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1st things first: New album: 'Blue & Lonesome' / EXHIBITIONISM opens in NYC, next is Australia / New album and European Tour in 2017

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Stones turn Blues

==> Tourdates 2016 <==

07 October - Indio, California - Empire Polo Club 
14 October - Indio, California - Empire Polo Club
19 October - Las Vegas, Nevada - T-Mobile Arena | CANCELLED!
22 October - Las Vegas, Nevada - T-Mobile Arena

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February 18 - Tour News

=> The european tour is still in the making! Still, dates in several european countries such as France, Ireland, Austria, Norway, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Bosnia-Herzegovina are in the rumoured list of possible dates for the gigs of The Rolling Stones tour 2017. As we are approaching March, things will clear up and you are going to read it here ASAP - promised! :-)

February 13 - Mick & Charles

=> Mick was in Paris last week! Maybe he still is... However, he met Charles Anavour there. "Sťance de travail avec Mick Jagger" it reads, posted by @HAYprod, thx for the tip, ReginaPhalange [iorr].
Photo © Marc Di Domenico"
Mick and Chales Aznavour, Paris, Feb. 10, 2017

February 6 - TOUR 2017: Austria seems a done deal!

=> Again, nothing official but close: June 3, Spielberg, Red Bull Ring (Racing Track), Austria! The source, tells us, that an Spielberg-insider tells of an already signed contract for this date. The headlines tells about some "Abschied" i.e. farewell, but that's the usual tabloid crap since the late 60ies, hehehe ... So, at last, we're about to approch safer ground than just rumours. Great! More coming up for sure, soon!

February 3 - Tourdate-rumours: update

=> We're still in the negociating- or bidding-phase, but this comes to an end, soon. As for Vienna, there could be an alternative place. Dublin is still rumoured as well as Paris. Now, we also hear about Munich and a gig in Italy. Nijmwegen is still in the bids, and maybe the tour could wind up in the UK. Nothing is certain, though, yet. We'll get to know for sure soon...

February 2 - Stones at Croke Park, IE, this year?

=> According to the Irish Independent and the Irish Sun as well as the Irish Mirror, the Stones might be playing at the Dublin stadium this June. Nothing official though, of course. They last played there in 2007, so it would be a massive draw for this gig. As the stadium has a limit as to not more than three concerts per year and the other two are already confirmed for U2 and Coldplay, this decision sounds reasonable. So this is not officially confirmed, but likely! :-) If you stumble across sites who want to sell you tickets for this tour although nothing is officialy confirmed yet, just skip it!

January 28 - So the Stones were again #1 these days! Ain't that great?!

=> Here's a little reminder of the first BLUES #1 in England, "Little Red Rooster" by The Rolling Stones in 1965, originally written by Willi Dixon in 1961. See Brian in all his glory playing bottleneck and the Stones this time playing live at the Ed Sullivan Show. I'm so proud of 'em (and that's for a reason!) - WHAT-A-BAND!

January 26 - Outch! No Stones in Vienna

=> That's not so funny: there will be no Stones gig in Vienna tis year, as rumours told before. At least, it's official, now, so we're heading towards more reliable dates. As you can read at Josef Schartner, the press officer of "Rock in Vienna", has denied that there have been negotiations with the band alltogether. The site has meanwhile removed it's offer of Stones tickets for the said festival.

January 17 - Happy Birthday, Mick Taylor!

=> Guitar virtuoso Mick turns 68 today, if I'm not mistaken! Thanks a million, Mick, for all the groove and licks and bends and melody, fills, great rhythm and even greater lead you gave to all of us!!!

Here's 'Winter' from Goats Head Soup and Mick's solo from 2000 - thx kleermaker1000 for uploading this to YT!

January 13 - Don Was interview

=> You gotta listen to this! A very nice, detailed talk about recording with the Rolling Stones, the way Blue & Lonesome was produced and more ... Producer Don Was on the Rolling Stonesí Future: 'The Rock Cellar Conversations' []

Don Was producing Blue & Lonesome, interview, Photo: Mathieu Bitton

January 12 - You guessed right!

=> I guess you guessed right - I had a few days off... :-) Yes - some days less computer, more books and healthy walks through the cold, clear air. But now, I'm back.

=> What can we expect for 2017? We can be sure to get a new album and an european tour this year. Below you see some of the rumoured venues - there will be more. However, nothing more has surfaced since last month. The Stones are on holidays, too, but things will come to life back again soon. You'll get notice as soon as I hear about anything interesting. But I won't quote all rumours that fly around as most of them simply too far fetched. That won't happen to anything interesting, though, promised!

BTW - I very much thank you all for keep visiting my little Stones-site here through all the years! I'm really honored and very thankful to you and I hope, you'll keep coming back! :-)
Here's a little spanish, SA "Thank You" for you folks, but only for a short while... enjoy! (right-click & save-as ...)

=> Ok, to start things up a little, have a nice, hilarious little read with this litte text here, called: "Keith Richards kept on shooting me"- wonderful! [thx Dough, Argus, sdb]

December 30 - Rumors become more concrete

=> Good news as the year winds down: Vienna/Austria is not officially confirmed, but almost! Austrian tabloid "Heute" knows, that there are 2 dates which may get set for 2 shows in Vienna: June 3 & 4. They also name three more dates for Paris (June 24), Oslo (July 1) and somewhere in the Netherlands on July 14. Here's article (german) ... more to come soon, I guess! ^^

December 17 - Tour rumors!

=> Tour rumours keep on rumbling. So far, there are 5 cities in the game with possible dates for June and July 2017: Oslo, Barcelona, Vienna, Nijmegen and Paris!

December 15 - Tour 2017!

=> Nothing official, but as we can see from "The Rolling Stones are planning a new world tour" (, the planing and negociating is still going on behind the curtans. Wether it's gonna be a world tour or only an european tour is still unknown. I would expect an european tour and the dates maybe next June and July (thx BV, iorr) ...

December 11 - Nice finds

=> Well, some of you may know 'em already, but I just feel lucky to see & hear them: really nicely done interviews! Keith:

About Ronnie: not only is he 7 years sober now, but because of his twin daughters, he's also got the power to quit smoking. Man, I really admire that. Keep it on, Ronnie! My deepest respekt!

December 10 - Stones are #1 !!

=> Wonderful! They did it again for the 12th time, Blue&Lonesome hits #1 in the UK and other countries like Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Holland, Australia, Norway and of course Argentina! See Rolling Stones top UK album chart with Blue & Lonesome (, The Rolling Stones Start Their New Album To No. 1 In The U.K. ( Stones Roll Back To U.K. No. 1 With 'Blue and Lonesome' (

December 9 - Happy 8th birthday, Mick! :-)

=> Mick is father again! Congratulations to his new born son and mother Melanie! See reports on this by | |

=> Nice read: about Exhibitionism NYC and curator Ileen Gallagher: Re-creating Rolling Stones History - For the show "Exhibitionism", a curator brought together the band's artifacts and reconstructed the rooms where the Stones worked and lived.

December 7 - Stones are #1 / Interviews, new album & tour

=> I almost thought it would never happen again, but here it is: According to Billboard, Rolling Stones 'Blue & Lonesome' Bolting to U.K. No. 1 ( or Rolling Stones set to top charts with album recorded in three days ( or The Rolling Stones' Blue & Lonesome is charging towards this week's Official Albums Chart Number 1 ( ... now that's NICE!!! :-)

=> Kristen Stewart makes the scene, too. Straight from the new Rolling Stones video for Ride 'Em On Down (see below), she's "No shoes, no bra, no f*cks" (

December 4 - Interviews, new album & tour

=> We can me asured about a new album next year and a tour! According to, the Stones are in the planning for a tour next year: 'A source told The Sun: 'Mick will never lose that bug for performing. Next year is going to be a big one, but not just because fatherhood is looming once again. He's keen to go back on the road and play in huge stadiums, and some have already been secretly booked out in preparation for a possible show.''

=> Japanese agency TBS newseye has also interviewed all 4 Stones, but longer or less cut. So here are Mick (9:27), Keith (14:44), Charlie (11:56), and Ronnie (13:32)

December 3 - B&L

=> I can't help it. I love this band! Listening to the songs from B&L, I'm almost in tears. What a band! Are we fans LUCKY of what, for Chrissakes? "Unrepressed Rythm 'N' Blues with the unmitigating, ebulient, perturbing Rollin' Stones!". Period. 'nuf said. Let it roll! What a band ... (btw: why only 12 songs? Let the next 12-sets coming loosely as they happen, how 'bout that, Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie?)

December 2 - Yes indeed! Here we are!

=> Keith interview: "We are theatre and reality at the same time" ( - long, interesting read!

=> Ronnie tweeted sweetly about Blue&Lonesome with 2 thumbs up, hehehe

Ronnie tweets Blue&Lonesome with 2 thumbs up!

December 1 - Just 1 day to go

=> If you haven't heard it yet - the wait is nearly over! Tomorrow, the new Stones album Blue & Lonesome hits the stores and download sites. Reviews are really good so far!

Mick Jagger (photo:AP) Keith Richards (photo:AP) Charlie Watts (photo:AP) Ronnie Wood (photo:AP)

=> Matt Wilkinson interviewd Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie for Apple Music:

=> Shaun Keaveny presents the 6 Music Rolling Stones Listening party today at 23:00 hours! He'll invite fans to pick classic Stones songs, play archive recordings, and build to midnight when he'll play the new all blues album Lonesome and Blues in full, sharing track by track reaction from the audience!

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July 20, 2011 (and for eternity) - The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers And The Lost Photo Session

Ok, this comes a bit late. But since there are no more news about the possible gigs for Hide Park or anything like a tour in 2012 right now, I thought we could use the occasion and look back over yonder...

Recently, a treasure of photographs were discoverd after photographer Peter Webb's negatives went missing after shooting the Stones for that monster record "Sticky Fingers". Then, out of nowhere, they are re-discovered after a gap of almost 40 years. Let's have a look... oh man, have a look at Keith's eyes ...

Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session

=> THX to lsShuffle, sabotagetimes,,

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