Songs rehearsed and a better Ronnie

Some news about the rehearsals surfaced recently!

From what folks could hear outisde, the band sems to be rehearsing almost all the new songs, which is a very good sign for the upcoming tour! Chanel Hayes comes strong on Gimme Shelter.

As for the ballads, folks heard “She’s A Rainbow“, “Sweet Black Angel” and of course “Angie“. And Keith is rehearsing “Tell Me Straight“!

Then, last Friday, these songs could be heard: Gimme Shelter several times, especially the intro, 3x Mess It Up, Heartbreaker, 2x Bite My Head Off, Under My Thumb, Let It Bleed, Angie, Litte T&A (!!) and Sweet Virginia.

And here’s a picture from Fb. with a list of more songs registered from yesterday (thx Dan!)

Songs rehearsedOn YT, we now have a better sound and picture from Ronnie’s

Thx to Dave [UC] for the link!

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