Mixed news

There’s something about taxes, a welsh bassist and tickets for May2nd Jazz Fest…

The Stones and finances is a book of it’s own – apart from a signed copy of Ronnie Schneider‘s book “Out Of Our Heads, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Me” (see stonesnews.com for this and also stonesnews.com), I have only little information about these things. That’s probably why the headline at businessplus.ie caught my eye: “Rolling in it! Stones pay just 1% tax on massive earnings” – a nice little read about this subject and you can catch Mick-quotes like “…I am frugal…” and “…I’m not at all stingy…”

Rehearsals: not much information around… however, Bernard Fowler posted a picture together with welsh bassis Pino Palladino – obviously at the rehearsals site – and isn’t it a bass from Darryl, Pino has hanging from his shoulder?

Bernard and Pino Palladino

At gulflive.com, Emily Topping promises to update her article periodically about how to still get tickets for the Stones at Jazz Fest, May 2: “Here’s how you still can get tickets to see The Rolling Stones on May 2 at Jazz Fest” – if interested, go there and good luck!



Kommentar zu “Mixed news

  • April 9, 2024 at 17:33

    Thats extremly dissapointing news! How can you not pay tax if you are a multi-millionaire and your money MAINLY comes from taxpaying fans???????????
    I turned my back 100% on U2 after they left Ireland in August 2006 because the country that gave them the ok to get filthy rich taxless for decades now started to ask for a STILL SMALL tax!
    Will this be alos my end of my „love-affair” with the Stones??? Could very likely be so!
    Shame on you Mick & Keith!


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