Meanwhile … just for the fun of it …

Meanwhile … just for the fun of it …

Revisited some of the large amount of YT videos with Stones content…

While the countdown for the Hackney Diamonds runs towards his end, I thought, I might just occasingly suggest a video for you to see or to revisit here which maybe hasn’t been seen for a while of which is not included in the 30 most seen ones. In loose order, I’ll just add more of these videos every once in a while to fill the gaps… So, if you have any suggestions about a video which might fit in here and matches the claim not to be one of the most popular just everbody knows and has seen already a hundred times, just commend right here below or sent in a note!

I just stumbled across this gem again: provided  at YT with the text “Welcome to Goats Head Soup 2020. Featuring three unheard tracks, sitting alongside an all-new stereo mix of the original 1973 album, plus demos, outtakes, live performances & more“, which links to the official store of that edition, we can enjoy one of the  best versions of “Silver Train” from that album.

More Hackney Diamonds and …

More Hackney Diamonds and …

Now the machine gathers momentum…

The marketing now follows the Hackney Diamonds ad in the Hackney Gazette on a much broader scale. Worldwide, that is, as expected.

The broken glass tongue now appears rould the globe (see gallery below) and now, too, has migrated to the new album announcement.

Accordingly, as the band is carrying on, the video with Don’t Stop! was published… really nice to hear that again, much more under these circumstances!

And our Ronnie has sent us some more pictures and videos from his last gig with Van Morrison and Chris Farlowe

We have a countdown!

Hackney Diamonds - Countdown!

Now we know we are into something truly wonderful!

By now, I think, we can be sure that our hopes and guesses were right: Hackney Diamonds is the next studio album of the Rolling StonesAfter breaking the glass at, you’ll be treated with a Rolling Stones tongue made of broken glass and the countdown presented in the 4 corners of the page.

That countdown points to next Wednesday, September 6, 2:30 PM (that’s UK time).

Hackney Diamonds - Countdown!
Then, below the tongue, you are invited to click the “JOIN THE WORLD” button – you then can register your name and e-mail-adress under the headline


Join The Rolling Stones mailing list.”

As a result, you’ll receive a message, welcoming you to the Stomes mailing list:


Thanks for signing up to the Official Rolling Stones mailing list.
Stay tuned for the latest news, tour info, competitions and special offers.
As a special treat, enjoy 10% off in our online store. Simply add the following code at checkout:


Here we go! 😉

Ronnie at Van Morrison’s gig

Ronnie at Van Morrison’s gig

Yesterday, Ronnie appeared as Van Morrison’s surprise guest at the Páirc Festival.

As always, Ronnie loves plaiyng with Van and thanks to Christina W., Monica M. – both at Facebook) and  Ronnie himself, we get a glimbse of what the gig was like. Ronnie was particularly pleased to play with Chris Farlowe again!

Monica shared 2:53 with us to see and hear how it was like…

Hackney Diamonds – what do we know?

Don't get angry!

Said it before and will say it again: if the Stones go guerilla marketing with this thing, I really dig it!

Meanwhile, some really bright heads from IORR checked the ASCAP website and hey, they found something interesting for us! ASCAP “is home to more than 930,000 music creator members across all genres – the greatest names in music, and thousands more in the early stages of their careers.”

And among them you will find ‘JAGGER MICHAEL PHILLIP’, ‘RICHARDS KEITH’ as well as Charlie and Ronnie, but producer ‘ANDREW WATT’, too, who was involved with the new album we all waited for for so long. And guess what: there are listed about 12 songtitles under Mick’s and Keith’s entries.

One of them is “Angry” – and remember the message after you registered at It said “Don’t get angry, get it fixed!

Don't get angry!And ‘Angry’ is among the list of songs at ASCAP. So maybe, we’ll get Angry as the first single of the new album!?

And here is the list of those 12 song titles which could make up the new Rolling Stones album. Those marked are produced with Andrew Watt.

  1. Angry *
  2. Bite my Head Off
  3. Depending on You *
  4. Dreamy Skies
  5. Driving me Too Hard
  6. Get Close *
  7. Live by the Sword
  8. Mess it Up
  9. Morning Joe Cues
  10. Sweet Sounds of Heaven
  11. Tell me Straight
  12. Whole Wide World

If you are interested in one copy of the Hackney Gazette with the Stones ad, check out and scroll down the article – there’s the info where you can call or mail and ask for a copy!

Hackney Diamonds !!?!!

Hackney Diamonds !!?!!

Nice idea! The Rolling Stones most probably advertise their NEW UPCOMING ALBUM with an ad in a UK newspaper as glass specialist ‘Hackney Diamonds’

Maybe that’s the title of their new album, too… whaddya think??

In the ad it says, that they’ll fix your shattered windows when you say gimme shelter and that they promise satisfaction … 

Announcement: Sept. 23
Release date: Oct. 23

That’s a nice idea, I find! See among others:,, [update],,

Thanks for the link, Chris!!

And here is something from the YT-realm: The Story behind the New Stones Album, part 1, part 2

Part 1:

Part 2:


Tumbling Cards!

Tumbling Cards!

That was about time! Finally, we can play the Rolling Stones with decent cards!

Well, folks, that 20 english pounds per deck. But if you buy 3 decks, you’ll get 5% off, buy 6 decks and get 10% off… so, in that fashion, if you buy 60 decks, you should come out with 100% off, hehehe …

But seriously, folks, I from what I have seen of this so far, I’m into this thing. But who will be the on the queen cards???


Premium playing cards produced in collaboration with Theory 11. The Rolling Stones are rock and roll. Strut into the world of the English rock legends with these official, premium playing cards. Made in America with FSC-certified paper and letterpress printing. You’ll lose your dreams and your mind when you hold these in your hands. Even the Aces and Jokers have all custom art! Each band member is featured on the court cards as they dazzle and light up the stage – and of course, they’re painted black.


Unveiled: The Glimmer Twins in Dartfort

Unveiled: The Glimmer Twins in Dartfort

Finally, Dartford has unveiled two of their most prominent citizens: Mick and Keith in bronze!

As reported before (see the news ‘Harps and Statues‘ here), two bronze statues of Mick and Keith, captured in mid-performance, have been installed on Dartford High Street on Wednesday, August 9th in front of members of the musicians’ families. The statues, commissioned by the Dartford borough council, have been created by Amy Goodman, herself a fan, and are called “The Glimmer Twins”.

=> //




Well Keith, where did the ‘Glimmer Twins’ thing come from?
Answer: Ask Keith…


One of the best…

One of the best…

One of the best Stones docus that I know is …

… and I know a lot of them, believe me, both official and unofficial.

However, this one particularly blew my mind when I first saw it. And it still does.That must have been around the turn of the centuries because that film was made in 1999. The Stones were on their No Security tour by then and again they had a gig in Chicago. They had played Chicago before in Sept. 23, 25, 1997, then again in April 23, 1998 and March 26 and April 12, 1999. Chris Evans and his team met the band there at the second gig in 1999 and did interviews with them.

The way this was done, however was so very much a reliev and a joy to see and listen to for me because Chris just chatted with them instead of asking the same questions again and again in most of the interviews with them. Really, this had a completely other feel and I was so delighted to be backstage and listen to the things they told. Then again, these interviews were done with close ups on the faces, or the hands, emphasizing the faces with sharp contrasts of light and shadow, creating a closeness I have never seen in such documentaries before.

I LOVE IT! Honestly, I know the whole thing by heart since long time. So I really recommend this video to you and the only disadvantage it has is the fact, that it only lasts 50 minutes. I could watch stuff like that for hours and hours…

So please enjoy this one and feel free to commend below what you think about this  – are there other videos you can suggest?

Keith’s Jaguar

Keith’s Jaguar

I’m not into cars, definitely.

With this one, however, that’s another story. Keith traveled approximately 25.000 miles with this item and as such, that is remarkable both because a) Keith is still alive and b) the car still exists. You know, the thing with Keith and his driving cars is one scary story after the other.

But that is all long gone and past by now; and I have to admit – that particular item is one really pretty, elegantly looking car, right?

So if this just hits you and you think “Man, I must have this car” – well, then you actually can, because it’s just up for grabs, hehehe… just have a look at for all the nescessary informations!