speak of ‘a fantastically good, nearly 2 hour show on the band’s Hackney Diamonds Tour‘ and ‘we were more ...

Philadelphia! Have a blast tonight!

June 11, 2024 Philadelphia! Have a blast tonight!
The Hackney Diamonds Tour 2024 reaches it’s 11. stop at Philly’s Lincoln Financial Field CBS reports: “The Rolling Stones’ Hackney Diamonds 2024 Tour comes to Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly“ Apparently, ...

Philly is next!

June 10, 2024 Philly is next!
June 11 2024, Lincoln Financial Field, PHILADELPHIA, PA The Philly lithograph is a reminder on the world famous sculpture by Auguste Rodin – it shows “a bronze sculpture, situated atop a ...

Atlanta Aftermath

June 8, 2024 Atlanta Aftermath
Two tour debuts, Keith doing 3 songs – what a night! The Press: – “Watch the Rolling Stones Add Two More Tour Debuts in Atlanta” // – Review: “The ...

Tonight: The mighty Stones in Atlanta!

June 7, 2024 Tonight: The mighty Stones in Atlanta!
Welcome, folks, for another night of ear-shattering, mind-blowing and soulful Rock’nRoll! Ghost Hounds are playing now, Stones may be on in about 1 hour… They are just opening the roof … LIVESTREAMS Already now ...

HELP NEEDED! Are you from the US or Canada?

June 6, 2024 HELP NEEDED! Are you from the US or Canada?
Welcome to! – Something strange has happend since about beginning of this month and maybe you can help me with this: Visits coming from the US or Canada to this ...

Orlando aftermath

June 4, 2024 Orlando aftermath
Another great show – well received by fans and the press alike – “Rolling Stones transcend time while rocking outdoors in Orlando – Review and Photos” // – “Tyler ...

Stones in Orlando!

June 3, 2024 Stones in Orlando!
It’s time for another great evening: this time it’s Orlando, Fl SOUNDCHECK info: IORR, Whole Wide World, Dead Flowers (!!), She’s A Rainbow LIVESTREAMS searching … ||Kelly is back for the encores !! ...

Foxboro aftermath

June 1, 2024 Foxboro aftermath
That gig again gave proof about the band’s intense performing and giving fans what they need! Some of the press: – “Concert Review: The Rolling Stones — As Precious As ...

Coming up: show 8/20 Foxboro tonight!

May 30, 2024 Coming up: show 8/20 Foxboro tonight!
So tonight we again will be treated with the best music we can think of, I guess! 😉 The Rolling Stones were the first to ever play at Gillette stadium in ...

Another nice little film by Matt

May 29, 2024 Another nice little film by Matt
Matt Clifford took the time and inspiration to film scenes around New York, New Jersey and glue them together. The result is another little film, nicely arranged and cut with short ...

Let’s Spend The Night Together coming 4K

May 28, 2024 Let's Spend The Night Together coming 4K
Hal Ashby’s 1982 film of the 1981 tour is coming on BlueRay 4K Let’s Spend the Night Together 4K (1982) “Coming Soon on 4KUHD and Blu-ray! Brand New HDR Dolby Vision Master ...

East Rutherford II – aftermath

May 27, 2024 East Rutherford II – aftermath
Well, that was a special night, an extraordinary setlist and a strong statement of passionate musicianship beyond the boundaries of oldage! All across the net, fans spoke of a great concert, ...

New Jersey II – tonight!

May 26, 2024 New Jersey II – tonight!
Welcome to another night of 100% pure Rock’n’Roll! Maybe we get the Midnight Rambler tonight!? Seems like there are not too many long running streams tonight? LIVESTREAMS: searching … \\ Michael – SSOH+Satisfaction ...

East Rutherford I – aftermath

May 25, 2024 East Rutherford I - aftermath
One more marvellous show in MetLife Stadium, the 6th stop of their current Hackney Diamonds US Tour. The Press: review – “The Rolling Stones Really Might Never Stop” // – ...

New Jersey I – tonight!

May 23, 2024 New Jersey I - tonight!
The first of two shows in East Rutherford is on for tonight! Let’s have a blast, folks, just like the other nights! Tonight, Jon Batiste will open for the Stones at ...


May 23, 2024 NEW DATE ADDED!!
The Rolling Stones just added a new date for the Hackney Diamonds tour today: Sunday, July 21 – MISSOURI, Thunder Ridge Nature Reserve Tickets will go on sale Friday, May 31 at ...

Between the gigs

May 21, 2024 Between the gigs
Somes days rest for the band inbetween shows at Seattle and heading to the next stop in New Jersey. If you’re looking for more pictures from Seattle, go to Daisy Willems ...

Voodoo Lounge reissue

May 20, 2024 Voodoo Lounge reissue
The Rolling Stones will issue a 30th anniversary edition of their 1994 album Voodoo Lounge, in July. VL was the first first album without Bill Wyman. There will be no CD but a ...

Seattle Aftermath

May 16, 2024 Seattle Aftermath
And here we go again – heading for a week of holidays, while the band is moving to the east coast for the next show… The press… – “Review: Rolling Stones ...

Here we go: Seattle to-night!!!

May 15, 2024 Here we go: Seattle to-night!!!
This band of senior Gentlemen just killing it, right? TONIGHT it’s showtime again! I’ll go to sleep early tonight and will get up at about 5 AM – so just in ...

What’s next? Seattle!!

May 13, 2024 What's next? Seattle!!
First up: we have reason for looking forward to the show in Seattle! Many fans tell of one very strong show in Vegas, that the band and it’s members were on ...

Las Vegas Aftermath – the show in videos

May 12, 2024 Las Vegas Aftermath - the show in videos
The band has tightened up, really! 4th show of this tour and Keith seems to have woken up – maybe he now feels really better after Covid. He again has the ...

Tonight: Las Vegas!

May 12, 2024 Tonight: Las Vegas!
It’s showtime for Las Vegas tonight Even if only judging from the setlist and Lou’s stream, you could tell that the band was on fire tonight! “Mick Jagger sweeps into famous ...

About the Hackney Diamonds stage …

May 11, 2024 About the Hackney Diamonds stage ...
The stage design for the Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds tour is made by “STUFISH“ Ok, some more infos about what we see and hear when the Stones play and you are ...

Vegas coming up – vote for Vegas!

May 10, 2024 Vegas coming up - vote for Vegas!
The Vegas Songvote is up! And here we go: All Down The Line Live With Me Sad Sad Sad You Got Me Rocking My choice: play ’em all! So the next gig in line is Las Vegas! But ...

Glendale Aftermath

May 9, 2024 Glendale Aftermath
Another great show of this tour! The press: “Rolling Stones continue to perform at a high level and Mick Jagger still has the moves // “Time is still on ...