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1st Things first: North America Tour 2015!

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March 26 - Announcement 31st / Mick in NY / Tour Ads in cinemas

=> Most probably, we will get the official announcement by March 31st!
So far, we have 17 rumoured, nevertheless likely gigs for this tour, here in alphabetical order: Arlington, Atlanta, Buffalo, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Quebec City, Raleigh, Salt Lake City or Seattle, San Diego. Tourstart is likely to be LA (warm-up gig or Sticky-Fingers-special?) or San Diego.

=> The DailyMail has some shots of Mick from Wednesday morning, as he walked his luggage to his car after checking out of the Carlyle Hotel. See the pics below and find more at

=> Sue Acuma wrote this in the COMMENTS: "My sister was in a movie theater over the weekend in the DC area and during the movie trailers they played Start Me Up with parts of the teaser videos ending with the tongue logo and just the saying 'Coming Soon'." Since this was not for promoting, this solely points to the tour!

Mick, checking out of the Carlyle Hotel, Wednesday, March 25, 2015 Mick, checking out of the Carlyle Hotel, Wednesday, March 25, 2015 Mick, checking out of the Carlyle Hotel, Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25 - Announcement soon, contracts signed, Nashville June 17th / Stones visit Gibson 1975

=> It seems, all contracts have been signed, so we can expect the announcement soon - March 31st would be a good guess. We also have some kind of confirmation for the gig in Nashville, which will take place at LP Field on June 17th. Both informations are presented as facts at That's really good - things seem to be flowing more gently now. We also can add another billboard, this time in Milwaukee, as reports. And another one, in Dayton [thx Pete => see comments]

=> Recommended look-&-read: The day The Rolling Stones visited Gibson Guitar in Kalamazoo. - Very nice pictures, haven't seen 'em before. Keith, Ronnie and Stu also visited Gibson on route of their 1975 tour of the Americas. Nice, funny report about that visit, too... I'll cite: Jack French is pretty diplomatic when he describes Keith Richards' condition. 'He struggled,' French said with a laugh. 'He'd walk a few feet and then fall down.'. Hilarious! Here are 3 of the 12 nice pics from there (all photos courtesy of the Ward Morgan Collection, WMU Archives and Regional History Collections):

Keith, Ronnie and Stu visiting Gibson Guitar in Kalamazoo, July 1975 Keith, Ronnie and Stu visiting Gibson Guitar in Kalamazoo, July 1975 Keith, Ronnie and Stu visiting Gibson Guitar in Kalamazoo, July 1975

March 24 - Billboards are back

=> We now have at least 3 new sightings of billboards appearing! One was seen in Buffalo [thx jasona/iorr], Minneapolis [thx cmc/iorr] and one with in Niagara Falls [thx Brian for reporting in our comments!], both promoting

March 23 - Announcement & tickets / Keith @ birthday bash

=> After not delivering for March 19th, now we can expect, that the official announcement and the ticket sales will happen only a few days apart. Had the tickes been ready by last Thusday, we would have had our announcement just as planned and teased by the billboards. But, we all know, that didn't happen. So we have just 7 or 8 days left of March and it seems probable, that we will have the official announcement before this month ends. But only, if they have all tickets and dates 100% ready by then. Other than that, there's nothing very exciting happening by now, but that will change soon, of course. I could mention the rumour, that there may be a show on May 27 and that it is not clear, whether that will take place in Colorado, Seattle or Salt Lake City. But that's about it, really. More to come soon!

=> Keith, meanwhile, has been seen at Bruce Willis' birthday bash (Brue is 60 now) in NY, along with Patty. Get details at or at NYPost - Page6

Keith & Patty at Bruce Willis' birthday party, NY, March 21st, 2015 Keith & Tony Bennet at Bruce Willis' birthday party, NY, March 21st, 2015 Keith & Bruce at Bruce Willis' birthday party, NY, March 21st, 2015

March 21 - A.J.Baker: You Get What You Need

=> During all that waiting and announcement hassle, I forgot to tell you about a nice book I ordered and I love it. It's from Andrea J. Baker [Andee], entitled "You Get What You Need" and it's about Stones fans (i.e. us! :-) and their stories. It's a good read and fun! So: Recomended! You can get it everywhere, or at Amazon.

Andrea J. Baker - You Get What You Need

March 20 - Ok, whatsup? 31st March?

=> Here's a first suggestion for the next announcement date: 31st March! The Startribune has suggested, that a "source close to the Stones suggested that the announcement will come on March 31". Well, as always, the real question is, who this unnamed "source close to the band" whould be. Let's take it for what it is: a rumor. But, you see, we can be shure to get more suggestions. Here's mine: how about a little bit earlier? Hehehe ...

=> So, Thursday is gone and we are still waiting. But there's more! Let's not forget, that the tour will start in the 2nd half of May! And that is not too far away from today, right? Until then, we'll get the tourdates officially announced (the thing which will happen next), then, we will see the rehearsals (can't wait for that!) and then we'll hopefully get an warm-up gig and/or the Sticky Fingers gig, just shortly before the official tour start.
Well, you see, things ain't that bad, right? :-)

March 19 - No Tour-Announcement today?

Patience please

=> Ok, way past 6:30pm EDT and nothing new so far. What do we know until now?
Well, one thing is, that the billboards appeared in certain cities like they did in 2013 before the tour announcement. There was money spent for this propaganda and all ads pointed to "Thursday", i.e. most probably today.
we know that both Keith and Mick are in NYC right now. Ok.
And for another thing, we have a contest to win something Stones related. That contest looks to me like the usual business accompaniying big events like a Stones-Tour is. I simply can't believe, that they would put up the billboards just for that contest thing.
Also, the spokeswoman said, that there is no announcement at this time and we heard about "an issue with the nationwide promoter's ticketing" which could explain why the announcement was cancelled.
To me, this all points to this: good news for us is still on it's way - it just got stuck somewhere but will reach us safely in time. There's a tour coming up and there have to be tickets to be sold. Something went wrong and somebody is very busy to make things work out fine. So let's keep up the good spirit and enjoy the anticipation for the Stones Tour 2015!

=> has just updated it's layout - you can now enter a contest and win (LOL!) the ANNOUNCEMENT of the band ("Ladies & Gentlemen - The Rolling Stones"), a TRIP FOR TWO to an undisclosed location and a COMMEMORATIVE VIDEO shot by the Stones' official videographer. They also give "away a vault of vinyl 50 RUNNERS UP!" The contest ends March 31, 2015 at 11:59 pm ET.

=> Approaching 2pm EDT and still no news, no note or info from the Stones. This is a bit rediculous but, hey, there will be information and we will get the chance of buying tickets and see the band on tour this year - no doubt. Let's see what happens. Could be in 10 minutes we have more info than just now, so don't worry, folks! ;-)

=> WOAH! Spokeswoman says announcement is postponed! According to, a spokeswoman of the Stones has confirmed, that there will be no announcement "this time" - whatever that means. To me, that sounds like they have some technical problem. Because those billboards don't boast Get What You Need THURSDAY without someone paying a little fortune for this. So let's stay cool, ok? Nevertheless, here's a cite from " But when the Journal Sentinel emailed the band's publicity firm to find out the timing for the expected announcement, a spokeswoman replied, "There is no announcement scheduled at this time. When we have information will of course let you know."

=> Oh well, now it's really getting late. Whatever be the course, the Stones will announce something about this tour, if not this morning, then in the afternoon...

=> We have seen that report already and so far, I didn't believe it would stay valid, but for the sake of taking everything into account, already yaesterday, said, that the announcement could be postponed to a later date: "A source who has been briefed on the postponement says "the local show will proceed, but the announcement of the national tour has been postponed." ... An issue with the nationwide promoter’s ticketing is being blamed for the delay." - I still think, we will hear something today! Maybe just a bit later. This day is not yet over...

=> At least, Mick is in NY today! [thx for pointing out angie78/sdb]

=> Approaching 11:15 EST - still nothing ... PATIENCE PLEASE! A DRUG FREE ANNOUNCEMENT COMES FIRST! :-) - I Don't know what's going on, i.e. why the announcement today is delayed ... On the other hand - the Stones sometimes may be LATE on enything, nothing new, right?

Well... the Mayor in Nashville said (see below, March 18), that he would inform the press at about 11 CT about the date on LP Field... so maybe we have to wait some more towards noon...

=> Yesterday: Report concerning the gig in Milwaukee

=> Still some hours left to go. Until showtime, here's some trivia for you: Yesterday, Keith and Theodora, who turned 30 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THEO!), had lunch together at Sant Ambroeus. The Daily Mail has the report. One day earlier, Ronnie & Sally were also seen having dinner at Scott's in London. The Daily Mail has this report, too...

Keith and Theodora in London, March 18th, 2015 Ronnie and Sally, March 17th, 2015

March 18 - Announcement tomorrow!

=> Maybe there will be gigs also in Salt Lake City or Seattle, near the end of May... either ways, tomorrow we will see clear.
=> The Stones will play Nashville LP Field on Wednesday, June 17th! See & hear the Mayor say it without saying it...
=> The Stones will play Orlando Citrus Bowl on June 12th! See the Orlando Sentinel...

=> The Columbus Dispatch says, that Thursday's announcement would be at 8:30 am. If that's Ohio local time, then that would be EST, right? In order to be there on time, you can calculate 8:30am EST to your time zone for example at

March 17 - PRE-alerts! / Be prepared! / Ohio / Choir

=> If you want to receive PRE-ALERTS before the announcement on thursday, leave your e-mail-adress and your zip-code at, which was created by promotion company AEG! If you're from Europe or other parts of the world than the USA, go get some valid american zip-code.
(In my case, my german zip-code happed to have some pendant in the USA, lucky me, hehehe...)

=> Be prepared for the announcement this Thursday! already has overworked it's layout. We will get dates and infos about pre-sales, sales and ticket prices. For the pre-sales, you will might have to have a prepaid credit-card ready, for the usual card won't work for pre-sale entertaintment or shows here. (thx tauk/IORR)

=> The date for Ohio is almost certain now, although not officially annonced: May 30th

=> As the Ohio University Singers post on FB, they will sing on stage with the Rolling Stones, most probably for YCAGWYW as in the 2013 and 2014 shows - so we can enjoy this also on this tour!

March 15 - 16 dates so far!

=> Hi folks, as with today's date, so with the rumoured 16 dates for the upcoming tour of the Rolling Stones. We expect the band to issue an official annoouncement this week, most likely on Thursday. It's then, when we get a final list of dates and places of this tour, although the Stones may add one or two dates even after that announcement. So far, we have collected these 16 cities which very likely are in the tourdates list:

Arlington, Atlanta, Buffalo, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis , Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, Orlando , Pittsburgh, Quebec City, Raleigh, San Diego and San Jose

March 15 - LA in MAy! Rumours about Ohio

=> Interesting speculation about the expexcted tourdates as well as some extra dates, TV shows etc. can be found at - it's all just adding the things we hope for until we know for sure ... [thx hooked/IORR and SDB and RO]

=> There have been strong hints that the Stones will play in LA this May - [thx bv/IORR] wether this would be a regular stop of the tour or some pre-tour show for recording the Sticky Fingers anniversary DVD is not yet clear.

Billboard in Detroit - thx Kurt/IORR for the pic

=> More Billboards: Detroit [thx Kurt/IORR]

=> Portland's Star Tribune pictures the billboard under the headline "Stones ready to roll? Twin Cities billboard seems to point to summer concert"

=> There's some discussion about the OHIO Stadium as early as May 30th ... just rumours, you know, but... let's see what happens ...

=> On the mailing list [UC] there was an interesting idea raised by [Tiger], namely that during the tour there could be something like one or two kind of extra gigs where the Stones play all of "Sticky Fingers" (we mentioned that already), but that those shows would be filmed for some Sticky Fingers 45th anniversary DVD. To me, that would make sense. This would explain the SF rumours we've heard during the last weeks - and it would also deny that such shows would be a regular element of the shows of the whole tour. That just seems to be too far off, IMHO. That idea however, I find, is very interesting indeed - I would agree to this idea with the DVD filming concept and I really hope that it will really happen!

More coming in soon, no doubt, hehehe, I'll keep you posted ...

March 14 - more billboards

=> The collection of billboards grows. Besides Columbus, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Orlando, Milwaukee and Atlanta, we now also can count in Pittsburgh and Dayton.

NEW in: Dallas [thx Dandy Killeen (tweet)]
NEW in: Canton Ohio
[thx mjl7951/IORR]
NEW in: Minneapolis [thx DAnschutz]
NEW in: Rochester, NY [thx Dylan!]
NEW in: Buffalo [thx Amy340/IORR, Jay (twitter) / irix/IORR]
Vince from Pittsburgh twittered the thre versions of the billboard - thanks, Vince!
Andrew L. from Milwaukee
sent in the pic - thanks for that! Keep 'em coming! :-)

The Orlando Sentinell picks up on the excitement: "Rolling Stones in Orlando? Billboards raise a buzz"

Billboard in Dallas [thx Dandy Killeen (tweet)] Billboard in Canton/Ohio - thx mjl7951/IORR for the pic Minneapolis - thx to DAnschutz for the pic Billboard in Rochester - thx to Jay (twitter)/irix/IORR Billboard in Rochester, NY - thx to Dylan L. for the pic! Stones Billboard in Columbus Stones Billboard in ColumbusStones Billboard in ColumbusStones Billboard in Columbus

March 13 - Billboards!! / Pittsburgh is set for June 20th!

Stones Billboard in Columbus

=> Look for the Stones billboards!!! So far, in several places in the US you can spot billboards with the Stones toungue and a message like "You Get What You Need" or else on the board. This indicates a) that the Stones will visit this place during the tour and b) that we can look forward to the official tour announcement to happen soon, like next week, Thursday. These billboards have been seen in Orlando, Atlanta and Minneapolis. [thx bv/IORR]
=> Milwaukee just added! [thx jimpietryga1/IORR]
=> Columbus just added!

=> Pittsburgh just added!
=> Todd just mailed: "I just read on the Orlando Sentinel website that there is billboards in orlando Minneapolis Atlanta and Rochester, NY....rochester is a 1 hr ride from BFLO."

If you see any of those, please report (with pic of possible) to:

=> We have another GO! This time it's for Pittsburgh, congratulations! Though not officially announced, we can fix June 20th as a date for the Rolling Stones. [thx bv/IORR]

March 12 - Dates discussed so far - Warm-up in LA?


=> UPDATE: Tour Announcement will come soon. [thx bv/IORR] As with the last tours, so it will be this time, too: it is good to be well prepared: these shows will sell out FAST, within minutes, so you have to be there on the spot or, even better, a little earlier. In my experience from last year, I was able to get tickets to three shows almost without trouble only by getting up soon and entering the online waiting list early and having all nescessary thing within reach and ready. For one show I also used the help of some test-subscription of a newspaper because they gave access to pre-selling tickets. Be sure, you don't miss the Stones in 2015!

=> UPDATES: Western NY is close to get signed! reports: A source - who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the deal is not yet closed - said the Rolling Stones are just a signature away from making a deal to play a concert in the Ralph Wilson Stadium. [thx lien/IORR]
According to, San Diego's Petco Park will be the tourstart in late May. They also state, that "An official announcement is scheduled for next week, but could come sooner". [GoogleNews] Yeeeehaaw!! Here we go again!

=> The Stones just twittered YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED - that would point to some official statement, hopefully soon!

=> Without any official statement, these are the dates appearing in discussions on the net so far:
Tourstart would be May 24th in San Diego, then maybe a stop in LA, June 22nd Milwaukee, July 4th Indianapolis Motor Speedway, July 11 in Buffalo, Red Rocks in Colorado, Pittsburg and NYC. As far as Canada is concerned, there is the possibility of more than one gig, including a festival. And, for most of us very important: there could be a warm-up gig in LA before the tour starts, for example between 10th and 20th of May.

March 11 - No Announcement today

=> Many have expected the Stones to make their official announcement today. They mostly announce on Wednesdays, you know. But up until now, nothing has happend. But that announcement will come, no doubt. And it could well be within this month. Or a bit later, hehehe ...

The mostly cited article in the net was issued by, but those 'facts' were mostly discussed and taken from IORR, Shidoobee or other forums, blogs or mailing lists. Now there's a bit of pressure rising on the side of the Stones to clearify things. But it could well be that although the tour contract is already signed, there are most probably still negotiations going on for this or that venue. And they won't tell the press the venue list, if they don't have enough for a decent tour already. I don't think we have to wait very long, now...

In the meantime, please enjoy this bit from Ronnie from September 2014 telling backstage stories from 1974 when he recorded his first solo album!

March 9 - Press coverage

=> At Steve Spohn reports about the rumors we have pondered so far. He boldly states right at the start: "Look for an official Rolling Stones tour announcement coming up, maybe as soon as this week." - well, if that happens, that's fine with me. But I humbly must admit that I doubt it. He also states: "Reportedly, the band will play the entire Sticky Fingers album each show." - that sounds as if it were a fact. Again, if this would hold to be true, that would be fine with me, but again, I doubt it. I reckon that they play some songs from that famous album; but the whole? And at every show? Well... let's wait and see for a little more, because time is on our side, hehehe ...
Following are now, or and more will add to that, no doubt.

March 8 - Rumoured Venues / RIP: Albert Maysles

=> As we - more or less patiently - wait for the tour anouncement, some rumours are coming up about which venues the Stones tour will hit this time. One can expect the management to choose some other cities than they visited two years ago. So if they start in California, LA would be a quite natural location for a Stones show. Inbetween the two coasts, however, there's a lot of cities where the Stones haven't played and where the shows also would sell out. Among the names rumoured are Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Indiana or the Red Rocks Theatre in Morrison.

=> Albert's brother David already died in 1987, now, aged 88, he followed his brother. The Maysles brothers were known for many groundbreaking documentary films, among them the well known "Gimme Shelter". See or for more on this.

March 7 - 2 bits more

=> As we can learn from Bjornulf's fantastic site, the Stones will also hit Canada with at least one date. And the tour will mostly take place in stadiums. If we're lucky, there will also be one or two outdoor venues in the mix. That really would be specially great. So for now: let's keep on preparing for holidays, money and travel recources for this year's Rolling Stones summer!

March 5 - A done deal

=> Although the Stones have solved the riddle of #dressgate (Black & Blue, of course), and besides such astonishing news like there's a real Keith look-a-like or that Ronnie and Sarah strolled through Barcelona (actually, he is still there, filming for one of his art projets), we slowly can shed some more light on the upcoming mega event which will be The Rolling Stones on tour in USA!

We now can consider that the contract for the tour has been signed. It's a done deal and that's a fact. It's also very likely, that the tour will start at the West Coast, maybe already by the end of May 2015. It will end of the East Coast by mid or end of July. Let's presume for a moment, that this would imply something about 50 days time for playing concerts, seperated by an average of three days off (like they had in Europe last year). If this year's tour would follow this rule - and that would be plausible - then we could hope for as many as 15 shows. If they would play 2 gigs in a row at the same place, then it could be even more... Of course, this is only wishfull thinking, but on the other hand, it could well be not too far from what will actually happen. We still have to be patient and wait for more details. Maybe Ronnie bears with us and adds some more to the Rolling-Stones-Pre-Tour-Leaks, hehehe ... I'll keep you posted.

February 26 - Three months left until US tourstart in June

=> So we have some sort of countdown again and that's wonderful! The band has decided to tour again and we can consider ourselfes really lucky to once again look forward to all that excitement. So if you have plans for your holidays, you maybe should consider travels in the USA and Canada during June and July this summer. Before, there were expectations for more dates in South America in the spring, but these seem to have been moved to October to December 2015.

We don't have a list of cities and dates yet. We don't know whether Mick Taylor will join the group once again or not. There's some rumor about Sticky Fingers playing a certain role in the tour to come - whether that would be a complete album played at the gig or some of it's songs in the mix and a re-issue of the original record accompanying the tour is still uncertain. But it could well be that some of this will play a role in the concept for the 2015 tour of the Rolling Stones.

February 15 - Lisa Fisher cancels Adelaide Cabaret Festival

=> Lisa Fischer was booked as Lisa Fischer & Grand Baton at the 2015 Adelaide Cabaret Festival (13 – 14 Jun 2015) due to the Stones calling her for joining in on the planned gigs.

So we can look forward to dates in June and July this year. Whether there will be more dates added later is still open for speculation. But as Keith said last year (I think), once running, it's easy for the band to keep rolling ... so let's look forward to some official announcements and another Rolling Stones tour summer!!!

Lisa, btw, apologized very nicely to the fans who already bought tickets and were looking forward to see her there:

"I offer you my deepest apologies for any and all inconveniences I've caused you. It’s a rare and beautiful gift to have a second chance in this fragile music realm, and as I go through my strange alchemy from support singer to Chanteuse I realize I have so much to be thankful for…for your support and for everyone and everything that has brought me to this point. The Rolling Stones have been such a beautiful fabric of not only my musical life, but of my whole Being... they are like family to me. When they reach out to me for vocal support, it goes beyond the music. It goes to the flow of so many delicate and personal things that can't be measured or put into words. I prayerfully look forward to the gift of seeing you all in the music. And again, please accept my apologies for inconveniencing you all.
With a sincere heart,

February 12 - Stones to tour again this summer!

=> This is the wake-up-call! According to Ronnie, the Rolling Stones will play some gigs in North America in JUNE and JULY this year! No further details are known so far. And this is not an official announcement of the band or the management, but since it's Rollie, I'll call it 95% official, hehehe. So here we are, folks! Now we will wait for the details as to exactly when and where those gigs will be as well as wether there will be more dates in other parts of this planet this years. We've had rumours about South America and London, but by now, this is still just that, rumours. Let's hopw for the best! Check out Billboard for the news report. And hear the interview at for Ronnie's own words in the interview of Gary Raff with him.

=> Already on February 1, Charlie and Ronnie were spottet at JFK airport, New York City - apparently to take part in the meeting to discuss tour plans... check the for more.

Heading for the meeting to discuss tour plans... Heading for the meeting to discuss tour plans...

January/February 2015

=> A blue plaque blue plaque has been unveiled on platform 2 of Dartford Railway Station to mark the moment on October 17, 1961 when Mick and Keith met and we all know what follwed... Please see or for more on this.

The blue memorial plaque on platform 2 of Dartford Railway Station

=> Keith filming for the next Pirates episode - as the or report, Keith

=> Rolling Stones to feature on soundtrack for "50 Shades of Grey" film release with Beast Of Burdon.

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July 20, 2011 (and for eternity) - The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers And The Lost Photo Session

Ok, this comes a bit late. But since there are no more news about the possible gigs for Hide Park or anything like a tour in 2012 right now, I thought we could use the occasion and look back over yonder...

Recently, a treasure of photographs were discoverd after photographer Peter Webb's negatives went missing after shooting the Stones for that monster record "Sticky Fingers". Then, out of nowhere, they are re-discovered after a gap of almost 40 years. Let's have a look... oh man, have a look at Keith's eyes ...

Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session Peter Webb's Sticky Fingers Session

=> THX to lsShuffle, sabotagetimes,,

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