Mick’s birthday aftermath + 40 Licks

Mick has celebrated his 80th birthday with a huge party at Chelsea Physic Garden.

Of course, his kids were there as well as Jerry Hall, Ronnie with Sally, Lenny Kravitz, Leonardo de Caprio, his brother Chris and lots of other posh folks. Melanie Hamrick however was slightly handycapped – wearing a moon boot to cure some injury on her right foot, the cause for her injury is not known. However, for a ballet dancer like her, that must be a drag… so get well soon, Melanie!

As with every such event, there’s lots of coverage and pictures. So have a look at dailymail.co.uk for an articke and a gallery of 49 pics, hellomagazine.com, standard.co.uk, independent.co.uk, or tmz.com.

Mick - 2023

Bill also sent in his best wishes:

Greetings from Lenny Kravitz

Even ABCKO sent in congratulations … well …

New York is greeting!

And it’s time for the new 40 Licks stream:


2 thoughts on “Mick’s birthday aftermath + 40 Licks

  • July 28, 2023 at 18:30

    Pity about the spelling errors in the text accompanying the 80th birthday pic of Mick


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