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STONES SIXTY Europe Tour – next up: Amsterdam


June 2022

  1. WEDNESDAY, June 1 – MADRID, Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, SPAIN
  2. SUNDAY, June 5 – MUNICH, Olympic Stadium, GERMANY
  3. THURSDAY, June 9 – LIVERPOOL, Anfield Stadium, UK
  4. MONDAY, June 13 – AMSTERDAM, Johan Cruijff Arena, NETHERLANDS – Cancelled
  5. FRIDAY, June 17 – BERN, Wankdorf Stadium, SWITZERLAND – Cancelled
  6. TUESDAY, June 21 – MILAN, San Siro Stadium, ITALY
  7. SATURDAY, June 25 – LONDON, American Express presents BST Hyde Park, UK

July 2022

  1. SUNDAY, July 3 – LONDON, American Express presents BST Hyde Park, UK
  2. TURSDAY, July 7 – AMSTERDAM, Johan Cruijff Arena, NETHERLANDS (rescheduled)
  3. MONDAY, July 11 – BRUSSELS, King Baudouin Stadium, BELGIUM – Tickets
  4. FRIDAY, July 15 – VIENNA, Ernst Happel Stadium, AUSTRIA – Tickets
  5. TUESDAY, July 19 – LYON, Groupama Stadium, FRANCE – Tickets
  6. SATURDAY, July 23 – PARIS, Hippodrome Paris, FRANCE – Tickets
  7. WEDNESDAY, July 27 – GELSENKIRCHEN, Veltins Arena, GERMANY – Tickets
  8. SUNDAY, July 31 – STOCKHOLM, Friends Arena, SWEDEN – Tickets

August 2022

  1. WEDNESDAY, August 3 – BERLN, Waldbühne, GERMANY – Tickets

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Amsterdam ante portas…

July 6, 2022 Amsterdam ante portas...
Yes, folks, tomorrow, The Stones will play the Johann Cruijf Arena in beautiful Amsterdam! All we hear from folks at the gigs is praise and respect for the boys, especially Mick, ...

Hyde Park II Aftermath

July 4, 2022 Hyde Park II Aftermath
And again: a more than great show - that's what you hear from folks who have been there. Some of the press: - Rolling Stones at BST Hyde Park ...

Stones Party in Hyde Park tonight!

July 3, 2022 Stones Party in Hyde Park tonight!
Let’s have another blast, everyone! It’s showtime tonight and it’s a sunny evening at Hyde Park! Again, we’ll try our best to keep up with news, pics and live streams as ...

Hyde Park II, Charlie’s Good Tonight

July 2, 2022 Hyde Park II, Charlie’s Good Tonight
This week went by so quick! Hyde Park II is coming up. And an official Bio of Charlie! Tomorrow, the second show at Hyde Park will take place. The first show ...

Where the boys go …

June 28, 2022 Where the boys go ...
Presale starts right now (12:00) – Use this presale code: SCARLET Hyde Park I was simply a blast! Below you can see some messages from Mick, Keith and Ronnie. And 4 ...

Hyde Park I Aftermath

June 26, 2022 Hyde Park I Aftermath
Wow! Hyde Park! The Rolling Stones live! From looking at the show by using the few streams we got, it must have been another blast and really goog show. Right ...

H Y D E Park tonight!

June 25, 2022 H Y D E Park tonight!
LIVE STREAMS ==> Shidoobee Group – MR, PIB, SMU, GS, JJF, SFTD, Satisfaction Barnaby was back (PIB) Keld – HTW (then stops) Barnaby (YCAGWYW) James – 14:31 – SFM, 19NMB, TD, OOT (beginning)   SETLIST: Street Fighting ...

Dawn in the park!

June 25, 2022 Dawn in the park!
Tomorrow, London’s Hyde Park will yet again see The Rolling Stones! Good news first: the London weather forcast for Saturday tell of a partly cloudy but dry summer day with approximely ...

New tourdate: BERLIN!

June 23, 2022 New tourdate: BERLIN!
Exciting: The Rolling Stones just announced an additional date: Berlin, August 8, Waldbühne! 1) So this would be the new end of tour show instead of Stockholm! Last time they played ...

Milano aftermath

June 22, 2022 Milano aftermath
That definitely was a good show by The Rolling Stones. The majority of accounts one can find in the web tell of a band in high spirits and tight sound. ...

Milano: Rock’n’Roll tonight!

June 21, 2022 Milano: Rock'n'Roll tonight!
=> Please reload this page once in a while for updates It’s a Stones night once again!! Ok, Mick is well and back again. He maybe has to be careful with his voice a bit ...

Greetings from Mick and Keith

June 20, 2022 Greetings from Mick and Keith
All systems go and ready for playing Milano! The vote page still isn’t displaying any songs to choose from and still has January 01 1970 on top – something must have ...

Looking forward to Milan!

June 20, 2022 Looking forward to Milan!
After bad news comes the good news – Mick is well and the show at Milano will take place as planned! That’s what the band tweeted just a few hours ago. ...

Amsterdam rescheduled!

June 15, 2022 Amsterdam rescheduled!
The band has confirmed, that the Amsterdam show is now erscheduled to July 7! As for the question about to what date the Bern concert would be rescheduled, the announcement read: ...

As expected: Bern is cancelled, too

June 14, 2022 As expected: Bern is cancelled, too
Too sad, but this date is cancelled, too Ok, we have seen it coming, but … all the best wishes to Mick! The good news is, that the gig in Milan ...

Stones Amsterdam Show cancelled!

June 13, 2022 Stones Amsterdam Show cancelled!
Mick was prooven positive of Covid19 – and the show is cancelled! Hi folks! Just cam in from office work, prepared for a long, hot Stones night… Just heard the news ...

Amsterdam is next!

June 12, 2022 Amsterdam is next!
Just on more night and then it’s time again to welcome The Rolling Stones on stage in Amsterdam! After that well done gig in Liverpool we can expect another great show ...

Liverpool aftermath

June 10, 2022 Liverpool aftermath
Folks, what can I say. Dynamite show in Liverpool, really! It’s just wonderful, insane, crazy, far out, hilarious and jaw-dropping: The Rolling Stones delivered in Liverpool one of the best shows, ...

The Stones live in Liverpool!!

June 9, 2022 The Stones live in Liverpool!!
=> Please reload this page once in a while for updates The Rolling Stones will rock the Merseyside tonight! Kinda funny: the song vote is still entitled for Munich… well, I wonder ...

Coming up: Liverpool!

June 8, 2022 Coming up: Liverpool!
The Stones are in Liverpool, oviously! Funny enough: less than a day until showtime and the song vote for Munich is still online. Liverpool’s choices nevertheless will appear at the same ...

Munich aftermath

June 6, 2022 Munich aftermath
And another solid 2 hour show! The Stones played again for 2 solid hours and 19 songs in Munich! First comments about the show tell of great and clear sound ...

Munich – the place to be tonight!

June 5, 2022 Munich - the place to be tonight!
=> Please reload this page once in a while for updates The Rolling Stones play the Olympiastadium in Munich tonight. Sure enough, we are going to follow this show as much as ...

Next: Munich!!

June 5, 2022 Next: Munich!!
Munich show is next - that place has some memories for the Stones! They did sessions here for Some Girls and before that there was Keith's fling with Uschi Obermaier, ...

Madrid aftermath – videos

June 2, 2022 Madrid aftermath - videos
What a night is was and what a show the bad put on! Judging even from the so-so 'quality' of the streams yesterday, I for one had the impression, that ...

June 1st – The Rolling Stones live in Madrid

June 1, 2022 June 1st - The Rolling Stones live in Madrid
Gates are open, the tribes are gathering. As we expect 2 band as openers (Sidonie and Vargas Blues Band featuring John Byron Jagger – son of Mick’s brother!), the Stones ...


June 1, 2022 TOURSTART TO-DAY !!!
Yes, it's about time to let the tigers out, as Keith said... Today, The fuckin' Rolling Stones once again hit the stage for the first gig of their SIXTY-tour of ...

Happy, happy birthday, Ronnie!

June 1, 2022 Happy, happy birthday, Ronnie!
75 years today and celebrating with thousands of friends in Madrid! That’s really wonderful: Ronnie is sober and at good health as far as we know. That’s not given for granted ...

The Vote, #2

May 31, 2022 The Vote, #2
The song vote for Madrid has changed! I can’t remember to have witnessed this before… 🙂 Two days after the Stones gave us this choice for the song vote: Wild Horses Angie Ruby Tuesday Fool To ...

Tour start ante portas … 19 songs!

May 30, 2022 Tour start ante portas ... 19 songs!
Two days before tourstart, the band rehearses on stage at the venue. The Stones stick to their usual habits. They rehearse weeks before at some secret place and then, just some ...

The Vote, The Stage

May 29, 2022 The Vote, The Stage
Just 2 more days to go, and we will witness the Rolling Stones Sixty Tour of Europe! Meanwhile, the song-vote is up again, as we know it from the last ...