Ronnie’s Picasso, Mick acts

Some from the press today: Ronnie exhibits at Ashridge House and causes discussions and Mick returns to the silver screen for ‘The Burnt Orange Heresy’

Ok, Ronnie is first. He has his art displayed at Ashridge House these days (August 21 – 27) and all proceedings go to the NHS. Nice move, Ronnie. One painting, however, is causing discussions and I can see the reason for it.

Ronnie has quite impressively payed his respects to Picasso by copying his style and has created a Stones-version of the famous “Guernica“-painting. See Wikipedia for the most relevant information of this. Ronnie’s version of this masterpiece turns Picasso’s comment of the cruelty and horror of the bombing in April 1938 into some Rolling Stones performance interpretation. And that’s was causing people to frown.

Ronnie Wood - ih honor of Picasso

In an article by The Guardian, Oliver Basciano (ArtReview) says: “… He seems to have taken one of the greatest and most moving works of art, a desolate cry against war, and used it as the basis for terrible fan art to, er, himself. …”

Ok, now about Mick: Billboard magazine has him talking about his first appearance in a film, namely the The Burnt Orange Heresy alongside Donald Sutherland, Claes Bang and Elizabeth Debicki.

Enjoy the video!

Then, the Chicago Tribune has some more text to read about this. In that printed interview, he ‘got on the phone from France last week to talk about life during quarantine, his long relationship to movies and what song he would DJ at a political rally.