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1st things first: STONES TOUR 2019 announcement coming soon, New album in the making



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The Rolling Stones No Filter US-Tour 2019

[older news => Olé-Tour 2016 part #1 | ZIP-Code Tourstart 2015 | Tour 2014 | Start 2014 | Tour 2013 | Rehearsals 2013 | 2012-2 | 2012-1 | 2011 | 2010 ]

The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour 2019

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  April  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -   
April 20th - Miami Gardens, FL @ Hard Rock Stadium
April 24th - Jacksonville, FL @ TIAA Bank Field
April 28th - Houston, TX@ NRG Stadium
-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  May  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
May 2nd    - New Orleans, Jazz Fest
May 7th    - Glendale, AZ @ State Farm Stadium
May 11th   - Pasadena, CA @ The Rose Bowl
May 18th   - Santa Clara, CA @ Levi's Stadium
May 22nd   - Seattle, WA @ CenturyLink Field
May 26th   - Denver, CO @ Broncos Stadium at Mile High
May 31st   - Washington, D.C. @ FedExField
-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  June  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  
June 4th   - Philadelphia, PA @ Lincoln Financial Field
June 8th   - Foxborough, MA @ Gillette Stadium
June 13th  - East Rutherford, NJ @ MetLife Stadium
June 17th  - East Rutherford, NJ @ MetLife Stadium
June 21st  - Chicago, IL @ Soldier Field
June 25th  - Chicago, IL @ Soldier Field
June 29th  - NEW DATE: Toronto, Canada

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Looking forward to No Filter tourstart in Miami:

March 15 - Ronnie at Rounhouse Gala 2019

=> Check the link to Instagram - you see Ronnie on stage yesterday with Seal, adding some bluesy licks: Seal & Ronnie at Roundhouse 2019

March 14 - New Hits-Sampler coming: "HONK"! Out in stores April 19th

=> The Rolling Stones bring out a new Greatest Hits Compilation Set - it has 46 tracks, 8 of them are from live performances. You can pre-order it under this link. "HONK is the brand-new Best Of compilation album from the Rolling Stones - featuring the biggest hits and classic cuts from every Rolling Stones studio album from 1971 to 2016’s Blue & Lonesome. This is the most up to date collection of essential Stones’ tracks, including 36 fan favourites and rarities, with the deluxe version featuring 10 additional live songs, presenting collaborations with some of the biggest names in music.

Chack out the tracklist for the deluxe edition:

Side A:

Start me Up
Brown Sugar
Rocks Off
Miss You
Tumbling Dice
Just Your Fool

Side B:

Wild Horses
Fool to Cry
Beast of Burden
Hot Stuff
It's Only Rock'n'Roll

Side C:

Rock and a Hard Place
Doom and Gloom
Love is Strong
Mixed Emotions
Don't Stop
Ride'em on Down

Side D:

Harlem Shuffle
Hate to See You Go
Rough Justice
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
One More Shot

Side E:

You Got Me Rocking
Rain Fall Down
Dancing With Mr D
Undercover (of the Night)
Emotional Rescue

Side F:

Waiting on a Friend
Saint of Me
Out of Control
Streets of Love
Out of Tears

Live Record (deluxe edition only):

Side A

Get Off of My Cloud
Dancing With Mr D
Beast of Burden (with Ed Sheeran)
She's a Rainbow
Wild Horses (with Florence Welch)

Live Record (deluxe edition only):

Side B:

Let's Spend the Night Together
Dead Flowers (with Brad Paisley)
Shine a Light
Under My Thumb
Bitch (with Dave Grohl)

HONK - the new greatest hits edition

March 1 - John Mayall

=> Every Stones fan knows Mr. Mayall! How nice it is to hear, that he's just starting a new tour of Europe and the US - at 85! Woah! Way to go, my dear Rolling Stones! Check out John's dates and see if you can get tickets: He's even doing 6 gigs in London in 3 days - amazing!

February 19 - Mick tamed? / Good Read

=> Is he gonna slow down a little?! Reportedly, a friend told The Mirror, that Melanie Hamrick, mother of his eight child, has received a commitment by Mick last christmas. See also The Calgary Herald for this...

=> Recommended Read: The Sweet Black Angel! Nice article about Angela Davis and the story behind 'Sweet Black Angel' (Charlotte Observer)

February 17 - Toronto ticket sales got fans irritated

=> Starting with 2000 before you in line after long wait for the countdown, ticket prices jump up after having been selected with a lower price etc... This sucks! Have a read: Rolling Stones fan calls out Ticketmaster for 'bait and switch' after mid-sale price jump ( - MIXED EMOTIONS: Rolling Stones fans irked as pre-sale concert ticket prices surge ( - 'How can it sell so fast,' Fans hit bump in the road to Stones tickets (

February 15 - Don't miss the next Mojo!

=> As Keith edits the April issue of Mojo Magazine! Have a look at the title below; next you can see more detailes here and also order your copy ...

Keith edits the April issue of Mojo Magazine

February 11 - Mick with another snippet on Instagram / Fan pre-sale for Toronto

=> Check it out!! Well, that's what I'ld call a nice tour-announcement... Well I just fount out today ... LOL! :-)

=> Fan pre-sale starts on Wednesday 13th February at 10am EST, until midnight EST! Get your TICKETS here and use the pre-sale code: "MIDNIGHT"

February 9 - CANADA date added!

=> WOAH! Yep, there's a date for TORONTO now, can you believe it!? Thanks to Arthur Calen - he sent me a pic from Union Station in Toronto (see below) - they have put up a very nice, big tongue logo with the date 06 - 29 - 2019 added behint. So here we go, folks: Toronto/Canada added to the list, Hurrah! Check out the Toronto Sun or for more on this... and, hey, while the boys are in Toronto - how about another visit to the EL MOCAMBO!!!??

The Rolling Stones play Toronto, Canada, June 29 - thx for the pic to Arthur Calen! The Rolling Stones play Toronto, Canada, June 29 - Instagram The Rolling Stones play Toronto, Canada, June 29 - Instagram

February 8 - Darryl at benefit gig in Chicago tomorrow!

=> Benefit Concert: DARRYL JONES JAMS FROM THE HEART FOR A FRIEND IN NEED! Location: The Promontory Darryl will be joined on stage by Nicholas Tremulis, Bernard Crump, Chuck Tripp, Brian Reynolds, Keith Henderson, and many more! General Admission: $25, doors open at 3:00pm, end will be at 8:00pm. Darryl's childhood friend and fellow musician, Brian Messiah, had an accident last year and is unable to play his guitar at this time. "Jams from the Heart" is being organized by Brian's son and a group of musicians/longtime friends to raise money for his medical treatment and continuing care with the goal of hearing Brian play again.

February 3 - Change of hosting

=> Dear friends of STONESNEWS.COM - within the next day/hours, these pages will change the hosting provider! So in case you'll get some empty page or something similar - don't worry - stonesnews will be back soon! :-)

January 30 - Mick on Twitter/Instagram: "2019 - all about writing, recording....and a tour !"

=> There's 22 seconds of Mick playing a Tele and singing the refrain of a new song of his, "Really wanna tell the truth" sounding like a danceable groovy track; whether this has to do with the new Stones album remains unknown. Mick feels fine! Watch it on Instagram, too, if you prefer.

January 29 - Alert: Keith is feeling bored!

=> Yes, folks! Nevertheless, he's very much looking forward to hittin' the road again and get that album done. But that is kinda boring, he feels, towards the end and it's hard work. So go to and read what he has to say about that... however, although the pics there are really nice, I for one like the picture of him at the german Rolling Stone issue much better, hehehe...

January 22 - Ronnie is getting ready for recording... / Keith at BBCs 6music

=> Last Saturday, Ronnie was interviewed at eurosports during the 13th Masters final and he said he was getting ready for recording 'next week' (i.e. this week) in L.A. as well as getting ready to tour ... and then the second Ronnie walks in ... but see for yourself:

=> Keith, too, is about to join the band this week, heading for the studio, because the have 'an accumulation of stuff' to play around with... Keith comes in at 1:42:00 - He's interviewed because of the 30th anniversary of "Talk Is Cheap", so give him a listen. Near the end of the interview, we come to hear one of the bonus tracks, namely "My Babe", at 1:53:14. Or, you just have a taste right here - enjoy!!!

January 17 - Stones at New Orleans Jazz Fest / Charlie interview

=> It's THURSDAY, MAY 2! At that day, the Stones are gouing to hit the stage at the 50th New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival! This was also announced by yesterday. What a nice confirmation of all the rumours we have had during the last months... of course, they are the headliners.

=> We all know, that Charlie isn't giving that lot of interviews. The better it is for this interview, Charlie gave Chad Smith for - and even better yet: it comes in 4 parts! And here is part #1 for you too start with - enjoy! If you prefer to watch it in 1 go - click here

December 31 - Happy New Year, Folks!

=> Dear friends of - I wish you all a very happy, healthy and joyous new year 2019! We all have reason to look forward to 2019 with an US-Tour of our beloved band and maybe even a new album. WHAT A BAND! WHAT A FANBASE! - GOD/ALLAH/JEHOWA/SHIVA/BUDDHA BLESS THE ROLLING STONES!!! See you all soon!

December 18 - Happy Birthday, Keith! / BBC radio 2 - Stones in Blue

=> Long live Keith Richards & The Rolling Stones!!!

=> The Stones in Blue - tonight at 21:00 on BBC radio 2! Cerys Matthews, presenter of the Radio 2 Blues Show, leads us through this fast-paced trip through the Stones' personal blues history, as told by the band themselves...

December 17 - Ronnie joins Ringo & Macca in London / Keith turns 75 tomorrow

=> "Get Back" was the song - and Paul was joined onstage by Ringo and Ronnie. Paul McCartney played a gig last night at the O2 Arena. See for a nice report. Also reporting is the with pics from Stella McCartney's Instagram - nice!!

=> Yup! Keith has 3/4 of a hundred very soon! Theodora has her show on Radio Sirizus XM and hosted her dad for a 1 hour show. She explained: "Hey there boys and girls. This is a special birthday episode of #offthecuff @siriusxm with me and daddio @officialkeef coming on DEC 18 at 800 PM EST channel 28 The Spectrum. This was a heartfelt one for me and dad didn't hold back on me! He schooled me, schools me and we have a lot of laughs x love you dad " (go see the other 2 lovely pics of daughter and dad on Instagram).
Theo and Keith - Pic by instagram

December 13 - Keith stays sober

=> How brave can a man be? Almost 75, Keith is kicking drinking. Amazing! Just days before his 75th birthday, we hear that he's going to stop it (, because it get's boring, basically. As for the last tours in Europe, you could tell that Keith's playing and presence looked clearer. The story is also told by So - gold rings on ya, Keef, new horizons in sight! - What a band!!

December 7 - Recommended Reads - Ronnie's stoked / 50 Years of Sympathy / Beggars / New Orleans Jazzfest

=> Recommended read: Ronnie is totally stoked for upcoming Rolling Stones No Filter tour (

=> Satanism and The Rolling Stones ... 50 Years of Sympathy ( ... /// The Rolling Stones' darkest hit (

=> 50 years of Beggar's Banquet! Track-by-Track (

=> Since long there were rumours, that the Stones would play the Fest... Now the fest announced that it is adding an extra day to the festival making Thursday, April 25, the opening day until April 28, then again on May 2-5. Compare to the dates of the No Filter Tour above and you can imagine, that a spot for the Stones could be possible, right!?

December 4 - What's Ronnie doing?

=> Well, he's preparing for the tour next year as well as having great fun! See him play with the 'Reef'-band "Stay With Me" at Nells Jazz and Blues Club, London, last Saturday! See below and enjoy! He also joined in for a bluesy gospel, just click this link...

December 2 - Ticket rush

=> Yup, lots of ticket sold already, Lucky Dips are already gone, it seems! Still there are lots of tickets left. Interesting article on this subject: "Ticketmaster Has Its Own Secret 'Scalping Program,' Canadian Journalists Report"!

November 30 - Keith in Rolling Stone interview

=> Check out the interview with Keith in Rolling Stone online: "Keith Richards on Rolling Stones' Stadium Tour: 'Maybe This Will Be the Last One'" where he utters among other things "... there might be a session sometime in December ..." - about possible studio works, which sounds promising!

November 29 - 2 more dates for June 2019!

=> Here we go - 2 more dates added, "due to demand"!
1) June 17 - MetLife Stadium EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ
2) June 25 - Soldier Field CHICAGO, IL

So, hurry up, folks: The pre-sale for these new dates starts TODAY (Thursday 29th) at 10AM local time and all pre-sales via will END TONIGHT at 10pm local time. Use the code MIDNIGHT (sic!) to purchase your tickets during this time.

November 27 - Presale starts tomorrow, Nov. 28, 10 AM EST

=> As most of you, I got my presale code: "MIDNIGHT"! The band tweeted: "Thanks to all those who signed up to receive the pre-sale code, as per the form, the code started to send out FROM 11am EST. As you can imagine it is a very large list and will take some time to reach all. Thanks for your patience" Go to and check the links for the presale which starts in some hours, depending on which time zone it is in. So get ready early enough! Good luck for you all!

November 22 - Get your PRE-SALE code now!

=> In order to receive a pre-sale code allowing early access to tickets for the Rolling Stones US No Filter Tour 2019 click this link NOW!

November 20 - Tour Announcement Aftermath

=> Are we lucky fans or what!? After the announcement yesterday, let's check for the tickets and other relevant informations. If you want to read a transcript of yesterday's announcement, you can do so at Also, you can listen to it again here.
(thanks Diego for recording the wav - converted to mp3, 7:21 minutes)
As for the rumoured May 2nd New Orleans Jazz Fest date, that is missing from the above list, maybe because the organizers of that festival will announce the lineup in December - but we can have solid hopes, that this gig is happening.
Don't forget to sign up at before next Tuesday, November 27th in order to get the presale codes in time. If you check for Ticketmaster or American Express, note that there could be different dates for the pre-sales.

The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour USA 2019

November 19 - TOUR-ANNOUNCEMENT // TICKETS No Filter US-Tour 2019

=> gives us this info: There will be a special fan pre-sale on Wednesday 28th November at 10am (local time) via If you want access to the pre-sale then enter your details here by 9am EST on Tuesday 27th November and you will be emailed a code the day before the pre-sale begins. Tickets go on general sale on Friday 30th November at 10am (local time).

=> HERE WE GO ... Rolling Stone has it already: "The Rolling Stones Announce 2019 'No Filter' U.S. Stadium Tour" - The 13-show tour will kick off April 20th at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida and wrap up June 21st at Soldier Field in Chicago. Tickets go on sale November 30th at 10:00 a.m. These are 13 official dates by now - I'm sure they'll add 2, 3 more dates inbetween the fixed dates known by now... Same info now on // // // Mick announced the start and end dates of the tour, Keith confirmed their fun to keep staying on the road - Mick and Keith are both on the phone - they changed the european No Filter stage a bit for the US - Mick says they want to pick cities where they haven't been too often - Keith wants to push the Solomon Burke song 'Cry To Me' to get it up the stage - Keith calls it the "Hello Again Tour" - Mick says, that 'No Filter' rather means 'Staight ahead' than anything about fags...

=> Listen to Lonestar 92.5 this Monday at 2 pm (3pm EST) as Jim Kerr will have an exclusive interview with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards! Alternatively, if you're from outside of the USofA, you can try for Q104.3 FM or you can try for Lone Star 92.5. Then again, you can try for some VPN Proxies out of the following lists, select an Proxy IP and insert that into the network-settings of your browser: premproxy or proxynova (thx for the info Irix! [iorr]

November 18 - Expect the TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW!

=> Here is the message from iHeartMedia: iHeartMedia is partnering with The Rolling Stones to announce their upcoming tour. Listen to Lonestar 92.5 this Monday at 2 pm as Jim Kerr will have an exclusive interview with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards to break down all the details. W-O-W, so here we go again! What a band!!!!!

=> TICKETS will go on sale Friday, November 30 at 10 AM at!! By now, there is a total of 16 dates in the talks. Also, by the end of this month, a studio in Paris has been booked, so that would point towards some (hopefully finishing) touches of the new album. Maybe it even could be ready and out by tourstart next year? That would just be awesomely wonderful!

November 16 - Tour 2019 / Voodoo Lounge Uncut / Ronnie Scott's aftermath

=> Expect the TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT likely to happen next week!! :-)))))

=> Out today: Voodoo Lounge Uncut! Go and grab it, hehehe...

=> Ronnie Wood, Jeff Beck, Imelda May and Johnny Depp joined the stage yesterday for some incredible numbers...! For the Johnny Depp pictures, go to The Daily Mail. At Instagramm, 'hermanndollmann' has some nice videos from this show, so go and have a look: Looks like a great eveneing, Around and Around, // Ronnie on slide..., // Johnny Depp joins in, // Now for the encores, // more encores - Thanks Hermann! :-)

The Rolling Stones: Voodoo Lounge Uncut - out now!

November 14 - Tongues popping up! / Ronnie with Ben Waters at Ronnie Scott's

=> Dear friends, if you see Stones tongues appearing in US cities, send 'em to me! (zebulon [a] stonesnews-dot-com) It seems, they switched from billboards to tongue pics at walls or on the paths to stir the excitement, hehehe ... The list of possible venues has grown considerably by now - more than 13 cities are in the hope for getting a gig next year: Miami, Houston, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Pasadena, Santa Clara, Denver, Glendale, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Boston, Seattle!

=> Ronnie played yesterday with Ben Waters at Ronnie Scotts! The has a nice review and 12 pics to look at in a gallery: "This show was a wonderful tribute to Chuck Berry who died last year aged 90, a masterful showcase for some of our finest musicians and a whole lot of fun - a brilliant evening all round." Please also enjoy some short videos on Instagram by burdettjeremy and gilliandawood!

Well, we all know what THAT means, right!?!! - Stones Instagram today Chicago, United Center Ben Waters and Ronnie Wood at Wimborne's Tivoli Theatre. Picture by Allan Jones,

November 14 - Tour 2019: new locations rumoured

=> So far, we have: Miami, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Houston, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Boston and 2 x New York! As always: NOTHING is official yet! Tour-start could be April 24, ending in NY in mid June ... I'm really getting exited here! ;-)

November 9 - Tour 2019 news / Confessin' The Blues is out

=> Denver, Forborow, Boston, Jacksonville and now New York! NOTHING is official yet, of course, but these are the rumoured venues so far. The tour may start in April and could last until June next year. In any case: it's just WONDERFUL, isn't it??

=> Really nice, a must-have! Featuring Chuck Berry, B.B King, Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Elmore James and Muddy Waters, this album collects together the greatest ever bluesmen. The cover art is by Ronnie. The band and BMG have decided that 10% of BMG's net receipts from the sale of this album (with a minimum of£0.65 (2CD) /£1.25 (2LP) /£3.00 (Bookpack) UK pounds sterling), will be donated to Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation (Registered as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organisation in the United States). Check out the 2 YT videos of the launch party with Ronnie and the animated unpacking:

November 6 - Ronnie at Ronnie Scott's / Tour hints are heating up ...

=> Ben Waters Band with special guest Ronnie Wood: A Tribute to Chuck Berry, plus further guests! - that's what it says at Ronnie Scott's website - Dates: Wednesday 14th November 2018 - Thursday 15th November 2018 However: SOLD OUT already! No wonder. Hope we get some decent stream of that!!!

=> Rumours are heating up, the excitement rises! As discussions buzz and possible tour dates for The Rolling Stones US Tour 2019 are dreamed of (like Denver, Boston, Chicago and many others), JamBase picks up the thread by posting "The Rolling Stones Tease 2019 US Tour Announcement"! In the same direction point,, and - More to come soon, hopefully...

November 5 - Start Me Up at Foxborough!

=> Now this is nice!! In Denver, there's a tongue hanging at the Mile High stadium and in Foxborough the Stones were featured during the cheerleader's show! Just see the Tweet by 'Just Pete' on Twitter for the tongue-pic and have a look at the Twitter-video from Focborough - I'ld say, we're on to something new coming up! Meanwhile, encourages fans to (re-)sign-up for their news-list, so you better go there :-)

The tongue outside Mile High stadium, Denver - pic by @petebuser The Stones celebrated by the cheerleaders at Focborough

October 31 - Rumours of American tour 2019

=> Still some more to come! Rumours are still abounding and all one can hear points to a tour of the US next year, maybe starting in April 2019. We hope for an official announcement a little earlier. And then again, we have both Mick and Keith posting aboubt new music, which is about the new Stones album for sure. In a nutshell: if nothing really bad happens, we can expect a new album and a US tour next year. Let's keep our fingers crossed... yea, I'll keep you posted if any more reliable news comes through, promised!

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